Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Happiness is...

Remember that Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown's holding Snoopy real tight?  The caption is something like...happiness is a warm puppy.  Well, I've got some more things that make life better.

Happiness is.....

Big neck hugs - the best come from your kids.

Happy, smiley, goofy kids and people and animals

Diet Coke with ice and a slice of lemon (preferably a Route 44 from Sonic, since they have the good ice)

Dr. Pepper lip gloss by Bonnie Bell

Health - air is such a good thing.  Breathing is nice, too.  Feeling good rocks.

Squoogie dogs, cats, horses and kids - always fun to snuggle with


fuzzy slippers (mine are big fuzzy monkey slippers - a Christmas gift from Em)

Rainy days (plus or minus a good horror flick, someone to snuggle with, a big blankie, fuzzy slippers and an oversized t-shirt)


Big squoogie blankies

Oversized t-shirts (to sleep in, be lazy in, etc)

Colored paper clips

Cheesy Elvis Presley gift items

My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White to jam to with the kids in the car

Yummy smells like vanilla, jasmine, lavender, leather, pies baking, coffee brewing in the morning, the forest, freshly cut grass...

My gel-filled wrist pad for my keyboard because its fun to squish real hard

ART - especially my children's

Clean warm sheets fresh from the dryer

Blue Bunny lime yogurt with pinapple bits thrown in

Cheesy souvenirs from random places.    I love my NYC glitter globe because someone shook it way too hard (not me, promise) and that dislodged Lady Liberty so now she's mobile...what a fun concept.  This one also has the twin towers in it, which is way cool.  My New Orleans Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt is quite awesome as well. 

And the big one....

(drum roll)

Forgiveness.  Try it.  It takes a lot of strength, a lot of humility, and a lot of willpower, but its so worth it.  Yes, even if the one you have to forgive is still acting like an idiot.  It makes you feel better.

Feel free to add anything and everything you'd like.

Happy Wednesday People!!


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slowmotionlife said...

::smile::  something about this entry just makes me smile.  Here's my partial list...

Happy Meals - yes, they really *do* make me happy.
Diet Cherry Coke
Hot cocoa in winter with marshmallow fluff on top
A new book
Finishing a big web project and knowing how much I learned from it
A good pair of jeans

Thanks for posting this!  It definitely puts things into perspective.  :)

kuhlhiggins said...

I love your list. Here are a few of mine.
Going on vacation
Coconut Easter Eggs from See's Candies
New clothes
Barrry White music