Monday, September 27, 2004

What a weekend...

The AIDS walk was AWESOME.  I had such a blast.  I scored a bunch of Kerry/Edwards buttons, met a bunch of awesome people, and got some exercise in the process. 

Get this:  I'm 33, my daughters are 7 and 13.  I was dragging them the whole time.  I had more energy and stamina then my children.  Is that scary or what?  Time for extracurricular sports, darlings.  It was a three mile walk, and other than my hips being sore from the pre-walk warm up (aerobics) I did just fine.  HA.


Em and I went to Applebees - we were totally bad and ate tons of awesome food but who cares - and then we saw Spy Captain.  I was totally prepared for it to be some lame guy-focused action flick but it really wasn't.  It was really good.  I totally recommend it.  The only part I'd change is that someone really should have given Angelina Jolie some chapstick or lipgloss.  Her gorgeous pouty mouth was really looking kinda crusty and dry. 


On a happier note, sometimes I'll pick up cigarettes for Louie if I'm in a generous mood, and every time I've gotten them recently I've been carded, and everyone has told me I look like I'm in my early twenties, if that.  Oh yeah!!!  Card me all you want people, that is so awesome.  I can't imagine getting irritated at someone for thinking you're ten years younger than you are.


Yesterday I studied a bunch - got about halfway through what I needed to.  I'll finish the rest tonight.  Thank gawd auditing isn't as mind blowingly difficult as financial was or I'd be complaining.  So far its really not so bad.  The other class is kind of the blow off core class.  I just sit there and smile a lot and try not to fall asleep.

I found a couple of new Wiccan groups online this weekend, and I've been doing a lot of reading online.  Still no suggestions from anyone as far as good resources go (AHEM) but I'm getting there.  So far I've learned about altars, circles, familiars, covens and book of shadows.


I saw in someone's journal recently (think it was Peach? she and I should compare notes sometime) about the joy of parenting boys.  I've got a great list about parenting girls, but here's a taste:  my stepdaughter recently moved out again and in her room I found SO many things that belong to me, including but not limited to the running shoes Louie bought me for my birthday that "disappeared" the day after I opened them.  They're trashed.  Cute?  Em found pieces and half sets of earrings her aunt had given her, among other things.  People ask me why we have key locks on all the doors....I'll finish cleaning her area next weekend, because I didn't have the hazmat gear that will be required.  Teenaged girls are PIGS.  No where near teenage boys.  Proven fact.  Its disgusting in there.

Anyway that's it for today, folks.  I hope all of us have a happy Monday!!


kuhlhiggins said...

The AIDS walk sounds like a lot of fun. That is so cool you still get carded. I wish that I still did.

phlskygirl said...

I went out this weekend and didn't get carded ONCE, damnit.  Not even in dim lighting.  However, my flat ass did NOT deter ricans or blacks from approaching me.  Where have all the white boys gone, damnit??  Oh, that's right, they're off chasing young-looking white chicks with straight hair.  <finger-flip>

The comment you made about Angelina's lips in the Sky Captain movie is recommendation in and of itself to get my sister to go see it.

Isn't Wicca witchcraft? Remind me never to piss you off. Or at least tell you where I live.  :o)~