Tuesday, September 7, 2004

the fair (part 20)

Pictured above is a genuine navajo taco.  Fry bread, pintos, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and red or green chile.  I prefer red lately.  It was and is completely awesome.  I eat the fry bread alone too, with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top and some honey.  No, I haven't gotten my fill yet.  Gawd they're just so incredible, I'm tellin ya. 

We spent Saturday from 9-7 at the fair, and it rained off and on all day.  Yes, in Albuquerque.  No I didn't bring an umbrella because first off I didn't believe the forecast and secondly who knows where the heck the umbrellas are.  It was a blast.  We saw parts of the junior arabian horse show and met a lot of riders and owners, which was awesome.  The kids spent a lot of time on the Midway, and Kayla won a cute little stuffed pink unicorn throwing darts to pop balloons.  The guy let her cheat all kinds to get it too, which was adorable.

Sunday we got there a little later, about 10:30, and stayed until 9PM.  This time the kids actually went with me through the art exhibits, which were awesome.  We've really got some great local talent, and every kind of media was on display, from oils to acrylics to stained glass.  We went to the Natural Resources Center too and saw a humungoid diamondback rattlesnake.  He was so cool - almost 6 feet long. I also got to touch and hold a rat snake, a corn snake and a gila monster.  They're just gorgeous reptiles.  We watched more Arabians and half-arabs in the junior rider classes, and Kayla met a girl who rides a silver grey mare named Anastasia.  She also got to see the police horses up close, and the guy showed her the tack room.  Her eyes were as big as saucers - it was adorable.  (Those horses are huge!!)  I checked into 4H and I'm gonna try to get her signed up there.

We found a place that sold nasty nachos but they sucked majorly, so we got some shaved ice and went to check out more animals (for Kayla).  Then we got some more navajo tacos and chilled watching gourd dancers at the Indian Village.  A guy explained to us that a goard dance is a dance of gratitude, and this one was in honor of the veterans that had served, and in honor of our military currently serving.  I thought it was way cool.

One of the many many things I hate about being white is our general lack of culture.  It is just beautiful watching all these customs, songs and dances, all the crafts and things passed down over generations.  We have none of that.  Well I have a little, but I'll explain that some other time.  My relatives are all Swedish.  Stop laughing.

Emily also had Kayla and I go on this horrible creation called "The Tornado".  A ride from hell.  I'm terrified of heights, and she assured me it didn't go high.  She lied.  Kayla and I were petrified.  When it was all over Kayla was feeling "empowered" (her exact word) and glad she could tell her friends she rode a big kid ride.  "Empowered".  That was so cool.  What an awesome word for a seven year old girl to use.  Mom, on the other hand, wanted to pull a Pope JP and kiss the ground once my knees stopped knocking together. 

Emily also got on a ride with Olivia (aka "No Fear" Romero) that brought her slowly up about 9 stories and then dropped her free fall style at the bottom, without warning.  I have never seen my daughter look so scared in all her life.  Total horror.  It was a combination of terror and possibly losing control of her bowels.  After I knew she was okay I laughed so hard I needed my inhaler.  Kayla triple dog dared them to go into the Tomb of Doom (say it all spooky...tooooom of dooooooom) and they did.  Stuff touched them though, during the ride, and Emily kept saying that was 'just wrong in there'.  There was also an obnoxious clown you could throw balls at and attempt to dunk.  Two big guys and a couple of teenagers couldn't do it, but a tiny little boy did it in one shot to loud applause.

The car show was cool too.  I'm still craving my '68 cherry apple red mustang and they had a beautiful specimen.  I either want that or an old 'cuda or an old camaro.  Someday when I'm rich but not famous, eh?  I met a guy that wanted to buy me one once, and I couldn't let him do it.  You know how guys are....always wanting something in return or feeling entitled in some way - can you imagine after he buys you your dream car?  It was sweet, regardless.

Anyway I didn't get a chance to get pics but I'll try again next weekend.  I'll post some old ones in a sec. 


OH if y'all get a chance, Miss Freee has posted an awesome entry in her journal.  Check it out if you get a chance - it's worth a look.  Letting Go


phlskygirl said...

No culture?  Whitey has no culture??  Are you MAD?  Whitey has killed more unarmed indians (native americans, what effing ever) to create a homeland, stolen/shipped more black slaves (african-americans, what effing ever) away from their own homelands, and voted more morons to lead their nation than any other race!  Stand up and hold your head high, Ms. Cracker-thang!  Eat THAT for berkfust, non-caucasians!  

[did I help your cause at all, sistah?]   ;o)~

kristeenaelise said...

For the record I hereby apologize for everything anyone caucasian or white-looking ever did, in the history of mankind, ever.  Jeez.  

Disclaimer:  I did not vote for the white boy currently in office, tyvm.  No apologies there, AND I have a spanish last name which makes me an official wanna-be.

(sulking now, yet still craving Navajo tacos)