Friday, September 3, 2004

OK so one more....

Grrr I was just typing this and the window disappeared.  I freakin hate that.  Anyway I'm taking my last core class this semester - Organizational Innovation & Development with Dr. Champoux.  (<---cya).  Anyway, he gave us the following exercise, which I found interesting.

Scenario #1  Your mom's twin sister, Aunt Emma, works with you in a grocery store.  Her job is unpacking boxes of canned goods for restocking.  You notice her snatch a few cans for herself on more than one occasion.  Do her to management?  ....tell her to snatch a couple of cans for you? ....ignore it?

Scenario #2 You find a dollar bill on the ground in a parking lot.  No one's around.  Do you...keep it?  ....turn it in to the store management?

Scenario #3  You find a wallet with $10,000 and identification in a store parking lot.  No one's around.  Do you....keep it?  ...turn it into store management?  ....keep it and try to find the guy who dropped it?

Scenario #4  Downloading music off the internet (via Kazaa or one of the other ones).   Would you/do you do it?

Scenario #5 You're driving grandma's car (she's not with you) and she's got a handicapped sticker.  You pull into a crowded parking lot, there's plenty of handicapped spaces, but the normal ones are far away.  Do you...park in the handicapped spot? ...park in a normal one - you're healthy, and others need it more than you?

Scenario #6 Your neighbor just came back from an expensive salon and her hair looks awful. She asks you what you think.  Do you....tell her it looks like crap? ....lie and say it looks good? ....squirm your way out of it?

So I compared notes with Louie, but I know we have differing views on stuff.  He thinks finding money someone's dropped is a gift from God.  I always think about if its someone's rent money or something. 

For #1 I said I'd talk to Auntie Em about it.  He said he'd tell her to snatch some for him too.  For #2 I said I'd keep it and so did he (that's a no brainer - takes too much time/effort to find anyone.  If I SAW a person drop it I'd tell them, he wouldn't.).  For #3 I said I'd keep it but try to find the guy, he said he'd just keep it and toss the wallet.  (gift from God)  For #4 I have and still do share music (hint to the music industry -  modify your product delivery), he didn't care.  #5 I'd park in a normal spot and walk, he'd park in the handicapped.  #6 I said I'd squirm out of it, unless she was my best friend and then we'd discuss hair rescue options.  He said he'd either be honest or change the subject because he doesn't care about that stuff.

His logic is that most people would do mean/illegal/immoral stuff if they could get away with it, and God presents us with gifts in strange ways (LOL).  My argument is that people are innately good and know the difference between right and wrong and choose the right way whenever its logical and possible.  I also think that people's well-being, feelings, health and lives are more important than truth a lot of the time.  With the hair - why hurt her feelings?  You have to weigh the situation and decide which is more important - her emotional state or the truth, as ugly as it may be.  I tend to protect people a lot, that's why I chose to squirm out of it.

Anyway I found it interesting - feel free to post your answers as comments if you want.

NOW have a happy labor-less day weekend.....all you happy smiley people out there.



phlskygirl said...

    Ok, here goes.  Scenario #1: I'd tell my aunt to clean her act up; she'd get caught and suck the whole family in with her.  "Hey... there's Sticky Finger's niece!"
    #2:  I turn in that dollar bill, and management will just pocket it ("attention Target shoppers... will the moron that dropped cash in the parking lot claim it at guest services please, and be prepared to describe it in detail.".... WTF).  
    #3:  $10,000??  It's probably columbian drug money, but I'd still try to contact the person directly... odds are I'm more honest than the store manager I'd be turning the wallet over to.  
    #4:  You cheap f*cks that download music DESERVE to get caught.  BUY the goddamn CD, for chrissakes.  Cheap bastards, the whole freaking lot of you.
    #5:  Parking in a crip slot would totally depend on the weather.  If fat slobs and old folk can get a crip tag just for being fat slobs or old folk, then this chronic wheezer will work the system right with them, goddamnit.  
    #6:  If she's normally a snotty bitch that insults others whenever she can... now's my chance to get even!  If she's a good gal and loves the new 'do, I'd lie and love it right with her.  
    Aintcha glad ya asked??   :o)~

phlskygirl said...

   Ms. Anal Retentive would like it noted that she's well aware she misspelled "columbian" and knows it should be "colombian".  I know what you're thinking:  "Who gives a rat's hairy nut if we offend a bunch of drug dealers by misspelling their country's name?"  
   Well, how INSENSITIVE of you, whitey!  They also make some damn fine coffee, and I do NOT wish to have my Starbucks privileges revoked.
   To summarize, they're a bunch of COLOMBIAN drug dealers, m-kay?  Now pass the creamer.

   Oh!  I hope you're enjoying the fair, and took pictures.  Share the joy, damnit, share the joy!

slowmotionlife said...

#1  You buy 10 cans of food and leave it in an unmarked bag on your aunt's doorstep.  And you hug her more often.  Love her more than ever.  None of the other options make sense.

#2  You ask if anyone is missing a dollar.  Then you keep it.  Who can tell who it belongs too?  If you feel guilty, you donate it to charity or to the homeless guy on the corner.

#3  Keep it and try to find the guy who dropped it.  If you can't, then you turn it over to the police.  Let them do the leg-work.

#4  I do it.  [[cringe]]  But I don't burn entire CD's.  I only download songs that I want to feature in my journal.  And I consider that promotion.  It's still not right, though.  

#5  I'd never park in a handicap spot.  LOL  Do people really do that??  I need the exercise anyway.  LOL

#6  I wouldn't hurt her feelings.  If she felt her hair looked bad and I agreed, I would confirm and tell her she should ask for her money back.  If she's happy with it, I'd be happy for her.

Good morality questions!!  

freeepeace said...

1.  none of the above.  Talk to the aunt.

2.  keep it - tip extra that day, or give it away.

3.  keep it and try to find the guy who dropped it.  leave information with store manager.

4.  I would if my computer could hold more files.

5.  I'd park in a 'normal' spot.

6.  I'm such a bad liar.  I'd squirm, for sure.

Great questions.  Would be interesting to see answers if they were open-ended [not multiple choice].  People are fascinating.