Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Smile. You can't help it.

I was a huge Ally McBeal fan.  Still am.  The show was hilarious.  Picture Peter MacNicol (above) in the bathroom jamming to this song in his head.  He is so adorable.  Its the nerd thing.  I just love nerds.  They're so sexy.

Given that, something I've forced my kids to do on a regular basis is listen to this song.  Not only listen to it, but dance to it. 


It makes you smile.  It puts you in a good mood.  You have to do the dance though.  It starts with a little head bop thing to the beat, then one shoulder up and down, then alternating shoulders in.... its a blast.  You have to dance to this.  This is a jammer - you push it up all sick in the car and just feel it.  (Dan would just die if he knew I did this in a company vehicle, but hey, this is who I am and he loves me anyway, right?  Besides, its unmarked)  Hopefully he'll never find out about our singing Suspicious Minds with the lip curl at an equally loud sound level.....

I just got yelled at by a clueless accounts receivable clerk who works for the worst electrical subcontractor we have had to date.  She couldn't understand that we hadn't paid them because we're paying punitive damages for each day her company pushes us past the scheduled complete date (its called 'read your contract' sweetie pie).  They're clueless.  Anyway, I cut her short after she got irrational and irate.  It left me extremely angry.  This song did it.  It worked.

TRY IT.  Join the happy smiley people. 

(Still dancin...my first....my last....my everythang.....)


CYA:  Ally McBeal ran on Fox and they own it.  Barry White (may his soul rest in peace) music can be purchased via the link above.


slowmotionlife said...

I caught Ally McBeal more than once when it was airing - Hel was a huge fan.  He thought Callista was hottttt.  LOL  Anyway, it was a fun, quirky show.  MacNicol's character was a hoot!  Almost everyone on the show was clinically insane - that's what made it so fun!  LOL  And nerds are indeed sexy!  Rawrrr..  

I'm gonna go dig up some Barry White now.  I'm in the mood for dancin'....  :P

kuhlhiggins said...

I love Barry White. MMMMM that sexy voice.