Thursday, August 5, 2004


OK guys help me out here....I'm thinking about cutting my extremely boring ultra long straight hair like this.  Maybe a little longer so I can still put it up when it feels like we're 2 inches from the sun (like yesterday).  I put three of them up there for perspective.  NO I'm not crushing on Ann Curry - We have similar physical features, ie the shape of our heads...that's all.

Since the someone in my life who wouldn't let me cut my hair is no longer in my life - I want something totally different.  I also want something that requires ZERO blowdrying or curling irons or hairspray or mousse or any disgusting stuff like that.  I did way too much of that in high school [circa 1985-1989 - think feathered hair, lots of curls, Forte hairspray by the gallon, lotsa leather, hair bands....Ratt, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Metallica, Guns N Roses, BonJovi (aka Anchovy - I used to covet that man's hair).....LOL what were we thinking] - so I don't torture my hair like that anymore.  I like it soft and touchable.

Memories - my hair was so flammable I actually caught it on fire once when I was lighting a cigarette.  Of course, I also ignited one of my fingernails, a couch, the back seat of one of my vehicles, and my eye.  "Uhm you smell somethin' burney?"   (I don't smoke anymore thankfully)

Anyway I'm 33 years old for cryin' in the night I don't need hair down to my butt anymore.  I want to look cute, professional, perky even.  Good gawd did I just say "perky"?  Shoot me now.  Put me out of my misery.  Liv - help me out here.  I don't want another Kathy Lee Gifford hair disaster.  (I won't take you there - trust me it was wretched)  I look like Queen Dork with short hair.

Since that someone wouldn't let me get my navel pierced either....guess what I'm doing once I've got my abs looking better.  HA.  I'm also getting fixed.  Yep, permanently.  No more kiddies for me.  Something else dorkbrain wouldn't let me do. 

Whoa....crazy how you look back on portions of your life and go "what the f*** was that??!?"  I hope I don't have much more of those.  Cringers, I call them.   (((shudder)))

Onward and upward....

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