Monday, August 23, 2004

State Fair Time, Eclectic Music & Bizarre Food

OK so maybe New Mexico is still kind of a rural, less urban sort of place.  Just maybe we still have more livestock than people here still.  And maybe, just maybe, we still get excited about silly little events in our towns because there's not a whole lot else to get excited about.

Given that, its almost state fair time.  In this New Mexican's opinion, this is way more exciting and fun than that silly balloon fiesta.  Now, to you ignorant midwesterners/east coast is not where one goes to watch cow chip throwing contests (as Omar once eloquently put it).  Its more than an event, its an experience.  A huge one.  Millions of people attend each year. 

In one huge 200 acre location you can see the rodeo, art shows, antiques, native american dances, livestock from alpacas to emus to bunnies to clydesdales to longhorns to sheep, mariachi bands, giant pigs and alligators, dancing dogs, clowns who paint faces, people in giant bird costumes who pretend to eat your head, and all the carnies that can legally be in one place at one time.  You can also eat a wide range of gut busters such as deep fried twinkies and oreos (gag), a green chile dog, a relleno dog, a navajo taco (to die for - the only reason I go to the fair, practically), navajo fry bread (also to die for) mexican food, funnel cake, giant smoked turkey legs, roasted corn on the cob, pizza, fish and chips, fresh baked pies, cotton candy, beer and wine, and practically anything else you crave.  (Except maybe fistfuls of peanut butter with m & m's on top.) 

Three weeks of total disregard for diets and bank accounts.  Its a blast.  Kayla & I looked it up and it starts next Thursday.  We're psyched.  I'm trying to figure out what I can sell to drum up money for spending on mindless crap.   Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother taking my brother and I to the fair.  She made us walk through each and every exhibit (think first prize for best canned yams or something) but its one of my fondest memories.  Thank god I had her to take us to stuff like that or we'd never have seen it.

Anyway if you're ever in Albuquerque in September its a must do.


Eclectic music - after laughing aboutthis with my kids, I noticed something.  Around state fair time I start listening to the country station (Dixie Chicks, Trick Pony, Martina McBride, that sort of thing.), when it gets colder I lean more toward classical music, in the spring its alternative/angry again, then in summer its pop and rap.  Why is that?? 

Anyway the playlist from the last CD I burned:  Barry White, 50 Cent, Barry White, Elvis, Hole, Dolly Parton, Lyle Lovett, KD Lang, The Jackson Five, Trick Pony, Seether, Elvis. 

Here's another one: 10,000 Maniacs, Clay Aiken, Elton John, KD Lang, Indigo Girls, Pink, Prince.

WTF is wrong with me?


On the weird foods front.  Try this.  Get a blue bunny lite 85 lime yogurt.  Then get one of those snack sized pinapple chunks things.  Open the pinapple chunks and suck out all the juice, then dump the pinapples into the yogurt.  MMMMMMMM.  125 cals.

Louie loves making pinto beans in the crock pot and saying 'there's dinner'.  So after picking out the pieces of flesh he uses to season it (hamhocks) I've started dumping corn and taco bell taco sauce in there...  With a couple of sopaipillas from Garcia's....MMMM again. 

Finally - a veggie sub from Quiznos with jalapenos stuffed in the guacamole.  To die for.


There!  A post as eclectic and off the wall as I am.

(scratching my head wondering where the heck it all comes from...)

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