Thursday, August 19, 2004

#@$% exercise and my new workout partner

So I'm being grouchy and PMSing and generally scrunchy faced today just so everyone is fully aware and duly warned.

I gained .8 of a pound.  I feel quite bovine.  I hate all males today, of any species.  There is no logical explanation for this - its just a hormonal reaction.  Kind of like when you're giving birth and you despise the one who provided the sperm with each coming contraction.  You sort of just want to rip his smiling face right off his skull....Men just suck today.  All of them. 

Good lawd that was mean!!  LOL

Given that little disclaimer....

I finally found an exercise partner I think.  She's adorable and sweet and fun and I like her tons but I'm regretting it already and I hate that.  I've been away from the gym since my little "incident" in New Orleans where I near to killed myself falling out of a giant set of shark teeth.  That was early June.  I got the blessing to go back a little while ago and haven't.  First it was summer school kicking my butt and right now well dammit I just don't want to.  Hrmph!!!

I know I'll like it again once I get there and maybe I'm just being pissy.  Well ok I know I'm being pissy.  It will be wonderful to have someone there waiting for me because that'll force my butt to get there every day.  And jeez half an hour is nothing.

Know what it is?  I know what it is.  I do.  I hate to sweat.  That's why I've been a swimmer most of my life.  She's even got me looking into water aerobics.  Dammit my days of unlimited excuses are over.  I've only been out of the gym for 10 weeks....c'mon.

I know in a few months I'll be craving it again and feeling slothlike when I don't go.  Just let me whine for a little while.  Jeez. 

Stupid exercise.  Stupid gym.  Stupid sweat.  Stupid perky exercise loving people. 

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