Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Eye twitching

My eye is twitching uncontrollably.  Its driving me insane.  I slept (sort of), I don't feel tired at all, I'm drinking tons of water, and I took my vitamins and supplements this morning.  I do not get it.  I look like a have a tick or something.

This should be very helpful while I'm taking my auditing exam.  Pardon me, proctor, while I stab and remove my eyeball with my #2 pencil....


On the forgiveness, moving right along front....I'm not sure how long I should put this much effort into smoothing over hurt feelings.  This person certainly doesn't deserve it, but I continue anyway.  I have no idea why.  At what point do you back up and say, "eh forget it".

I have the same feelings about my family - I try and I push and I struggle to maintain contact and some sort of semblence of family gatherings....I get excuses and whining and moaning and just out and out lies, and then if they do show up they make rude and negative comments the whole time, so I have to cleanse the house again.  Its exhausting being with these people, or even communicating with them for that matter.

Negative people really pollute auras.  They bring negative, black cloud type energy over everything and it just pulls and drags on you.  Sometimes it'll take me hours to recover from being around all that negativity, depression and anger.

At some point you have to say "enough is enough" and move on where your efforts, love, kindness and generousity are better received.

Ya know?


On a higher note...I love this time of year.  Its so gorgeous around here because our leaves are starting to change.  Up north the aspens are just gorgeous and they leave literal carpets of red, orange and yellow leaves.  I'm ready for fall, and ready for cold weather.

Its also Balloon Fiesta time, or should I say the Kodak International Annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  Its gotten so commercial, but its just awesome to walk outside in the morning and see the skyline just covered in balloons.  We were thinking about going this year but shoot you have to wake up and be on the park by sunrise, which means waking up at some ungawdly hour....maybe we'll go to the special shapes glow-deo instead - that's at night.  =)

PSA:  Just remember to look after you park somewhere.  I almost  got nailed by some tourist staring at the sky instead of the road.  We love having y'all here, just use some common sense for cryin in the night.


Better get - happy tuesday everyone!!!

(wish me luck on my test!!!)


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kuhlhiggins said...

I hope your eye gets better. I know all to well about negative auras. When I am around my Grandma it takes me about a day to recover from the visit. That is why I don't spend much time around her. Good luck on your test.