Thursday, August 5, 2004

so I'm a liberal.

I get a barrage of Kerry/Democrat hate mail from my ultraconservative white upper middle class coworkers and my boss.  I blow most of it off as pure caca, but today I ran across a journal entry with a link debunking nearly every single anti-Kerry crapload I've received so far.  The one about the houses, the one about Teresa's corporation outsourcing and charity gifts, the quotes from his fellow soldiers in Viet Nam....

Yes, you right wing conservative psychos, there's one for dubya too.

The lesson??  DO NOT ASSUME EVERYTHING YOU GET IN YOUR E-MAIL IS FACT, AND THEN FORWARD IT TO YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS BOOK.  Research, learn, seek information, make an informed decision all by yourself.  Look at both sides of the picture.  Go see the Moore movie, just for shits and giggles.  Get both sides of the story.  Do NOT go to call up Rush Limbaugh or Dr. Laura to form an opinion you're entirely capable of forming all by yourselves.  "Uh wuz jest cawlin to see whut y'all thunk about (fill in the blank)..."

(cue America the Beautiful here...)

Question everything.  That's the beauty of being American.  We can.  Supporting your country does not include blind faith in leadership.  It never has.  Use the rights the constitution gives us.  There's a reason for separation of church and state.  Politics should never be based on religion.  Never ever.  Read your history books people.  Its why people started crossing the big water to begin with.

I voted republican once - yep, I did.  The democratic candidate was an idiot.  I sought facts, formed my own opinion, and voted thusly.  I've cringed at Kerry's waffling, and I hate how he won't be more concrete about his views on certain things but I've also listened to the Haliburton testimony.  No bid contracts.  Who gets a no bid contract from the feds?!?  I'd sure like one.  Billions of dollars to a corporation Cheney has a large interest in for food no one received, gas no one used, etc.  Hmmmmm....  facts people.  Get facts. 

Even if "strategery" and "Nucular" were words, if he were doing a good job I'd vote for him.  If I felt I could trust him as far as my 7 year old could throw him I'd vote for him.  It ain't happening.

Regardless of your political affiliation please for the love of whatever god you believe in, make an informed decision and don't believe everything you see, hear or read.

Stepping down....hrmph!  So what if he's my boss.  I love him too much to let him vote republican.


I miss Bubba!!!!  Two more terms!!  Two more terms!!

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