Friday, September 24, 2004

woo hoo!!

Tomorrow's the AIDS walk - I've had a few questions about random things, so here it goes.  There is no registration fee, no obligation to hand over money when you go.  If you wanna just go and support the cause and meet cool people and do some community building, please go.  Last year everyone who participated scored a free t-shirt.  We usually meet right under the balloon rainbow, at the southeast corner of Johnson Field.  Registration's at 8:00 AM.  Dogs are allowed, as long as they're on their best behavior.  There will be about 3000 people there, so Fido has to be a good boy.  We're thinking of taking Byron the handsome dog, because he's so charming.  You can even rent a dog from PACA if you don't have one.  We're hitting the Dion's on Central after the walk.  Come and hang out.


My brilliant, beautiful, talented, intelligent 13 year old daughter, Emily scored a 3.5 GPA on her latest progress report.  Does she rock or what??  Mom's taking her out to dinner and a movie tomorrow night to celebrate, just me and her.  I'm actually really psyched about that.  Its gonna be so fun.

This morning, she was standing in front of me brushing her hair and I got all squoogie on her (see, appropriate use of the word in a sentence).  She has this long, thick, wavy, flowing hair that I'm totally jealous of - she obviously got that from her dad's side because y'all have seen my flat hair.  Anyway, she just looked so beautiful and growned up and it just floored me.  She's such an awesome kid anyways, and seeing her like that ... well damn my baby's growing up.  Now when we go places guys scope her out like crazy.  I feel like I need to hang a sign from her neck (or her butt!) that says "Helloooo....I'm only 13!!!". 

I guess all parents go through this, but I hate how it hits me all at once like that.  Whoosh - where'd the time go.  Crazy how that happens.


Phyl the snake shed his/her skin again yesterday.  I knew he/she was gonna - her/his eyes were all cloudy and he/she was grumpy as heck.  So now Kayla has another great show & tell item that's sure to have a gross out factor.  She loves those kind.

Somebody out there someday is gonna help me sex this snake so I don't have to do all that clarifying.  Its a ribbon snake. 


That's about it, unless I get incredibly bored and loopy later.

Happy Friday!!!!!


CYA: that pic's also from NASA and its free for general use.  so there.  Isn't our solar system beautiful?

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kuhlhiggins said...

The AIDS walk sounds like it would be a lot of fun to attend. That is so cool that you can rent a dog from PACA. I have wanted a dog for a long time but since I live in an apartment I can't have one. I would be renting one every weekend if I had the chance. Have fun at the AIDS walk.