Friday, August 20, 2004


I want to be the girl with the most cake
He only loves those things because he loves to see them break

Poor Courtney - she's so disturbed.  Maybe that's why Hole was so popular.


So I'm sitting here counting the minutes - ok HOURS till my weekend starts, listening to the boys talk about lunch at this godforsaken diner that's been closed numerous times for health code violations.  I can tell they're gonna be raiding my drawer for Tums in a bit.  We've got the Lysol poised and ready.

Livie Liv's been way too quiet lately and its plexing me.  Hope you're ok mija I'm here if you need me.  Its so hard being a teenager.  I remember it sucked pretty bad at times.  I'd never want to go back and do that over.  My do-overs start at about 18 and continue through about 23.  Young adulthood is way better and way more fun that teenagerdom. 

So Marilee and I have dusted all the cobwebs, filed all we needed to file, organized to the point of obscenity, and we're going nuts.  I think I'm gonna Old English our desks or something...

Random thoughts....does anyone else think Paul Sr. on American Chopper (pics above) is hot or is that my old man/biker thing coming through again?  He's got great arms.

This is my last weekend before school starts up again so I'm hunting things to do.  The weather's supposed to suck majorly, but if it doesn't I'm gonna steal the jeep and head up to the mountains again.  I finished my latest Anne Rice this weekend.  Blackwood Farm - its so incredible.  Written like she used to write -  didn't get bored once.

Alright well I'm gonna go clean or organize something before I go insane.

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