Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Things girls do

OK stuff GIRLS do (as inspired by Peach)

Have pig pens for rooms:  my girls have mastered the "shoving" technique, where they shove everything and everything in every available space, up to and including under dressers, drawers, closets, etc.  I've found old food, ancient eggdrop contest remnants, dirty clothes, half eaten bean burritos, trash, among other unmentionable items.

Wearing clothes over and over - up to and including "hamper diving".  Not satisfied with the speed of my laundry schedule (twice a week) they'll hamper dive to find those cute pants and wear them again, DIRTY and/or stinky (see perfume, below).  (ew)

Don't even get me started on menstruating teenagers.  Yuck.  Enough said.

They do the perfume thing too - WAY too much.

Oh and the gel/hairspray thing - until its balling up and flakes are falling out (dripping out) of the ponytail/bun/hairstyle of the week.

Makeup EVERYWHERE.  Counters, tables, floors, desks, purses, backpacks.  Hair ties, barrettes, rubber bands and scrunchies too, as well as dryers, curlers, curling irons, hair spray, gel, mousse, whatever.

Hair dye on the dog.  Splatter effect.  Peenit has bright red spots he was not born with.  Fear not - the vet said (after she quit laughing ) that there was no harm done.

KISSING the (fill in the blank) shower enclosure, wall, pillow, window, door, desk, whatever surface they can find.  I don't know if they're practicing or checking out their lip gloss color, but its weird.

WRITING on everything.  Any poor piece of paper minding its own business gets written on.  Mrs Boyfriend-of-the-week.  Mr and Mrs Boyfriend-of-the-week.  I love Boyfriend-of-the-week.  Their names in different forms of script or bubble letters on EVERY THING.  I hit the ceiling when it was all over the brand new $50 jansport backpack in permanent marker. 

Anyone else has parenting things please fill in (or confessions for that matter)....


Proper use of possessives

Based on a discussion in my workplace among engineers and a bored accounting nerd.

Grammar lesson for the day:

Possessives.  Usually in the form of an apostrophe, followed by an s.  Not to be confused with plurals.

Use the apostrophe plus s to form the possessive of most singular nouns:  Joe's father    the girl's dress

Use simply the apostrophe after the s in plural nouns to form the plural possessive:  girls' gym  kids' parents lawyers' cases

Use a apostrophe on the first word in a compound noun to form possession.  his sister-in-law's dog,  the Commonwealth Attorney's case


I recently saw this sign in good ole' beautiful downtown Albuquerque.

"Ladie's Night - No Cover "

Ladies'.  Because its a plural possessive.  Like "Our cats have a toy.  Its the cats' toy."

Yours.  Not your's.  "This journal is yours."  instead of "This journal is your's"

Journals.  Not journal's unless you're referring to something belonging to a journal.  So instead of "I was bored so I was cruising journal's and decided to read your's."  Try: " I was bored so I was cruising journals and decided to read yours."

Just sayin'.

Oh oh oh.  One more thing.  "Irregardless" is not a word.  Its "regardless".

"Nucular" (noo cue lar) is not a word.  Its "noo-clee-ar".  Nuclear.

"subliminable" is not a word.  Its "subliminal". 

"ain't" still isn't acceptable in grown up language, unless you're being silly.

I'm an accountant.  A math nerd.  Idon't know how to spell.  I don't know why this bugs me.  Its random.

Finally - y'all IS a word.  The plural is "all y'all".


Quotes of the day:

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."  --Samuel Johnson

"Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking" --Henry Louis Mencken

"There are three ways to get something done:  do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it" -- Monta Crane

I'm done now.  LOL


(pacing the floor until exam time - I do this all the time and I know its unhealthy, but its a process.  kinda like John Cage hearing the bells on Ally McBeal)

Eye twitching

My eye is twitching uncontrollably.  Its driving me insane.  I slept (sort of), I don't feel tired at all, I'm drinking tons of water, and I took my vitamins and supplements this morning.  I do not get it.  I look like a have a tick or something.

This should be very helpful while I'm taking my auditing exam.  Pardon me, proctor, while I stab and remove my eyeball with my #2 pencil....


On the forgiveness, moving right along front....I'm not sure how long I should put this much effort into smoothing over hurt feelings.  This person certainly doesn't deserve it, but I continue anyway.  I have no idea why.  At what point do you back up and say, "eh forget it".

I have the same feelings about my family - I try and I push and I struggle to maintain contact and some sort of semblence of family gatherings....I get excuses and whining and moaning and just out and out lies, and then if they do show up they make rude and negative comments the whole time, so I have to cleanse the house again.  Its exhausting being with these people, or even communicating with them for that matter.

Negative people really pollute auras.  They bring negative, black cloud type energy over everything and it just pulls and drags on you.  Sometimes it'll take me hours to recover from being around all that negativity, depression and anger.

At some point you have to say "enough is enough" and move on where your efforts, love, kindness and generousity are better received.

Ya know?


On a higher note...I love this time of year.  Its so gorgeous around here because our leaves are starting to change.  Up north the aspens are just gorgeous and they leave literal carpets of red, orange and yellow leaves.  I'm ready for fall, and ready for cold weather.

Its also Balloon Fiesta time, or should I say the Kodak International Annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  Its gotten so commercial, but its just awesome to walk outside in the morning and see the skyline just covered in balloons.  We were thinking about going this year but shoot you have to wake up and be on the park by sunrise, which means waking up at some ungawdly hour....maybe we'll go to the special shapes glow-deo instead - that's at night.  =)

PSA:  Just remember to look after you park somewhere.  I almost  got nailed by some tourist staring at the sky instead of the road.  We love having y'all here, just use some common sense for cryin in the night.


Better get - happy tuesday everyone!!!

(wish me luck on my test!!!)


Monday, September 27, 2004


A little old couple walked slowly into a McDonalds one cold winter
evening.They looked out of place amid the young families and young
couples eating there that night. Some of the customers looked
adiringly at them.  You could tell what the admirers were
thinking. "Look, there is a couple who has been through a lot
together, probably for 60 years or more!

The little old man walked up to the cash register, placed his order
with no hesitation and then paid for their meal. The couple took a
table near the back wall and started taking food off of the tray.
There was one hamburger, one order of French fries and one drink. The
little old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in
half. He placed one half in front of his wife. Then he carefully
counted out the French fries, divided them in two piles and neatly
placed one pile in front of his wife.

He took a sip of the drink, and then his wife took a sip as the man
began to eat his few bites. Again, you could tell what people around
the old couple were thinking. "That poor old couple." As the man
began to eat his French fries, one young man stood and came over to
the old couples table.

He politely offered to buy another meal. The old man replied that
they were just fine. They were used to sharing everything. Then the
crowd noticed that the little old lady hadn't eaten a thing. She just
sat there watching her husband eat and occasionally sipped some of
the drink.

Again, the young man came over and begged them to let him buy them
something to eat. This time, the lady explained that no, they were
used to sharing. As the little old man finished eating and was wiping
his face neatly with a napkin, the young man could stand it no longer
and asked again.

After being politely refused again, he finally asked the little old
lady, "Ma'am, why aren't you eating. You said that you share
everything.  What is it that you are waiting for?"

She answered.................

"The teeth."


Since this is a week of sharing....I thought it was adorable!!

What a weekend...

The AIDS walk was AWESOME.  I had such a blast.  I scored a bunch of Kerry/Edwards buttons, met a bunch of awesome people, and got some exercise in the process. 

Get this:  I'm 33, my daughters are 7 and 13.  I was dragging them the whole time.  I had more energy and stamina then my children.  Is that scary or what?  Time for extracurricular sports, darlings.  It was a three mile walk, and other than my hips being sore from the pre-walk warm up (aerobics) I did just fine.  HA.


Em and I went to Applebees - we were totally bad and ate tons of awesome food but who cares - and then we saw Spy Captain.  I was totally prepared for it to be some lame guy-focused action flick but it really wasn't.  It was really good.  I totally recommend it.  The only part I'd change is that someone really should have given Angelina Jolie some chapstick or lipgloss.  Her gorgeous pouty mouth was really looking kinda crusty and dry. 


On a happier note, sometimes I'll pick up cigarettes for Louie if I'm in a generous mood, and every time I've gotten them recently I've been carded, and everyone has told me I look like I'm in my early twenties, if that.  Oh yeah!!!  Card me all you want people, that is so awesome.  I can't imagine getting irritated at someone for thinking you're ten years younger than you are.


Yesterday I studied a bunch - got about halfway through what I needed to.  I'll finish the rest tonight.  Thank gawd auditing isn't as mind blowingly difficult as financial was or I'd be complaining.  So far its really not so bad.  The other class is kind of the blow off core class.  I just sit there and smile a lot and try not to fall asleep.

I found a couple of new Wiccan groups online this weekend, and I've been doing a lot of reading online.  Still no suggestions from anyone as far as good resources go (AHEM) but I'm getting there.  So far I've learned about altars, circles, familiars, covens and book of shadows.


I saw in someone's journal recently (think it was Peach? she and I should compare notes sometime) about the joy of parenting boys.  I've got a great list about parenting girls, but here's a taste:  my stepdaughter recently moved out again and in her room I found SO many things that belong to me, including but not limited to the running shoes Louie bought me for my birthday that "disappeared" the day after I opened them.  They're trashed.  Cute?  Em found pieces and half sets of earrings her aunt had given her, among other things.  People ask me why we have key locks on all the doors....I'll finish cleaning her area next weekend, because I didn't have the hazmat gear that will be required.  Teenaged girls are PIGS.  No where near teenage boys.  Proven fact.  Its disgusting in there.

Anyway that's it for today, folks.  I hope all of us have a happy Monday!!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

mindless quizzes that are fun as heck

You Are Ani Difranco!Honest, real, and well liked. You're not limited by any boundaries. "And you can call me crazy But I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall"

Who's Your Inner Rock Chick? Take This Quiz :-)



Never saw that coming, but how cool is that??  I love mindless quizzes.  They're so fun.

Here's the next one - I had to take it twice because first it said I should vote for Nader.  NOT.



You Should Vote For Kerry John Kerry
Though You'd Rather Vote for Michael Moore

Which presidential candidate should you vote for?    


WARNING these two are kidsafe/worksafe but a lot of her quizzes are NOT so be careful if you've got little ones around and/or you're a lightweight.

Mo' latah - have a great Sunday morning.

Friday, September 24, 2004

woo hoo!!

Tomorrow's the AIDS walk - I've had a few questions about random things, so here it goes.  There is no registration fee, no obligation to hand over money when you go.  If you wanna just go and support the cause and meet cool people and do some community building, please go.  Last year everyone who participated scored a free t-shirt.  We usually meet right under the balloon rainbow, at the southeast corner of Johnson Field.  Registration's at 8:00 AM.  Dogs are allowed, as long as they're on their best behavior.  There will be about 3000 people there, so Fido has to be a good boy.  We're thinking of taking Byron the handsome dog, because he's so charming.  You can even rent a dog from PACA if you don't have one.  We're hitting the Dion's on Central after the walk.  Come and hang out.


My brilliant, beautiful, talented, intelligent 13 year old daughter, Emily scored a 3.5 GPA on her latest progress report.  Does she rock or what??  Mom's taking her out to dinner and a movie tomorrow night to celebrate, just me and her.  I'm actually really psyched about that.  Its gonna be so fun.

This morning, she was standing in front of me brushing her hair and I got all squoogie on her (see, appropriate use of the word in a sentence).  She has this long, thick, wavy, flowing hair that I'm totally jealous of - she obviously got that from her dad's side because y'all have seen my flat hair.  Anyway, she just looked so beautiful and growned up and it just floored me.  She's such an awesome kid anyways, and seeing her like that ... well damn my baby's growing up.  Now when we go places guys scope her out like crazy.  I feel like I need to hang a sign from her neck (or her butt!) that says "Helloooo....I'm only 13!!!". 

I guess all parents go through this, but I hate how it hits me all at once like that.  Whoosh - where'd the time go.  Crazy how that happens.


Phyl the snake shed his/her skin again yesterday.  I knew he/she was gonna - her/his eyes were all cloudy and he/she was grumpy as heck.  So now Kayla has another great show & tell item that's sure to have a gross out factor.  She loves those kind.

Somebody out there someday is gonna help me sex this snake so I don't have to do all that clarifying.  Its a ribbon snake. 


That's about it, unless I get incredibly bored and loopy later.

Happy Friday!!!!!


CYA: that pic's also from NASA and its free for general use.  so there.  Isn't our solar system beautiful?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Definition, An Awesome Song, Etc






















That's my tinkerbell, a.k.a. "stinkerbell" and I need her for my definition. This dog is my baby - she doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  She's the sweetest little being I've ever known.

Since I use this word often, and it was in my "Happiness is..." entry, I figured I'd better define it....

squoogie (pronounced: skwoo gee):

1. noun: the state of animals, usually dogs, when you pet them in just the right spot for a while. Mine loved to be scratched under their collars.  Their faces fall, all the facial muscles relax, and they look ridiculous, yet adorable. Look at Peanut.  He's all squoogie. 

2. verb: (squooge) A type of snuggling, usually involving lots of covers and a big pillow, or just getting into bed and getting comfortable.  Let's squooge. 

3. noun or adjective: a state of total and complete lovey-doveyness, including sappy, sweet, sentimental types of moments.  Look at the squoogie card he gave me! or... Oh jeez, Mom's all squoogie again.

Of course, this definition can be altered to fit the mood, and since its a verb, a noun, or an adjective already it can be whatever you want it to be.


I love this song!!!  Since I scored that new Seether CD - Disclaimer II(thank you to The Peak @ 100.3 FM), I've been listening to it non-stop.  I love Broken, obviously (who doesn't) but I found this other song that just rocks.

It seems to describe almost perfectly the heartbreak I went through recently, the lyrics are beautiful (I'm way into lyrics) and the rhythms and riffs are just amazing.  Since my ex (not the heartbreak referenced) was a drummer in a band (yep I was a groupie, legally contracted by marriage) I got to see first hand what the creative process can entail, and I've grown to really appreciate every aspect of a song when I like it.  (Especially when its not canned pop, ie...well, I won't name names, but one of my pet peeves is "artists" who don't write or play or even barely sing their own music)

Sold Me

Well here I stand before myself and I see something's out of place

You've tasted all my purity and now there's nothing left to waste

The feeling gets so in my way, its getting lost in my delivery

The feeling gets so in my way, I'm getting lost in your periphery


Then you sold me up the river again (I don't wanna be alone again

And you made me start all over (I don't wanna be alone again)

You moved me, and soothed me, then you fought me (I don't wanna be alone again

And you left me wondering, what the hell

what is wrong with me?


I never felt like I had failed until the day you came undone

I never felt like I was lost untilthe day you killed me again

The feeling gets so in my way, its getting lost in my delivery

The feeling gets so in my way, I'm getting lost in your periphery


Then you sold me up the river again (I don't wanna be alone again)

And you made me start all over (I don't wanna be alone again)

You moved me, and soothed me, then you fought me (I don't wanna be alone again)

And you left me wondering, what the hell

What is wrong with me?


Are you stronger for cutting me open?

Are you stronger for leaving me broken?


If any of you out there like alternative music - check it out, its worth it.


CYA: Copyright 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC, Distributed by BMG Distribution, a unit of BMG Entertainment.  http://www.seether.com




Happy Thursday People!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Happiness is...

Remember that Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown's holding Snoopy real tight?  The caption is something like...happiness is a warm puppy.  Well, I've got some more things that make life better.

Happiness is.....

Big neck hugs - the best come from your kids.

Happy, smiley, goofy kids and people and animals

Diet Coke with ice and a slice of lemon (preferably a Route 44 from Sonic, since they have the good ice)

Dr. Pepper lip gloss by Bonnie Bell

Health - air is such a good thing.  Breathing is nice, too.  Feeling good rocks.

Squoogie dogs, cats, horses and kids - always fun to snuggle with


fuzzy slippers (mine are big fuzzy monkey slippers - a Christmas gift from Em)

Rainy days (plus or minus a good horror flick, someone to snuggle with, a big blankie, fuzzy slippers and an oversized t-shirt)


Big squoogie blankies

Oversized t-shirts (to sleep in, be lazy in, etc)

Colored paper clips

Cheesy Elvis Presley gift items

My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White to jam to with the kids in the car

Yummy smells like vanilla, jasmine, lavender, leather, pies baking, coffee brewing in the morning, the forest, freshly cut grass...

My gel-filled wrist pad for my keyboard because its fun to squish real hard

ART - especially my children's

Clean warm sheets fresh from the dryer

Blue Bunny lime yogurt with pinapple bits thrown in

Cheesy souvenirs from random places.    I love my NYC glitter globe because someone shook it way too hard (not me, promise) and that dislodged Lady Liberty so now she's mobile...what a fun concept.  This one also has the twin towers in it, which is way cool.  My New Orleans Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt is quite awesome as well. 

And the big one....

(drum roll)

Forgiveness.  Try it.  It takes a lot of strength, a lot of humility, and a lot of willpower, but its so worth it.  Yes, even if the one you have to forgive is still acting like an idiot.  It makes you feel better.

Feel free to add anything and everything you'd like.

Happy Wednesday People!!


TOTAL CYA:  http://www.snoopy.com says you can use that pic/logo/dancy thingy, so THERE.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Parental Peer Pressure

You guys know I watch way too many cartoons.  This one's more adult-oriented though, if there is such a thing.  Bill Cosby's known for being able to put a name to something to help us understand it better, and this is one of those times.  The concept of the day is Parental Peer Pressure.  It exists and its very real.  Think about it - doesn't everyone want to be able to tell other parents about their teenaged child's successes and achievements? 

Here's a for instance:  a coworker's teenaged daughters are very active in school and in sports, are honor roll students, and her older daughter is in her second year at college.  This person is always bragging about a soccer trophy won here, a track record there, a student body election for this one, an honors ceremony for the other one.  It wouldn't be so bad, but this person has sort of a condescending tone that's annoying as heck. 

This person also knows of the troubles my stepdaughter has had academically and with addiction, so they always throw in a "how's your stepdaughter?" as if to rub it in my face a little more.  Yes,  I wish I could still say she was class president or a presidential scholar, but the sorrow I feel is more because of the great amount of potential at risk, the way I can't help her with her addiction, and how I can't fix everything for her and make it all better.  Its also from the fact that everything she suffers through right now is self inflicted and I'm powerless where that's concerned.  It has nothing to do with her father's or mother's parenting skills or failure therein.  Her suffering is ours, because we care for her. 

I'm not big on oneupsmanship - I usually politely bow out of those types of conversations, followed (as I'm walking away) by a big eye roll and a 'whatever'. The exception is with Dan's kids - one of the twins worked with me over the summer and she's just awesome.  Girlfriend wakes up at 5:30 all summer long to start training for track.  That's dedication and its mind blowing and I love it.  She's a wonderful child and I love to hear Dan talk about them.  My best friend's daughter is awesome too - I love hearing about her as well.

My point is - how pathetic that we feel we've got to keep up.  Our kids' successes and failures almost become our own - an extension of us, as well as a measure of how well we've done in the parenthood department.  Its one thing to rejoice in your childs achievements and feel their challenges or struggles - that's a part of the job, I guess - but success isn't always measured that way.  We all wish our kids were class president, or sigma cum laude or soccer stars...we want our kids to do what we didn't or couldn't or wouldn't.  We want to see them succeed and achieve more than we did.  We want them to be smarter and have more common sense. 

I look at my daughters and I see success.  I love watching Kayla draw and paint.  I love seeing her glow at horse shows and listening to her talking about owning a ranch when she grows up.  I love hearing her speak Spanish like her daddy.  She's beautiful and smart, kind, stubborn, a little spoiled (OK maybe a lot spoiled), and amazing.

I just glow when I watch Emily act independently - when she's stubborn and strong, when she refuses to cave in to what other kids her age expect her to like or dislike.  I love it that she listens to the music she listens to, that she'd rather curl up with a book for an afternoon than talk on the phone or watch tv.  I love that she's strong enough to dress the way she wants to, get good grades, and read even if no one else is doing it.  I laugh like crazy when she wears her earrings backwards all week for the heck of it.  I think its awesome that she's confident enough in what she likes and believes in that she doesn't care what others think about her.  She actually told a teacher during a political discussion that our chihuahua would run the country better than Bush, and the teacher laughed.  (I swear she came up with that by herself - I wish I could take credit for it)  Yes, she's an honor roll student and the teachers love her, but she's also passionate, caring, intelligent, beautiful and kind, successful in her own right, and that's enough for me.

So judge away all you soccer moms, my kids rock.  hrmph!

What I want more than anything is for my girls to go out into the world prepared, and kick butt. 

I have a feeling that's exactly what they're gonna do.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Everything's so still...

Booga Booga.

My life is insane.  I always have somewhere I have to be, from the time I get up to the time my head hits the pillow I've got something going on. 

So why, all of the sudden, does my life feel so stagnant?

I'm thinking the only void I've got right now is a spiritual one.  I've mentioned my desire to research and see what's got my Wiccan friends so hyped up, but haven't had a chance.  I think that's got to be it. 

I don't really have the time to get involved romantically right now - having just been burned badly by someone I loved with all my heart, one of my dearest friends - I just don't feel emotionally 'ready' to dive right in again.  To be honest, I haven't really had the desire either, which is a first for me.  I really don't miss pursuing that sort of relationship right now.  I'm comfortable, and that's good.

We geminis have to be constantly learning or seeking new experiences and knowledge, and I think school covers that completely.  Not only that, but being ADHD you realize I have to multitask - that's just my M.O. .  I have to.  So, I work and school and mother and journal and paint....

The only piece of the pie that's sort of empty by accident is the spiritual aspect of my life.  I really miss that.  I've become sort of disenchanted with the religion I was brought up in (southern baptist - no dancing, no gambling, don't sing too loud...) and most of the hypocracy of many organized religion really irks me beyond all imagination, so I'm on a quest of sorts.  I'll keep y'all posted and if you have any suggestions on where this granola girl might think of looking, feel free to let me know. 

I've researched Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism and other forms of Christianity, and its just not doing it for me.  I have many gay and lesbian friends, and I hang out with mostly lesbian women at lesbian gathering places, so I get a little touchy with people pointing fingers and chastising people based on who they choose to love.  I also have a problem with people judging and pointing fingers, when they choose to live their own lives in a "less than perfect" sort of way.  The whole Thou Shalt Not Judge Lest Ye Be Judged seems to only apply to others, and only when they do certain things...hence my hypocracy generalization.

My good friend, who's a former Bible-thumpin' protestant, is on a similar quest, but tells me you can't just pick and choose aspects of religions based on what you like or don't like, or how you can apply those aspects to your life.  He's treading water too, sort of searching for a place to fit in.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted as I find little tidbits, and I certainly hope you'll drop me a line or a comment with places you think I should look.


P.S. & CYA now that I'm completely paranoid about copyright infringement (thank you AOL-J community) I'm searching for photo sites that allow sharing until I finally scrape up the bucks for a digital camera.  My latest find is NASA's pic exchange, which is where I found this lovely photo of Neptune.  http://nix.nasa.gov  Copy away!!!  HAHAHAHAHA.  (still don't think it should be a bad thing/illegal to display photos on a web journal, just sayin')

Friday, September 17, 2004

Up the down staircase

Don't ask.  Its Friday and I'm loopier than usual.  I'm also caught up and...you guessed it....BORED.

Ever watch ants?  So I'm a little bizarre sometimes (ok well most of the time) but the other day I was bored out of my mind waiting for Emily to get off the phone at her dad's house and there was this eency weency little ant hill near the sidewalk in front of his house.  You know those little teeny ants?  The ones that are even smaller than the sugar ants?  Anyway what struck me is that their little trails were so psycho.  They stuck to them like crazy, and they were like little arteries leading in each direction (north, south, east, west) with little vessels branching off from there.  There were so many of them and they move so fast and so close together that the trails were perfectly clear.  They all move so purposefully.  If I had wanted to, and if I didn't believe in not hurting any living being, I could have really thrown off their groove, but I didn't. 

When I took Philosophy WAY back in like 94 or something we went over all these different creation theories and one was about some grand creator that was like a puppet master, watching over us, controlling every move....for some reason I associated that with me watching the ants.  What a freaky concept...imagining some guy up there who could really throw off our groove if he wanted to.....

Sometimes I think TOO much, huh.


One of my best friends in high school was like that - she'd come up with these bizarre out of the purple things - if you didn't know her well you probably would have thought she dropped acid each day, but she never ever did.  She was on her own little permanent trip, all natural, all by herself.  Anyway, she once approached me with one of those theories, and it went a little something like this....

Look at the tip of your thumb.  Imagine you have a little world just like earth permanently attached to the tip of your thumb, about the size of a grain of sand.  But dude...what if we're like....a little world on the tip of someone's thumb.


She's probably a philosophy professor somewhere by now.


Joke of the day as told by my brilliant daughter, Emily:  Two guys walk into a bar.  You'd have thought one of them woulda ducked....


There's my little AOL-J trip for today.  Hopefully it made you laugh.  I needed to lighten up over here, jeez.  Way too much heavy lately.

Happy Friday - Happy almost weekend - Happy, period.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Mexico AIDS Walk 2004

Each year in memory of Alberto, my dear friend who lost his 10 year battle with AIDS in December of 2002, my friends and family participate in the Albuquerque AIDS Walk.  This walk is a 5K (3.1 miles), and it takes place on Central Avenue - right up the center of town.  The AIDS Walk's main purpose is to raise money to fund programs like: Necessities of Life Food Bank (NOLB), Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), Case Management, Anonymous Testing & Counseling, Emergency Support Program, Housing Services, Emotional Support/Counseling, Family Services, Men's Health Project, Project for Women, Street Outreach, MPower, and the Wellness Center.  Of course we also want to raise awareness about AIDS and New Mexico AIDS services. 

This year, both state and federal funding to AIDS programs and research were cut drastically.  (Thank you, George W. Bush, Heather Wilson, Pete Domenici and Bill Richardson, ya jerks.)  This elimination of funding directly affected NMAS and the services they provide.  So far, this has meant that over 400 clients no longer have case management, including health care, counseling, homecare, and any other support they may need. Yes, they have been turning people away. The food bank has now decreased operation from three days per week to two days per MONTH.  Programs have been eliminated, including home health care, emotional support and emergency support programs.  The Women and Children programs are reducing and/or eliminating many services.

AIDS is a wicked disease.  The entire time Alberto suffered with AIDS he was in pain.  He often had open, ulcerating sores coupled with nerve damage that made it painful to stand, sit or lie down.  He had trouble eating and maintaining a healthy weight.  He was in and out of hospitals with pneumonia or sinus infections.  He took cocktails of over 20 pills at a time, three or more times a day.  I spent the last week of his life with him, and I have never watched someone suffer so horribly.  During that week, we prayed each day for his suffering to end.  Millions of people worldwide, including children, suffer with this disease today.  Reducing and/or eliminating government funding is not only ridiculous, its inexcusable.

Not many of my AOL friends live in New Mexico, but I'd like to invite you to check out your local AIDS services office.  Give or volunteer if you can.  Take advantage of free testing and educational services they provide.

For those of you who do live in New Mexico, please consider donating your time or money.  Here's the link to donate, the link to the walk and NMAS is in my favorites list.  http://www.guidestar.org/partners/networkforgood/donate.jsp?ein=85-0335085  The walk takes place September 25 and starts from Johnson Field at UNM - you can park on campus.  Registration begins at 8:00 AM, Opening Ceremony at 9:00AM, the walk begins at 9:30AM and winds up with a Closing Ceremony at 11:00.  If nothing else, come out and support the walkers, meet some great people and have a good time.  You can always go hang out at the Frontier afterwards, grab a sweet roll or one of their awesome breakfast burritos.

There's my deal - one of the many things I'm very passionate about.  If I ever find my camera, maybe I'll take some pics of the walk and post for you.

Donate, Educate, Get Tested!!

Thanks for reading - happy Thursday!!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Art's Influence on My Life

Art is a little more than a man's name....

When I was little, my grandmother would drag me to museums and art galleries, in an attempt to enlighten me.  She was an artist, and she painted beautiful oil paintings that hung all over the house.  I remember one painting was of a grey cat with bright yellow eyes hiding in the tall grass of the backyard.  That painting hung in the hallway of my grandparents' house, and it was one of my favorites.  I tried so hard to imitate that painting when I was little, but it never quite turned out right.

My father is also a talented artist, but his art is more abstract.  It was more difficult for me to find the meaning in his work, until one day I got brave and asked him.  One piece he did was of several figures running up endless flights of stairs - all in black and white.  His explanation was that he felt that way in life sometimes - so stressed and almost chased by responsibilities.  I sat and pondered that for a long time. 

Two days before my mother left I had a horrible nightmare that she was riding away from me, waving from the back of a stagecoach, and no matter how fast I ran I never did catch her.  I drew that dream as best I could. (I was eight years old.) The day she left I stared at it, and dripped tears all over it, realizing my nightmare was more reality than I feared.

My drawing has always been an expression or an extension of me.  Whatever I'm feeling at a certain time, whatever mood I happen to be in, I can sketch it, draw it or paint it and it becomes tangible in some way.  I can paint feelings, dreams, ideas, impressions, struggles, moods, states of mind...whatever suits me, and its part of me.  Its an extension of the jumbled mess of my mind.  Its all pieces of me.

For the longest time I was afraid to attempt anything even remotely artistic or creative because of my father's endless critique of my work as a child.  My shadowing was never right, my colors were always off, my images were never realistic enough.  For a very long time I would draw or sketch and throw away my work because I was ashamed of it.  As I grew olderand more confident things changed, as they often do.  I started saving some of my sketches, and once, quite by accident, someone came across them on my desk at work and commented on what talent I had.

Why I needed that to feel better about my art, I'll never know.  I started sketching horses for my daughter, then I moved to sketching flowers and landscapes, and studying not only how they appeared in reality but how I interpreted things and how these things appeared to me.  Before I knew it my room, living room, dining room, refrigerator doors, hallways and everywhere else were scattered with different pieces in different media and people were just amazed that I hadn't done more of it sooner.  I even amazed myself.  I got bold enough to frame some of my work and actually display it in my office. 

I encourage my daughters to embrace art every day.  I drag them to art shows and museums and galleries.  I go insane over their work, commenting on the creativity and the color.  My kids critique my work as well, making suggestions along the way.  They look at my sketches and try to imitate them in their own way, just as I did with Grandma's work.  Its such a strange and wonderful feeling to know they love it that much. 

My office walls are covered in paintings, drawings and sketches my children have done for me.  I cherish every single one of their little masterpieces because I know, as it is with me, that every single one of them is an extension of their little souls, now tangible as a precious gift to me.



This essay was written in response to an entry in Judi's journal - a little contest she's been gracious enough to sponsor.  Thanks for helping me reflect.

If anyone's interested, please visit this link for details:  http://journals.aol.com/judithheartsong/newbeginning/entries/1039

Eating at your desk

OK this is the THIRD time I've written this thanks to AOL's constant flatulance.  Its really starting to grind on my nerves.

ANYWAY....I eat at my desk four out of the five days of the work week.  My boss allows me to leave an hour and a half early twice a week to attend class and he pays for it, so my logic is that its only fair for me to give up my lunch hours to make up the time.  So my assistant just showed me an article about eating at your desk that was totally enlightening and disgusting - and I thought I'd share, being the generous person that I am.  (CYA:  http://www.billingsgazette.com/index.php?section=workweek&display=rednews/2004/08/16/build/work)

Anyway, according to this article, the toilet seat in the office restroom has less bacteria per square inch (49) than the surface of the average worker's desk (20,961).  The only dirtier surface is the telephone, with 25,127 bacteria per square inch.  The reasoning is that, especially with cluttered desks, the desktops are usually avoided/ignored by cleaning staff and the desk user.  People actually go YEARS without cleaning the surface of their desks with any type of product, disinfecting or otherwise.

That's dirty, disgusting, nasty and just wrong.  It really is.

I'm a Lysol addict.  I also clean my keyboard, adding machine and telephone with rubbing alcohol for a couple of reasons.  First, "hand cheese" (as my brother calls it) has no place on anything, especially those items you use each day.  Secondly, if you don't clean off the junk from the phone receiver its a great way to get acne and other blemishes on your face.  I usually clean my desk with a wood oil or polish because its actual wood.  I never thought to disinfect my desktop.

On that note, I just bleached my entire desktop.  That's so dirty.  From now on,I will eat on several paper towels, and I will disinfect the surface of my desk at least weekly. 

There's your PSA for the week.  ACK.

The Burning of Zozobra (aka Old Man Gloom)

Each year about this time, to start off Fiestas de Santa Fe, the Burning of Zozobra takes place in Santa Fe.  Zozobra, or "Old Man Gloom", is constructed at around 50 feet high, and is designed to move and moan during the burning.  All evening there's a build up that includes different dances, including fire dancers.  As soon as the sun sets, he's ignited, with the burning itself lasting about 30 minutes.   Zozobra signifies the troubles or unpleasant events of the last year, and he's burned each year to 'let go' of those troubles.  According to the Daily Lobo (aka daily low blow) about 25,000 people attended this year.    Its always fun to see bad stuff in your life burn up, even if it is only figuratively. 

See there is cool stuff happening in New Mexico. 

The fair ends this weekend (POUT!), then its the AIDS Walk on the 25th (more on that later), then the Balloon Fiesta in early October.  I may actually go this year, depending on if I can drag my butt out of bed that early in the morning.  (More on that later too)

CYA:  www.americaslibrary.gov/ es/nm/es_nm_zozo_1_e.html   www.dailylobo.com/news/ 2003/09/04/News/Zozobr...


In other random news, BooBoo the giant puppy managed to let all the outside animals out last night.  Someone (who will remain nameless at this time) forgot to latch the BooBoo-proof part of the gate, even after being reminded countless times, so this morning Byron was trolling the neighborhood, Xena was in the yard yelling for him to come home, and BooBoo was watching like an idiot.  Thank goodness none of them got hurt.

BooBoo then opened the shed door and pulled out an entire box of miscellaneous tools and scattered them all over the yard, along with a bunch of extra PVC pipe that was stored in there. 

BooBoo also pulled off the welcome mat from the porch and dragged that across the yard.  Apparently all her toys have lost their thrill, and since the older dogs think she's a dork, she's getting bored.

Isn't her name appropriate?  Maybe I should change her name to ADHD.


I'm still experiencing that disconnected feeling - I don't know how else to describe it.  I'm hoping it'll fade soon - my horoscope did nothing for me today.

I've met a few Wiccans lately and I've decided that'll be something I'm gonna check out more.  It seems really cool - I love learning about stuff like that.  Anyone who knows about it is more than welcome to drop me a line and point me in the right direction.

That's about it for my boring life.  Work, School, Sleep, Work, School, Sleep....Those of you that know me well (and speaking of ADHD - its almost worse when you're an adult) know that its times like this where I get that itch to start checking out new stuff or finding new interests.  I get sick of routines really really fast.  I'll try to stay out of trouble.

Anyway, hopefully y'all are having more fun!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

stinky puppies aren't much fun

I've been putting off bathing these dorks all morning.  I use this special oatmeal shampoo that you have to leave on for ten minutes, and its a pain in the butt to keep them both in the tub at the same time.  Also, to punish me, Peenit will ignore me and heave huge sighs for the rest of the afternoon.

Its at the point where I just can't stand it anymore.  Tink's a bizarre dingy grey color, and the nut looks and smells awful.

Other zoological news:  BooBoo the giant puppy decided one of my whisky barrels would be a great place to take a nap.  Since she was hot, she also decided she needed to move the soil around to find a cool place.  When I went outside she was curled in a little ball inside the whiskey barrel, with morning glory remains and top soil all around on the ground.  Even the spring bulbs were uprooted.  I could have killed her.  She did that defense move where they look at you with giant brown eyes ... her head turned slightly to the right...she was just too cute to strangle, so I went off in a huff.

BooBoo has also figured out how to open Toby's gate.  So I came home the other night and Toby Pony had devoured all the morning glories from the front fence and all the roses that were doing their last bloom of the season. 

Can we say 'too many animals'??

grrrr off to hose down the two little stinkers....

happy Sunday people!!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Go strange, make a right at the next signal.

Am I the only one that feels like the cosmos is a little off lately?  What the heck is going on out there?  According to my sources tomorrow's gonna be weird, and Sunday's gonna be weirder, with a sort of "spacey feeling". 

From tarot.com....

It's a powerful day in the cosmos as the Moon enters Leo at 7:05 am EDT, pushing hidden feelings out into the open. Our fear-based security issues dissipate as we proudly express ourselves. We strive to do it properly, however, as Mercury moves forward into Virgo, the sign of perfection. Meanwhile, we still are reeling from the powerful effects of powerful Mars-Pluto square, which has put a rather intense spin on our needs and desires. This is irritated as Venus forms tense aspects with both Uranus and Pluto. We'll all need to breathe deeply and stay as calm as we can.

With the Moon in fiery Leo, we contact the Lion within, feel its pride and roar with confidence. But with so many planets in Virgo -- the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter --we are careful about what we do. Meanwhile, the light-giving Sun moves into a tense square aspect with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Although this can be difficult, we can shine the light of awareness into the hidden realms and the shadows of our unconscious minds. We've been working with Pluto's intense energy already for a few days, and finally can move through the changes.


This is going to sound so weird, but I usually feel like this right before something huge happens.  Its kind of like watching a fuse burn and waiting for the BOOM.  Does anyone else out there feel this way?  Like everything's sort of shifting around?  Or am I doing hormonal shifting?


Any dream freaks out there...I had another one of my recurring nightmares last night.  There's this house...all I can visualize right now is that its enormous, sort of A-framed, two stories, I'd even venture to say a little threatening its so big.  The dream's in black and white, and its like one of those cheap horror flicks where you can feel the evil coming from the house when you're standing in the driveway.  Anyway for some stupid reason we're always forced to spend the night there (of course).  Its cold - the kid of cold that chills you from the inside.  The evil itself never appears, but its implied, worse at night (of course - predictable plot) and its engulfing, and its terrifying.  So terrifying that I often wake up breathless with my heart pounding.  Its all about this place.  This house I've never seen. 

Maybe its the dream that's left me so unsettled.


We're off to the fair again tomorrow - gotta get my money's worth for those ride passes and eat my fill of navajo tacos....I'd better go look for that camera!!

Thursday, September 9, 2004

The Opposite of Cinnamon is Frogs.

I couldn't think of a snappy subject.  That just popped into my head.  My whole day has been a little bit off, just like that subject.  Good intentions have poofed, intended outcomes were not even close to being realized, no progress has been made, and everything's gone backwards all day.  The whole day's been wrong.  It'll be nice to hit the covers knowing that maybe tomorrow will be a different day.

Have you ever handled something way wrong, and in trying to fix it made it worse?  I really hate it when I try to mend fences and discover they just can't be mended.  I can't stand conflict.  I like resolution.  I handled a situation using only emotion (my feelings were really really hurt) and it bit me in the butt.  I can't fix it now, and I miss my friend.  I've tried sending olive branch e-mails and IM's but to no avail.  Weird how it comes in waves.  I just hate karma sometimes.  The George W. Bush Effect, aka Why Doesn't Existance Come With a Rewind or Fast Forward Button.


On a positive note, I'm almost caught up at work, my homework's actually done for class tonight, and I'm actually looking forward to going to class.  Maybe if I walk backwards I'll make some progress and achieve just one thing I've set out to do today....its good to dream, right?

Tomorrow's another day.  A Friday, even.


CYA: Mandy is on a cartoon called the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and its owned and operated by Cartoon Network.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Inventory, Working in Iraq, & Other Random Ideas



















On the inventory front....I think its important for individuals to stop and take inventory at least quarterly if not each month.  By inventory I don't really care how many assets or widgets you've got on hand I mean life inventory.  Look around you.  Take notice.  What are you thankful for?  Why does your life suck a little less than the panhandler on the corner?  It helps for all of us to remind ourselves of this stuff as often as possible, or at least whenever we get whiney.  This is partially inspired by that awesome journal entry by Freee I referenced yesterday.

This quarter's inventory includes my kids, my friends and most of my family, my pets/farm/zoo, my health, my awesome job, my ability to have my basic needs met (food, shelter, clothing), my wonderful boss-provided sportscar that's now running beautifully again (love you, Dan!), my access to healthcare, my education, my house, my Dr. Pepper lipgloss, my many talents (wouldn't YOU like to know...), and my general feeling of happiness, peace, and serenity.  Ya know, I'm gonna include my baggage in this list too, because that's what makes me who I am.  "Learning Experiences".  Yep, I'm grateful for them also.  There.


From the 'out of the purple' file...(I like purple better than blue).  One of my former coworkers has signed a contract with a company to work in Iraq.  In the not-so-fun part of Iraq.  The deal is he works 21 days straight, 12 hour days, then he's off for two weeks, for the next year at least.  He'll probably make about $250,000 this year.  His contract renews annually, should he choose to do so.  He's an egghead engineer doing "consulting" for one of those companies bleeding the US government dry.

Here's the "rest of the story".  His wife is staying here with his 16 year old daughter.  They've been married 18 years and he's less than satisfied in his marriage.  His contract states that he cannot return to the US (or so he says) but he can fly the wife and kid out to visit.  As if.  Seems like divorce/separation/counseling would be a little less dangerous than accepting a job in a country where lots of foreigners have lost their heads simply because they're from another country. 

He left Saturday, August 29.  I've said my little prayer for him and his family and I'm sending good vibes his way.  I got an e-mail from him telling about his first week there and it sounds like one big party.  He got to hang out in one of Saddam's old palaces and swim in the pool.  He said it was sweet.  The compound where they 'live' while they're there is pretty nice too, and they've issued the standard bullet proof vests, gas masks and helmets.  They're being instructed on how to act safely during attack, etc.

My question:  is it really worth the quarter mill?  In the grand scheme of things, when you've got a 16 year old daughter at home, is it really worth it?  He says he wants to be a part of history.  He wants to make a difference.  There's plenty of other, less threatening ways to make a difference right here, but hey - whatever lights your fire.

Anyway, tons more prayers and good vibes to ya Darrell.  Please be safe and come home in one piece. 


CYA for above pic:  New Mexico Rare Plant Technical Council. 1999. New Mexico Rare Plants. Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico Rare Plants Home Page. http://nmrareplants.unm.edu (Version 15 March 2002).

Tuesday, September 7, 2004


1) yes, a green chile dog on a stick.  Same place sells deep fried twinkies, oreos and cookie dough.  (ack)

2) Indian Village & dancers

3)  Midway game - this one had lame-o prizes.

the fair (part 20)

Pictured above is a genuine navajo taco.  Fry bread, pintos, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and red or green chile.  I prefer red lately.  It was and is completely awesome.  I eat the fry bread alone too, with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top and some honey.  No, I haven't gotten my fill yet.  Gawd they're just so incredible, I'm tellin ya. 

We spent Saturday from 9-7 at the fair, and it rained off and on all day.  Yes, in Albuquerque.  No I didn't bring an umbrella because first off I didn't believe the forecast and secondly who knows where the heck the umbrellas are.  It was a blast.  We saw parts of the junior arabian horse show and met a lot of riders and owners, which was awesome.  The kids spent a lot of time on the Midway, and Kayla won a cute little stuffed pink unicorn throwing darts to pop balloons.  The guy let her cheat all kinds to get it too, which was adorable.

Sunday we got there a little later, about 10:30, and stayed until 9PM.  This time the kids actually went with me through the art exhibits, which were awesome.  We've really got some great local talent, and every kind of media was on display, from oils to acrylics to stained glass.  We went to the Natural Resources Center too and saw a humungoid diamondback rattlesnake.  He was so cool - almost 6 feet long. I also got to touch and hold a rat snake, a corn snake and a gila monster.  They're just gorgeous reptiles.  We watched more Arabians and half-arabs in the junior rider classes, and Kayla met a girl who rides a silver grey mare named Anastasia.  She also got to see the police horses up close, and the guy showed her the tack room.  Her eyes were as big as saucers - it was adorable.  (Those horses are huge!!)  I checked into 4H and I'm gonna try to get her signed up there.

We found a place that sold nasty nachos but they sucked majorly, so we got some shaved ice and went to check out more animals (for Kayla).  Then we got some more navajo tacos and chilled watching gourd dancers at the Indian Village.  A guy explained to us that a goard dance is a dance of gratitude, and this one was in honor of the veterans that had served, and in honor of our military currently serving.  I thought it was way cool.

One of the many many things I hate about being white is our general lack of culture.  It is just beautiful watching all these customs, songs and dances, all the crafts and things passed down over generations.  We have none of that.  Well I have a little, but I'll explain that some other time.  My relatives are all Swedish.  Stop laughing.

Emily also had Kayla and I go on this horrible creation called "The Tornado".  A ride from hell.  I'm terrified of heights, and she assured me it didn't go high.  She lied.  Kayla and I were petrified.  When it was all over Kayla was feeling "empowered" (her exact word) and glad she could tell her friends she rode a big kid ride.  "Empowered".  That was so cool.  What an awesome word for a seven year old girl to use.  Mom, on the other hand, wanted to pull a Pope JP and kiss the ground once my knees stopped knocking together. 

Emily also got on a ride with Olivia (aka "No Fear" Romero) that brought her slowly up about 9 stories and then dropped her free fall style at the bottom, without warning.  I have never seen my daughter look so scared in all her life.  Total horror.  It was a combination of terror and possibly losing control of her bowels.  After I knew she was okay I laughed so hard I needed my inhaler.  Kayla triple dog dared them to go into the Tomb of Doom (say it all spooky...tooooom of dooooooom) and they did.  Stuff touched them though, during the ride, and Emily kept saying that was 'just wrong in there'.  There was also an obnoxious clown you could throw balls at and attempt to dunk.  Two big guys and a couple of teenagers couldn't do it, but a tiny little boy did it in one shot to loud applause.

The car show was cool too.  I'm still craving my '68 cherry apple red mustang and they had a beautiful specimen.  I either want that or an old 'cuda or an old camaro.  Someday when I'm rich but not famous, eh?  I met a guy that wanted to buy me one once, and I couldn't let him do it.  You know how guys are....always wanting something in return or feeling entitled in some way - can you imagine after he buys you your dream car?  It was sweet, regardless.

Anyway I didn't get a chance to get pics but I'll try again next weekend.  I'll post some old ones in a sec. 


OH if y'all get a chance, Miss Freee has posted an awesome entry in her journal.  Check it out if you get a chance - it's worth a look.  Letting Go

Friday, September 3, 2004

OK so one more....

Grrr I was just typing this and the window disappeared.  I freakin hate that.  Anyway I'm taking my last core class this semester - Organizational Innovation & Development with Dr. Champoux.  (<---cya).  Anyway, he gave us the following exercise, which I found interesting.

Scenario #1  Your mom's twin sister, Aunt Emma, works with you in a grocery store.  Her job is unpacking boxes of canned goods for restocking.  You notice her snatch a few cans for herself on more than one occasion.  Do you....report her to management?  ....tell her to snatch a couple of cans for you? ....ignore it?

Scenario #2 You find a dollar bill on the ground in a parking lot.  No one's around.  Do you...keep it?  ....turn it in to the store management?

Scenario #3  You find a wallet with $10,000 and identification in a store parking lot.  No one's around.  Do you....keep it?  ...turn it into store management?  ....keep it and try to find the guy who dropped it?

Scenario #4  Downloading music off the internet (via Kazaa or one of the other ones).   Would you/do you do it?

Scenario #5 You're driving grandma's car (she's not with you) and she's got a handicapped sticker.  You pull into a crowded parking lot, there's plenty of handicapped spaces, but the normal ones are far away.  Do you...park in the handicapped spot? ...park in a normal one - you're healthy, and others need it more than you?

Scenario #6 Your neighbor just came back from an expensive salon and her hair looks awful. She asks you what you think.  Do you....tell her it looks like crap? ....lie and say it looks good? ....squirm your way out of it?

So I compared notes with Louie, but I know we have differing views on stuff.  He thinks finding money someone's dropped is a gift from God.  I always think about if its someone's rent money or something. 

For #1 I said I'd talk to Auntie Em about it.  He said he'd tell her to snatch some for him too.  For #2 I said I'd keep it and so did he (that's a no brainer - takes too much time/effort to find anyone.  If I SAW a person drop it I'd tell them, he wouldn't.).  For #3 I said I'd keep it but try to find the guy, he said he'd just keep it and toss the wallet.  (gift from God)  For #4 I have and still do share music (hint to the music industry -  modify your product delivery), he didn't care.  #5 I'd park in a normal spot and walk, he'd park in the handicapped.  #6 I said I'd squirm out of it, unless she was my best friend and then we'd discuss hair rescue options.  He said he'd either be honest or change the subject because he doesn't care about that stuff.

His logic is that most people would do mean/illegal/immoral stuff if they could get away with it, and God presents us with gifts in strange ways (LOL).  My argument is that people are innately good and know the difference between right and wrong and choose the right way whenever its logical and possible.  I also think that people's well-being, feelings, health and lives are more important than truth a lot of the time.  With the hair - why hurt her feelings?  You have to weigh the situation and decide which is more important - her emotional state or the truth, as ugly as it may be.  I tend to protect people a lot, that's why I chose to squirm out of it.

Anyway I found it interesting - feel free to post your answers as comments if you want.

NOW have a happy labor-less day weekend.....all you happy smiley people out there.


YEEHAW & Dirty Old Men

Thank you bloggerhelp angels for teaching me how to put files up that are big without borders!!  muah!!  Next step - web links that appear like blue text.  I wanna try that next.  I'm still trying to delete that p.o.s. webpage circa 2001 and it won't let me.  It won't let me make a new one either, or rename or edit the old one.  What's weird is that its named index.qp.  What the heck is a qp file?

Guess who's goin' to the fair tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who??  Who??  KRIS IS!!!  I am psyched.  And, since its a three day weekend, we're going TWICE.  oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah, uh huh.

I asked Dan the Man (my boss) if he was going, and his response was he hated going anywhere that made you feel like you need a shower after walking through the gates.  Wimp.   They're gonna have classes to teach you how to make ristras (red chile ristras are gorgeous - there's a pic posted on my you know you're from NM if...post), and the Arabian horse show is tomorrow and I'm gonna finally get my Navajo taco and frybread.  I wish to gawd I had a digital camera to take pics....maybe I'll find my regular camera or something.  Clay Aiken is performing tonight but I'm not going.  I think he's adorkable, and you know my nerd thing, but (sorry Clay) its not worth the ticket price they want.  Reba's coming too, and everyone's all psyched about that, but I just can't get into her music.  Someone told me that in addition to the deep fried twinkies and oreos, you can try deep fried cookie dough this year.  GAG.  Ya know that's just wrong.  Dirty and nasty.

ANYWAYS I'm more excited than my kids I think.  I'm a dork.


I work for a heavy underground construction firm.  My dad was a contractor so I've been on and around jobsites since I was tiny, and I love the industry.  There are always a few characters though, and one I work with is just hilarious.  He's 71, one of our superintendents, and cute as heck.  He is a dirty old man though.

Now I'm not one of those 'womyn' who get really excited about those things.  I think they're behaving instinctually and they honestly either can't help it or can't suppress it.  I guess you really can't take stuff too seriously in this industry.  Its still kind of behind the times with the sexual equality thing.  Either way, this guy is comical.  He's been married for forever but can't stand to be around his wife for very long.  He begs for out of town jobs so he's only home for a bit.  He prefers to miss her, he says.  He flirts constantly.  I have to be really careful with him for that reason, because he gets the wrong idea and gets carried away really easily.  He thinks he's Rico Suave or something.  He loves Selena (so do I) and he wants me to get him tapes of her cumbias so he can blast them in the truck.

Anyway he called me yesterday and said there were two fine girls walking down the street with skirts that were about two inches from waist to the end.  I started laughing - my daughter likes to try to wear one that's not that bad, and I call it 'the belt'.  Anyway, he tells me 'don't worry Kris, I've got my eyes closed'.  Yeah RIGHT.  So he tells me he'll be working until he dies, and then proceeds to tell me his preferred way to go. 

He wants to be shot in the butt by a jealous husband while fleeing out a woman's bedroom window.

I swear I found that to be just freakin' hilarious.  If you saw this man you'd understand.  He probably was fine as heck in his day, but he's 71 years old, little, Hispanic.... I can't picture him fleeing anywhere, much less a bedroom window.  I'm picturing those little aging nargas (bunsies) hanging out and its cracking me up.


PS Since my little journals picking up some readers (I'm truly humbled and flattered by that - sniff!!) do any of y'all know anything about back pain?  How long should I let this go?  Its still there, right above my right shoulder blade (like Northeast, lol) just as intense - can't move my head or right arm or even breathe without it hurting - and its worse at night and in the morning before I loosen up.  What gives?  Massages DON'T help.  Louie's given me several and left me bruised and sore.  It may be because he has those incredibly sexy but entirely strong masculine hands, but he's still not doing that anymore.  Heating pads maybe?  Is it doctor time?

Stupid boobs.  I hate them.


Happy Labor-less Day weekend people!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Full Moon over Whacky Town (aka 'burque)

I'm not sure if we've made national headlines yet, and we may not because of all the RNC babbling, but this past week has been bizarre.

First, a man got his package bitten off by a pitbull.  They don't know why he was naked, or why his stuff was exposed, or how it got into the dog's mouth, or if he owns the dog.  They finally caught the dog - a gorgeous copper-colored pitt/boxer mix, and its been quarantined.  http://www.abqtrib.com/archives/news04/083104_news_dogbit.shtml

(P.S. It did make national headlines under weird news:  http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20040831210609990002&cid=936 )

Then, some other guy holed up in an armored truck place for a whopping 24 hours.  They tear gassed him, sent robots in, did that percussion bullet stuff, talked to him on the phone, turned off power/gas, and closed down an entire city block for the whole day.  They evacuated people from their homes, forced businesses to shut down, and had news helicopters circling overhead for 24 hours straight.  The guy's brother wanted to go in and talk to him, but they wouldn't let him. The poor guy has a history of mental illness. Apparently, he was upset over a custody dispute with his ex-girlfriend, and had a rap sheet miles long. http://www.abqtrib.com/archives/news04/090104_news_homjack.shtml

And last but not least from the national headlines.....some guy broke the record for EYE SQUIRTING.  Yep, squirting milk right out of his eye.  GET A HOBBY PEOPLE.  http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20040901211609990003

So I looked it up.  We had a full moon August 29.  Sunday.  Maybe this is residual effects?  Post lunar stress disorder?

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Almost forgot!














I hope it was wonderful. 

You deserve it, ya big dork.


OK now that I've gotten THAT out of my system.

I love how my teenage daughter(s) has brain farts and then somehow tries to think or make me feel like its my fault.  This age range is so fun, once you learn to laugh at them. 

Scenario #1 after bolting out of bed 10 minutes before she needs to leave for school.  "OMUHGAWD WHAT TIME IS IT?!?  WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?!?!" 

(Because I have some sort of extrasensory perception and just KNEW you were gonna sleep through the alarm.)

Scenario #2 after using all her paycheck 'hanging out' and driving until her low gas idiot light comes on.  Since she needs something, the chip on her shoulder has miraculously disappeared.  In the sweetest voice she can muster:  "I need money for gas.  I need it before I go to work at 6." 

Its now 3PM and I won't be home until after 7 (after her shift starts), and she just thought to ask someone now.  Somehow that's my fault. 

Scenario #3 while she's barely pulling off what little expenses she has....she wants a new cell phone with every feature available.  I ask if she can afford it, since she was just panicking about lack of funds and it comes out of my checking account...glare, eyeroll....

How dare I even think about being reasonable?  UGH mother.

Scenario #4 she's taking a shower in a horrific thunderstorm.  I get angry because I don't want chicken fried children, and send her an article about electrical storm safety (heh). 

Mmmmmooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!  You are so anal!


What I especially love is how zombie like teenagers are in the morning.  They've been sleeping in all summer and forgotten that that time in the morning even existed.  Its so fun messing with them when they're all out of it too. 

Waking her up at 6AM

"EMMMERS its time to get up"

"UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHH nooooooooo" (followed by something no one on this planet can interpret because she's hiding under her pillow)

"Good morning sweetie"


"Did you sleep well?"


"You awake?  Gonna get up??"

"UUUNNNGGGH!!!!!!  gggrrrrrrrrrrrr...."

as she's searching/stumbling around in the laundry room....

"Whatcha looking for?"

"rmmmmmph pants rrrrmph school"

"Want some help?"

yawn, glare..."ugh"

heh heh heh heh


Its hilarious.  I know I'm evil but I just love messing with them on purpose.  My being perky in the morning, fake or not, drives them nuts.  All summer long I hated them for being able to sleep till noon each day, now its payback.  They always have the same look too - one eye more open than the other, scrunchy face from the pillow, hair everywhere, make up smudges galore.....its so adorable.

I swear I'm getting that digital camera soon.

OH and they're like cats too - they get really really mad when you catch them doing something dumb and you laugh/smile about it.  Its NEVER funny, and if you do find it funny you'll be punished for at least a few hours. 

Or until they need gas money.  Love you guys!!!