Friday, August 6, 2004

tgif & stupid people

Happy Friday!!!

I just found out my little one (7) is going to spend the night at the baseball park with the girl scout troop.  I'm already pacing.  Why on earth would they schedule a sleepover at a baseball park.  What if it rains?  What if there are roaches?  What if she gets cold?  UGH stupid girl scouts.

By the way for you people who aren't in Albuquerque.  The name of our minor league baseball team is the Isotopes.  I'm not kidding.  They got it from the Simpsons.  The Albuquerque Isotopes.  We are an entire city of nerds.  Go 'topes!  (what EVER.)

I'm becoming one of those mean cynical bitter cranky "womyn" I swear.  I just have become so frustrated and appalled at the general lack of intelligence in our society. 

Case in point:  we drug test all our applicants, for two very simple reasons.  First, our work comp rates would skyrocket and we'd surely lose our coverage if we allowed drug users to work heavy underground construction projects.  Second, and this is a broad generalization, illegal drug users typically aren't someone you want to employ period, for various reasons.  There tends to be a desperation to their behavior, and depending on the substance, the side effects aren't too peachy.  Anyway, so we drug test.  Our employment ads state that very clearly.  Again proving my point about the average intelligence of recreational drug users, these idiots will go and sit for an hour, pee in the cup, go through the physical and fail the drug test.  Why on EARTH would anyone want to go through all that knowing they were dirty?  One guy showed up completely drunk.  Helloooo.....

Another case in point:  why is it suddenly (or not so suddenly) so cool to act stupid?  Maybe I'm just old.  Ok so I'm old (shaddap), but one of my teenage step-daughter's friends tells me that Black people who go to college and get good jobs are just trying to be white.  So, its cooler to talk like an idiot, dress like a thug, be a criminal, drop out of school, smoke potand lie around on mom's couch all day flipping channels.  The logic escapes me.  My gawd.  I am old.  I just sounded like everyone's dad.

Recently I've come into contact with a few individuals who are a couple of bricks short of a full load.  OK maybe a couple of hundred bricks short of a full load. The kind that make you roll your eyes so hard it hurts afterwards.  BUT!  (big but)

There is hope.  There are a few of us out there who actually dare to succeed and make a difference.  My best friend in the whole world (since I was 7) is sitting for her general contractors license, just finished her degree in architecture, and is still an awesome mom and the best friend I've ever had.  She just finished the design/build (yes she supervised the construction) of two award winning custom homes.  She's 30.  Congratulations Le - you rock.  You suck because you finished before me though.  Just so you know.

My mentor just got accepted to law school, right after finishing her MPA.  This woman beat incredible odds and doesn't have a bitter bone in her body.  She spent the early years of her life in Arkansas.  It was a difficult time for African Americans in general (think 1960's - deep south).  Her mother was brutally murdered when she was a child, she was sexually abused, and she was adopted by an abusive relative who basically used the three children to get food stamps, welfare and social security.  She has seen and lived through horrible things in her life, and never once used that as a crutch.  She uses her life experiences to gain strength and momentum.  That's so inspiring to me.

Maybe I'm getting fickle in my old age, I don't know.  I'm very grateful that there are people out there trying to better themselves.  Maybe some of us out there (ahem) can take something from that.

Ah, screw it.  I'm just getting old.

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