Wednesday, September 1, 2004


OK now that I've gotten THAT out of my system.

I love how my teenage daughter(s) has brain farts and then somehow tries to think or make me feel like its my fault.  This age range is so fun, once you learn to laugh at them. 

Scenario #1 after bolting out of bed 10 minutes before she needs to leave for school.  "OMUHGAWD WHAT TIME IS IT?!?  WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?!?!" 

(Because I have some sort of extrasensory perception and just KNEW you were gonna sleep through the alarm.)

Scenario #2 after using all her paycheck 'hanging out' and driving until her low gas idiot light comes on.  Since she needs something, the chip on her shoulder has miraculously disappeared.  In the sweetest voice she can muster:  "I need money for gas.  I need it before I go to work at 6." 

Its now 3PM and I won't be home until after 7 (after her shift starts), and she just thought to ask someone now.  Somehow that's my fault. 

Scenario #3 while she's barely pulling off what little expenses she has....she wants a new cell phone with every feature available.  I ask if she can afford it, since she was just panicking about lack of funds and it comes out of my checking account...glare, eyeroll....

How dare I even think about being reasonable?  UGH mother.

Scenario #4 she's taking a shower in a horrific thunderstorm.  I get angry because I don't want chicken fried children, and send her an article about electrical storm safety (heh). 

Mmmmmooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!  You are so anal!


What I especially love is how zombie like teenagers are in the morning.  They've been sleeping in all summer and forgotten that that time in the morning even existed.  Its so fun messing with them when they're all out of it too. 

Waking her up at 6AM

"EMMMERS its time to get up"

"UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHH nooooooooo" (followed by something no one on this planet can interpret because she's hiding under her pillow)

"Good morning sweetie"


"Did you sleep well?"


"You awake?  Gonna get up??"

"UUUNNNGGGH!!!!!!  gggrrrrrrrrrrrr...."

as she's searching/stumbling around in the laundry room....

"Whatcha looking for?"

"rmmmmmph pants rrrrmph school"

"Want some help?"

yawn, glare..."ugh"

heh heh heh heh


Its hilarious.  I know I'm evil but I just love messing with them on purpose.  My being perky in the morning, fake or not, drives them nuts.  All summer long I hated them for being able to sleep till noon each day, now its payback.  They always have the same look too - one eye more open than the other, scrunchy face from the pillow, hair everywhere, make up smudges galore.....its so adorable.

I swear I'm getting that digital camera soon.

OH and they're like cats too - they get really really mad when you catch them doing something dumb and you laugh/smile about it.  Its NEVER funny, and if you do find it funny you'll be punished for at least a few hours. 

Or until they need gas money.  Love you guys!!!

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slowmotionlife said...

LOL!!  I don't have teenagers [yet] but I've been one... so I can relate on at least some level.  LOL  Chicken fried children!  ROFL!!!  tehehe.. I love it!!  :D