Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Things girls do

OK stuff GIRLS do (as inspired by Peach)

Have pig pens for rooms:  my girls have mastered the "shoving" technique, where they shove everything and everything in every available space, up to and including under dressers, drawers, closets, etc.  I've found old food, ancient eggdrop contest remnants, dirty clothes, half eaten bean burritos, trash, among other unmentionable items.

Wearing clothes over and over - up to and including "hamper diving".  Not satisfied with the speed of my laundry schedule (twice a week) they'll hamper dive to find those cute pants and wear them again, DIRTY and/or stinky (see perfume, below).  (ew)

Don't even get me started on menstruating teenagers.  Yuck.  Enough said.

They do the perfume thing too - WAY too much.

Oh and the gel/hairspray thing - until its balling up and flakes are falling out (dripping out) of the ponytail/bun/hairstyle of the week.

Makeup EVERYWHERE.  Counters, tables, floors, desks, purses, backpacks.  Hair ties, barrettes, rubber bands and scrunchies too, as well as dryers, curlers, curling irons, hair spray, gel, mousse, whatever.

Hair dye on the dog.  Splatter effect.  Peenit has bright red spots he was not born with.  Fear not - the vet said (after she quit laughing ) that there was no harm done.

KISSING the (fill in the blank) shower enclosure, wall, pillow, window, door, desk, whatever surface they can find.  I don't know if they're practicing or checking out their lip gloss color, but its weird.

WRITING on everything.  Any poor piece of paper minding its own business gets written on.  Mrs Boyfriend-of-the-week.  Mr and Mrs Boyfriend-of-the-week.  I love Boyfriend-of-the-week.  Their names in different forms of script or bubble letters on EVERY THING.  I hit the ceiling when it was all over the brand new $50 jansport backpack in permanent marker. 

Anyone else has parenting things please fill in (or confessions for that matter)....



kuhlhiggins said...

lol I don't have any children but this put a smile on my face. I remember doing many of the things that you have mentioned when I was growing up.

slowmotionlife said...

ROFL!!!  I don't have a teenage girl yet, but I WAS a teenage girl once.  I had 4 sisters, 2 of which I lived with most of the time.  So three PMS'ing girls in one house - we attacked each other with scissors, stayed up all night giggling, borrowed each other's [often dirty] clothes, had hairspray-residue bathroom walls, and did the kiss mark on Mom's bills, letters, our homework, whatever we could find.  But it was for lip-gloss purposes only, I assure you.  ;P

LOL  This is such a great entry.  It brought me right back to my adolescence!  Thank you.  Now, go do some laundry!  :D

ddieppa2 said...

"Hamper diving"?  Hehehehehe!  Classic.  My sister used to "hang" her clothes up... on the floor.  Papa told her one time that whatever he found on the floor would be going straight in the trash.  She made sure that before his next room inspection... she had some of HIS stereo equipment on that thar floor.  Ballsy, aye?  To prove his point he threw his own crap away.  Not to worry, me and mama trolled the trash and dug it back out.  Nice sis, huh?!  By the way, this is Denise....Aileen's BETTER half.  Nice journal!