Friday, August 27, 2004

More Political Junk

I found this guy's journal on the top five list and its awesome.  That's where I got the cartoon.

If you're incredibly bored at work like me, you should check it out.  I just love that guy.  There's a very powerful letter in today's entry that I sent to my republican friends, although they probably won't read it.

More snips from an entry about lies from Bush:

Bush Quote: 6/1/2004

"I haven't had any extensive conversations with [Chalabi]...I don't remember anybody walking into my office saying, Chalabi says this is the way it's going to be in Iraq." [Source: White House Web site]

FACT: "Right here in the Oval Office I sat down with Mr. Pachachi and Chalabi and al-Hakim, people from different parts of the country that have made the firm commitment." - President Bush, Meet the Press, 2/13/04
Bush Quote: 1/29/2002

"Our budget will run a deficit that will be small and short term….” [Source: White House Web site]

FACT: "The federal deficit will hit a record $477 billion this year and get worse if lawmakers cut taxes or increase spending, the Congressional Budget Office projected Monday." - CNN, 1/26/04

"The idea that this is manageable or that we are going to grow our way out of the problem is just flat false." - U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, LA Times, 10/7/03

"The U.S. government's budget deficit came under fire on Wednesday from two global institutions (OECD and the IMF) saying a plan to halve the record gap by 2009 may not be enough to stop long-term damage to the world economy." - Reuters, 4/14/04
Bush Quote: 1/29/2002

“When America works, America prospers, so my economic security plan can be summed up in one word: Jobs.” [Source: White House Web site]

FACT: The economy has lost 2.2 million payroll jobs since January 2001, giving Bush the worst job creation record of any president since Herbert Hoover. Currently, "job growth remains well below par." - AP, 2/11/04; NY Times, 2/22/04 
 Bush Quote: 1/29/2002

“We’ll increase funding to help states and communities train and equip our heroic police and firefighters….” [Source: White House Web site]

FACT: "With deficit-stricken states unable to assist municipalities with homeland defense, many large police and fire departments say they have been forced to postpone the purchase of protective suits, biochemical detectors and communications equipment that would be used to respond to a terrorist attack. And a recent National League of Cities survey of 322 cities finds that 25 percent are cutting the ranks of their police forces or plan to shortly for economic reasons." - AFL-CIO Report

"President Bush's new budget would cut by one-third the money that thousands of fire departments rely on to keep their communities safe. The nation's firefighters are outraged by the White House plan, which would take $250 million away from grants that help rural agencies buy firetrucks, protective clothing, breathing apparatus, water tanks and other equipment." - Copley News Service, 2/6/04

"The International Association of Fire Fighters and Congress wanted more federal funding for firefighters [after 9/11], which the administration opposed." - The Hill, 3/11/04
 Bush Quote: 1/29/2000

“The president of the United States must jawbone OPEC members to lower the price.” [Source: CNN Web site]

FACT: "After a visit with a Saudi envoy, the White House indicated that 'President Bush will not personally lobby oil cartel leaders to change their minds” about cutting oil production.'" - Knight Ridder, 4/1/04

Ya know its strange - I've never felt as strongly about an election before.  I honestly feel like this is the most important one we've had in a very very long time.  I wonder why that is?  I didn't feel this strongly about his dad in office, I just thought Clinton would be a better President, and he was.  This one I feel will make or break America for the next four years.  It really scares me to think what would happen if this guy were re-elected....

My two cents for the day - have a wonderful Friday everyone!!

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