Friday, October 29, 2004

My new dream car



















This will be my next car, I've decided.  All my life I've coveted the '67.  This one is a take off of that model, and its a mighty fine rendition.  When my dad and uncle were teenagers, and the family biz was rockin', my grandpa bought both of them 1967 mustangs.  NEW.  Dad got a cherry red, Uncle Robert got a green one.  Well, the red one went to the other uncle, who's 8 years older than me, and he of course wrecked it.  The green one went to my cousin, who parked it at my great grandma's house, and he still has it.  He's "working on it" and I've always thought he should give it to me but I bet you dollars to donuts its going to my cousin Peter, who so doesn't deserve it.  Then, my ex's best friend SCHcott (he uses the lateral s, sorta like a lisp) bought his wifey a 67 in a powder blue.  She also didn't deserve it, and hated it because it was 'old'.  He had a 70 which was pretty but not like the '67-67 years.  Of course then they changed the way it looked - we call that the dark period - and no one wants one of those.  Someday I'll have a '67... but now I want one of these.  V-8, 300 HP, 4.6 liter....and sexy as heck.  How can anyone NOT love this fine automobile.  I just love hot, fast cars. 

(Yes I'm a girly girl, but I can still appreciate stuff like this.  I even know how to work on them a little.)

I would look so good in that car.  $25,000 fully loaded.  I'll just write a check....hahahahahahaha


Parent teacher conferences for Emily today.  It was SO REFRESHING to go and hear people praise my daughter.  She's such a good student, she's reading at college level, she's always got her work done, she gave an awesome presentation.  She's QUIET?!?!?  (never got that one - certainly not talking about MY Emily)

Thank you so much Emily for working so hard and being such and awesome kid.  You reduce my stress level and bring me joy every day.

You rock.

(Sidenote(s):  Her literature teacher was so cute and nerdy and intelligent and ATTRACTIVE....something about nerdy guys...sigh!  He and I are trading Anne Rice books.....wooohooooo!  Blue eyes to die for.  PITTER PATTER.  Her principal was my gifted teacher in mid-school...that made us BOTH feel old.)


Bill Clinton will be in Albuquerque Sunday for a rally and I am so there.  Something about that man makes me crazy.  He's so sexy!!  Forget Kerry....gimme Bubba.  I've always wanted to see him speak anyway - this is gonna be awesome.  I'm psyched.  10 AM at the National Hispanic Cultural Center if you live nearby.


I had the BIGGEST squee moment today....(Andrea will appreciate this).  I cleaned the office today because it got to be just a little too much.  So I vacuumed, including in the vacuum closet, and noticed a couple of leaves (sucked them up, no prob) and a long object that I thought was plastic or a piece of pipe.  (Construction company - that stuff happens).  So I put the vacuum away and bend down to grab the long plastic object, which (without glasses) was about 7" long and about 1/2" wide... I get about an inch from grabbing it and realize its a BIG FAT HONKIN CENTIPIDE. 


After tripping over myself, hitting the open closet door and almost falling on my butt...Mikey (coworker) finally offers to pick the deceased centipede up and flush it.  I ran, because since he's a lot like my little brother I figured he'd like, flick it at me or something.  He's probably still chuckling.

Anyway, my love of all things great and small does not apply to centipedes.  I was SO glad he had gone to the vacuum closet in the sky.  That love also does not apply to cockroaches.  I just can't bring myself to kill those guys, and the main reason is the sound they make when you squinch 'em.  That crunch-squish sound.  I will trap a roach in a paper cup and throw him outside before I'll squish it.  I have to plug my ears if someone else does.  I'm sorry but that has nothing to do with karma and everything to do with nausea/squee prevention.

Sidenote: The only thing (well one of two things - the diet coke there tastes bleachy) I didn't like about New Orleans is that they have FLYING ROACHES.  They sound like B-52s going over.  That's a big squee.

Additional sidenote:  Spiders don't have this effect on me.  Its the ones with the exoskeletons that do. 

Why am I going on about this??  I'm sure someone out there can give me an amen.

I'm gonna have nightmares about the squee.  I know it.


Another happy Friday moment:  someone (MY KIDS) gave little Tinkerbell WAY too many treats yesterday and didn't tell me.  Little Tink's tummy was very rumbly last night.  You see where I'm going I'm sure.  I share my bed with my little angel puppies and the occasional child.  This morning there was ... stuff ... all over my bed.  5:45 AM.  In my hair, onmy back, everywhere.  After my extremely HOT shower where I lathered and scrubbed three times...I was ready to strangle my daughters, who (good thing for them) were still sound asleep.

ack.  what a friday.  TMI I know.  Thank GAWD for Amy's potpouri (no I can't spell) or my room would be a no fly zone right now.


Anyway I'm off to dream land....sweet dreams everyone. 




Thursday, October 28, 2004

My little brother

So my little brother's birthday's coming up.  He's gonna be 30.  HA HA HA HA HA  Notice the "little" pun.  At 6'3" I guess he's my younger brother now.

Our childhood wasn't that wonderful, but whose is really.  My mother left us when I was 8 and he was 4, so I became the mom, and I have been ever since.  We had a step mother, still do, but it just never was the same.  We were extremely close growing up.  I was totally overprotective and watched out for him like crazy, but also did the big sister thing and teased him and tortured him on a regular basis.

Anyway, we got through so much just having each other.  If the whole world failed on me, which it did OFTEN, I always had him.  I know today that if something truly crappy happened to me I could call him and he'd be right here.  He's the one person in my life, aside from my children, that has never let me down.  Not once.

A fond (??) memory - when I finally realized he could hold his own...One summer he grew about 6" in three months.  No, I'm not kidding.  So, one day, I'm doing my usual pick on the little brat thing, and he hits me with a right hook that sent me reeling and circling and seeing stars.  I totally deserved it.  I never picked on him again.  Well unless I had a clear open space to run away quickly.  After this instant right-hook induced respect, I've had the privilege of being force fed leaves, paper, and other objects.  I've had wedgies.  I've had noogies.  I've had thwacks.  Every single thing I did to him growing up, I've gotten payback for.

Anyway now that we're older, and because of the dysfunction with my father and stepmother, we've sort of grown apart.  He's got his own kids and wife and life and I've got mine.  Unfortunately I can't handle being around the fam for an extended period of time (Christmas nearly kills me), and he's around them ALL the time, so our relationship's become sort of distant.

He was right there for me when my grandmother (the only real mother figure I had) passed away in 1991.  He was there for me when I went through my divorce (after a few "I TOLD you so" statements).  When my mother died in 1997, we clicked again.  We were right there for each other, and he helped me pull through it.  So, even though we don't talk every day and even though life sometimes gets in the way, he'll always be my little brat.

My family puts the FUN in dysFUNctional I swear.

Anyway happy birthday little brother.  I love you B.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Circle of Life, Radar Ears, and Pheremones

Happy anniversary to Scott & Shannon, my new found friends who've been married a whopping 3 years now.  They met online...right here on AOL in a little New Mexico chatroom.  Apparently it really happens and people benefit and stay happy.  Go figure.  Given its a local chatroom and you actually MEET the people you chat with and it develops into a REAL LIFE situation....maybe that's the difference.

At any rate, happy anniversary you dorks.  May you be happy and blissful and whatever else (we won't go there) for ever and ever.  MUAH! 


I have a western ribbon snake named Phyl.  He's named that because at first he was a shim - I figured it could go either way until I got him sexed.  He's no longer ambiguous.  At any rate, Phyl eats fish.  Rosy minnows.  Swallows them whole.  This week he left four, and its plexing me.  There they are, poor little buggers, swimming in this little man made baby pond/pool, all scared, waiting to die.  So I'm feeding them and oxygenating their little pool until Phyl develops an appetite again.  I still feel really really sorry for them.

So I'm telling my beautiful friend Shannon this at lunch and she reminds me its a whole circle of life thing, then goes wax philophical on me.  According to the delightful Miss S, we have a lot in common with the poor widdle rosy minnows.  We also are cramped, in a confined space, with our destinies chosen, waiting to die.

. . . wow . . .

So I asked her politely to just shoot me and put me out of my misery.  Jeez.


The mouse has been caught and is in the place where little mice souls go to rest.  Bless his little furry heart...his only mistake was coming in the house.  Anyway, since Mickey decided to crawl over my bare foot one night, and since my little dogs chased it around for a week, we've all developed a bad case of radar ears.  Every little noise and we're perked up.  Maybe a better term for it is heebie jeebies...since my ears can't do that.

Poor little mouse.  I'm so sorry.


How is it that people who are even remotely attracted to each other pick up on it?  I'm wondering if its brain waves, or pheremones, or some suppressed psychic ability.  Even erotic dreams feel like they've somehow drifted into the atmosphere...for all to know or detect on some other plane.  Its been a long strange week obviously. 

Have you ever had an erotic dream about someone you shouldn't?  I have.  I wake up all freaked and plexed and even embarassed, as though the person knows about it and I have something to be ashamed of.  I checked my dream book though and sex may be a power thing in dreams.  Actual sexual desire is expressed in terms of food, like chocolate donuts.  That makes ZERO sense, but ok.

That uncomfortable situation has been in the atmosphere all week.  Uncomfortable as heck, even though it is on another cosmic plane.  (No, not food.  Sex.  With someone I shouldn't be thinking about that way.)  I can't shake it either.  I hate dreams like that.


TELL me everyone caught the eclipse.  How cool was that?!?!  The moon was red.  I have never ever seen that before.  What a trip.

WHOA maybe that explains everything.  All the bizarre behavior, strange dreams, and guilt.  The blood moon.  That's it.

Thanks to everyone for the parenting/sibling offers.  I'm taking you ALL up on it.  What a bizarre family....we could start a new reality TV show, like the Osbournes.


Well usually when I stop making sense it means its time to quit typing, so I'm gonna.

Have a wonderful Wednesday night people.  Happy Shiny.  Remember that.  (ANDREA.)



Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shiny Happy People Holding Hands







Shiny Happy People

Shiny happy people laughing
Meet me in the crowd
People people
Throw your love around
Love me love me
Take it into town
Happy happy
Put it in the ground
Where the flowers grow
Gold and silver shine

Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people laughing

Everyone around love them, love them
Put it in your hands
Take it take it
There’s no time to cry
Happy happy
Put it in your heart
Where tomorrow shines
Gold and silver shine

Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people laughing

Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe. ©1991.

FIRST OFF:  My wonderful beautiful talented intelligent marvelous awesome daughter Emily brought home a report card with straight A's.  She's amazing.



Other than that, I have no idea why I'm feeling the love today, but I am.  Maybe its because I saw Bill Clinton backing Kerry on the news this morning (Bubba always makes me happy) or maybe its because I have the most wonderful boss in the whole world, or maybe its because I'm sick of everyone being so divided and pessimistic or maybe, just maybe.....

I've completely lost it and you're experiencing the residual.

Who knows?

I'm just tired of being snippy and the lil spitfire's gonna be full of love and life today.

So there.

All day long, every day, for a  very long time we've been slammed with negativity and I'm so very glad that its almost over.  (Don't forget to vote early and often, everyone)

I'm smiling a lot today, feeling good about myself and others, trying to be optimistic, and forgetting about the current state of affairs.

Emily and I were talking the other day about how nice it would have been (IN SOME WAYS) to live in the 50's and around then when things were good, we had such a high level of optimism, most people had enough money for basic needs, and we felt safe.  Kids could play outside without fear, the biggest worry was cigarette smoking (gasp!) and that darn rock n' roll music... and people felt good about where they were.  There's so much more on our plates today, and for a 13 year old to bring it up....its just a powerful statement. 

Anyway I decided that the optimism we felt in the 90's (and the 50's for that matter) comes from a collective energy that we create.  I don't want to be scared and stressed about world issues, disease, hunger, our next president, the economy, MONEY, and how hard life can be ... so just for today...

I'm not. 

MUAH have a wonderful Tuesday everybody.


(Shameless plug:  Anybody who wants to visit Emily and congratulate her on that awesome report card....feel free.  My dad never was excited about my good grades so I never got excited - I'm breaking the cycle, obviously.)


Monday, October 25, 2004

rare bedtime randomness

Another one of mine, drawn especially for my ... uhm....friend?  He'd better appreciate them dernit.  He'd better STILL be appreciating them.

I've been eating way too many candy corns, gummy worms and suckers lately.  Bad girl.  Bad!  I need a drill sargeant.  Someone to kick me right in the butt and get me remotivated.  Someone to drag my butt to the gym, scream at me to get my homework done and/or study, make me have that garage sale and get organized, etc etc.  I even got sort of stared at for being late to work.  That never happens.

I need to kick my own self in the butt.




I don't have a mom, so I don't have anyone to kinda gently yet firmly remind me to get my butt in gear.  Maybe that's what I need.  Will someone adopt me?  LOL

That'll be my next personal

FREE TO A GOOD MOM.  Whiter than white female, 33, strong sense of responsibility, intelligent and funny with quick wit, seeks MOM.  Betty Crocker figure to bake cookies with, take the kids to visit, go Christmas shopping with, and to call and bug me at will.  Someone to knit me stupid-looking hats, someone to call to ask how to zest a lemon, someone who can laugh with me when my kids do something stupid, and cry with me when I realize they're growing up.  Someone who'll scold me for going outside with wet hair, forgetting my jacket, wearing unmatching socks or spacing my seat belt.  Someone who will like whatever I do and love my art and writing just because she loves me like that. 

No need to send pics. 

How's that?  yee haw!!


Have a great nite guys...I'm off to beddie bye land.


Where the heck have I been.

We had a blast this weekend.  I went bowling with my gorgeous friend Shannon and her family and SUCKED rocks.  I hit two pins my first set, then nothing until her hubby took pity on me and put the baby bumpers up.  I think my final score was a 42.  My daughters, who've also never bowled in their lives, kicked my butt all kinds. 

It was a blast.  Now Kayla wants to join a league and Em's never gonna let me live it down.

You know, you watch people bowl and it looks so easy.  Turns out, there's dots to line up with, a certain number of steps to take, and corresponding arrows with the dots you line up on, not to mention spins on balls and wrist flicks and all kinds of other stuff.  I thought I was doing well to get the ball thrown down the lane without either killing myself or going down the lane with my fingers still stuck inside the ball.  Meanwhile, Shannon and Scott are nailing pins all kinds like nothing.  Who knew?  dots and arrows and steps .... good grief.

I'm proud of myself for being brave and wearing those gawd awful red white and blue bowling shoes and finishing the game, even though I came in dead last, even behind the four year old.  That's humility people.  Trust me.


We also carved our pumpkins. Well two of them anyway.  I'm hoping I'll get a decent camera so I can get a shot of them. If I do I'll take down that recycled graphic you see up there.  Anyway, they rock.  I bought a pumpkin carving kit and traced Emily's pattern so she could use it, then I free handed Kayla's pattern onto her giant gargantuan pumpkin.  By the way, we had to use a hacksaw to carve them, as the walls were over 4" thick.  I gave Toby the Horse some of the pumpkin scraps and he loved them.  I sure hope pumpkin's not bad for horses - guess we'll find out.  The bunnies loved it too.

Kayla's going to be a sorceress this year, and her costume is one of the best yet.  Blue velvet with a big collar, a hugely long black wig, black nails, glitter like crazy, a scepter (sp?)....she's gonna look awesome.  Again, I'll try to find a camera.

I love Halloween.


I'm tryin real hard to find focus and get my butt back in gear.  From what I understand, astrologically its a great time for that.  I'll check it out...if anyone's heard anything about that, please feel free to e-mail.


I watched four episodes back to back of Growing Up Gotti on A & E.  I rarely watch TV - in fact I only use it to try to sleep - and I got  four episodes because I thought it would be boring enough to pass out.  It wasn't.  Victoria Gotti is attractive and intelligent and successful all by herself, amazingly.  Her sons need help.  They're cute as heck, but troublemakers like crazy.  I would have strangled them, but you can tell she loves them tons.  There's my spin...if you have nothing else to do, and I mean nothing, its not painful to watch.  The house is gorgeous.


Thanks for all the nice comments on my art - its always scary to post one of your babies up there, unless you're like Judith and everything you put out is awe inspiring and wonderful. 

Better go....have a wonderful Monday!


Friday, October 22, 2004

Drama drama drama

That's one of mine.  Ancient, colored pencils, bored...sketching with kids.  Be kind - I think its kinda sweet myself. 

So DRAMA.   Soooo much drama.  I don't care for it particularly, but I still believe that everything (and I do mean everything) happens for a reason we don't particularly understand at first, but usually grasp later.  One of my favorite teachers in high school...Ms. Taylor...used to call these "AH HA! moments".

Well here's a little minor AH HA! moment.  Last night a dear sweet woman found it unfortunately necessary to yank her journal from AOL land because she felt threatened personally.  Another individual decided to parody her journal as well as another very respected member of AOL J-land and the harassment apparently got way too personal and close to home.  We're always mothers first, I imagine, and much like me, you can do almost anything to Amy except threaten her child. 

At any rate, the upside of that that most of it is over (come back Amy come back!  I miss my favorite hippy!) ....I found a couple of new journals, met some really wonderful people, and it seems as though AOL J-land can now (hopefully) return to the land of positive fun things.

I'll put the journals on my favorites list as soon as I get permission (you know I always ask first, darn me.)  I love Albert's and can't hardly wait to add it to my wall of fame.


I got the most ridiculous e-mail from an ultra conservative republican individual that actually associated the flu vaccination shortage with John Edwards.  Guffaw.  So if any of you people out there wanna blow the lid off this please do.  The bust link is HERE.  I do declare....the level some people will sink to.  John Edwards is just the cutest sweetest down homiest kinda guy....puh-lease.  Besides that, isn't it normal for republicans to blame Clinton for everything?  I mean, I thought that was the trend....I figured everything was his fault since he's been the only democrat for a while. 

Pick a new angle y'all it IS NOT working.  (rant finished) 



We just saw on Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President 2004 that KERRY WON.  57%.  As my seven year old would say....have you knowed ?? (instead of did you know)

Have you knowed that kids have successfully predicted the winning candidate for the past four elections?????  (Yes even dubya - even though I still say he didn't technically win).

There's a USA Today article about it.   I'm just a little excited, because I'm just sorta a liberal democrat.

No more politics today.  I am so sick of politics lately...can I get a "amen"?




Kayla has to do a Dia de los Muertos project for school (Day of the Dead - kind of a Memorial day for people in Mexico), and she needs a picture and some items for the dearly departed.  We're doing Alberto (of course) and she's taking the little valentine's bear she gave him the year he passed away.  Always brings up tons of tears....I'm hoping I'll stop missing him so much it hurts.  Its been two years already. 

Anyway we're also sending some of "Alberto's Roses" from my yard. Yes we've still got buds, believe it or not.  His roses start out yellow, then get red tips (or dark pink) then change to a deeper yellow then orange as they open.  They're gorgeous.  I'll send a pic if we find some. 

Wasn't he handsome?  I swear all the drop dead gorgeous ones are gay or taken.


Well I really hope all of us have a glorious weekend.  I'm soooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

HEY only 8 more days till Daylight Savings Time ends!!!  WOOO HOOOOOO one more hour of sleep oh yeah.


boy was that ever random.  I love it.

MUAH hugs everyone!


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Spittin' Fire & Wisdom

Well, this is kinda cool.  I've been getting an unusually large amount of bombardment (is that even a word?!?) from my ultra conservative republican co-workers, although this is political, its not tasteless. 

My friend sent me a link to a Political Compass.  Its really cool.  You answer some quiz questions based on your beliefs, and it tells you where you fall in the spectrum. 

According to this (surprise surprise anyone who knows me) I'm further down on the spectrum than Gandhi.  There's some cool people in my quadrant though...Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and Gandhi.  Not bad company at all.

Anyway check it out if you have time...the Political Compass Homepage also gives where our candidates fall, which is kinda scary. 


So, in the past 24 hours my boss has called me "snippy" and a "lil spitfire".  I'm trying to take all this as a compliment....but ya know I'm starting to wonder now.  Two snippies and a spitfire = kris you need to smile a little more today.


On that note, I'm headed off to school.  I sure could use some help with my focus lately...I'm burned out on life and need a kick in the butt - maybe a cosmic energy one.

muah happy Thursday almost Friday!!!!!!

(I'm smiling!!!  Honest!!!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Communication meltdown.

Ever have one of those days where communication is just non existant?  This is one of those days.  Its like my coworkers (bossman included) and I are speaking nine different languages.  My boss needed help with some asanine tedium and I obliged, but apparently I went about it all wrong.  Then he tells me to copy a whole 6" thick file, and I get about halfway through and he asks me why I'm copying so much.  I was looking for some large heavy object to throw at him.  He ran too fast.

My friend's having a boss behaving badly day too.  I wonder if its some sort of cosmic thing going on.  I kinda wish I could fast forward to about 7 PM so I can be chilling with my kids.


Jane magazine has a column every once in a while called "Who You'd Most Like to Tie Down and Force Feed".  Of course Calista Flockheart made the list, and that other chick from Ally McBeal, and Lara Flynn Boyle, and I'd like to add Mary Kate and Ashley to that list. 

I'd also like to add my coworker's wife Rochelle, and about half the chicks in my auditing class.

Eat something.  For the love of pete, have a cookie.


I have a mouse that thinks its cool to cohabitate with me.  Its not.  Last night he walked right over my bare foot while I was journalling and sorta sat there like it was all good.  It wasn't.  I screamed.  Mouse walked like he was cool down my hallway.  My dogs sat and watched it.  I screamed more, and they all look at me like I'm the one with the problem.  I'm not.  I don't want a mouse to hang out with in my house.  They go pee pee and poop everywhere. 

I'm trying to will him out, because I don't want anything to hurt (except roaches and flies).  So maybe with some collective energy, Mickey will just leave on his own accord. 

Ya think?

My house is not filthy - all he has to eat is dog food.  There's much better things to eat outside, like the oats that stay in the horse's feed bin. 

Think collective go outside mouse thoughts for me.


Anyway my boss is still being needy so I'd better like, work.  or something.

muah happy hump day....tomorrow's another more better day.  right?


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I tried to be a soccer mom once.....

I painted this once and I can't find the scan for it dernit.

SO this is not meant to tick anyone off....its more of a compliment.

Hats off to all you stay at home moms.  I don't know how you do it.  I've tried twice to do it and failed miserably. 

The first time was just after Emily was born...I was 20 and scared as heck but trying so hard (TOO HARD) to be a good mom.  I actually caused an infection because I was too diligent in cleaning her diaper area.  (Don't kill me Em!!)  My house was so clean it was annoying.  I was baking like crazy, Em got clean clothes like 5 times a day, she was clean....and I went insane.

I stopped working shortly when I went back to school in 1993, but that really doesn't count as being a SAHM since Em was in daycare while I was in school.

Then after my last hospitalization in October 2002, I lost my job.  I was unemployed for six whole months.  It was nice for a while, but then the boredom kicked in.  I went to school functions, tried the PTA but it was too clique-based and ridiculous, hung out with my kids a lot, got to pick them up from school.....and cleaned.  I cleaned like there was no tomorrow.  I looked for stuff to clean.  I reorganized closets, filing systems, drawers, and storage.  I moved furniture, dusted, winterized and reorganized some more.  I baked like crazy, made awesome dinners, and cleaned some more.  Of course I went on interviews and applied everywhere and joined a headhunter agency....but that doesn't take up much time.

So anyway after I'd cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more....I ran out of things to clean, so the search began.  One morning after making toast, I noticed the inside of the toaster was less than perfect, so I sprayed oven cleaner in there.  What a horrific scene that was.  It melted like the bad witch on Wizard of Oz.  Right in front of me.  Smoke, steam, hazardous fumage....all over my kitchen counter.  I swear I heard it cry out "I'm meltinnggggg"

At that point, Louie, Olivia, and Emily all looked at me at the same time and said the same thing.  "You need to find a job."

Thankfully shortly afterward, I did.  No more melted toasters for me. all you SAHM's out there....more power to ya.  You guys rock.  I just wasn't cut out for it that's all.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Ramadan, definition of (from a non-Muslim white girl) and other random happy things

Based on Darrell's little e-mail - he's not so PC and definately kinda ignorant but I love him anyway - I figured I could do just a little blip about Ramadan.  Keep in mind I am not Muslim and I know very little about Islam except for what I've studied on my own.  There's the disclaimer.  The following is compiled from my own personal knowledge and from Fact Monster.

This year, Ramadan officially begins on October 15.  Now, contrary to popular belief, this is not a time of violence or mean spiritedness for Muslim folks everywhere.  In fact, Ramadan is a "month of blessing".  Believers spend their time praying, fasting, giving to charities, meditating and reflecting.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar calendar.  They believe that during this month, Allah first revealed the beginning verses of the Qur'an, the Islam holy book.  During this month the Qur'an is recited each night in prayer.  This is known as tarawih.  I used to work with three Muslim men who, if we were working late, would spread out their rugs at sundown and recite a portion of the Qur'an.  During the month, believers also fast from sunup to sundown.  This means no food, water, gum, nothing.  The morning meals (suhoor) and evening meals (iftar) are eaten with the family.  The purpose behind fasting is to force reflection, practice self control, and to cleanse the body and spirit.  My friends will try their hardest not to think impure thoughts (sex, drugs or rock n' roll), control their anger, refuse wordly things (like TV) and stay away from violent things, both in their attitude and those of others.  (HUGE point there.)

At the end of the Ramadan, there is a big party.  This is called Eid al-Fitr, and this year the festival is on November 14.  This is a very important Islamic occasion.  Muslims will dress up, give candy and sweets to children (mine loved it), and eat and eat wonderful food with friends and family.  This is a time of giving to charity, helping people out (ie feeding homeless or contributing to shelters, helping friends out if need be, etc) and being generous.

Kind of goes against what the media would like us to believe, huh.  This is a time of closeness and devotion to Allah, but it is NOT a time of murderous, violent behavior. 

CYA:  (Dates are based on - image used with permission.  Nyah.)

To Fact Monster 


I just found out that my boss is considering hiring the biggest chauvinistic (no I can't spell, that's why my daughter can't and also why I'm an accounting nerd.  I just looked it up now, ha.) jerkiest, low down rudest varmit this side of the Pecos.  Shoot, anywhere for that matter.  Dude just got fired for his lack of management skill and he wants to hire him here.  Why??  He's a "friend".  The last "friend" got us in the less-than-perfect position we're in today.  BUT I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, nod and smile a lot and be a good girl.  No really, I am.

Hopefully boyfriend can keep his hands to himself and his mouth shut, which hasn't been the pattern thus far.  hrmph!  Construction is still one of those industries stuck in 1954 as far as women in the workplace is concerned.  I'm pretty tolerant until my butt gets slapped.  Then I go all Matrix on people.  

WaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!  HiiiiiyyyyyAAAAA!!!


My arms are still aching from lugging those "punkins" all over on Saturday.  Just call me Xena... the punkin luggin weirdo.  Speaking of arms - have you scoped out Madonna's lately?  She's so buff!!  From yoga, even.  I want buff Madonna (or the artist formerly known as Madonna) arms.


Ya know I was really hungry till I read Andrea's journal today.  Boy was that great for diet control.  Zitty cats, boogery husbands and seedy colons, oh my! 

I have not been good at all this week.  Its called lotsa yummy food and zero self control.  Major scarfage.  I'm gonna blame it on hormones because that's so conveeeeenient.


We went to Sam's and blew close to 600 smackaroos on groceries.  That'll last two weeks.  I'm tellin ya its getting harder and harder to breathe....ever notice how your bills and expenses will expand proportionally to the amount of your new raise?  It just happened, and it made a cool 'whoosh' sound.


Enough randomness this Monday morning.  You know its bad when I can't even follow it.

Have a wonderful beautiful safe happy peaceful Monday people.



Darrell's ok

A former coworker of mine left for Baghdad in August and its personalized this whole Iraq junk for me in an entirely new way.

Anyway Darrell works for FluorAMEC as an engineer/project manager and in case y'all haven't heard, their compound was bombed a few times last week.  In fact, the little cafe they always go to was bombed.  I was worried sick, but got an e-mail this morning.

"I learned at about 3PM that the bombs were caused by a pair of suicide bombers.  One was in the "Green Zone Cafe" and the other was in the middle of an open market that we call the "Bazaar".  Both of these areas are open for anyone to walk into, except us.  Our security staff had determined about a month ago that they considered these sites to be "soft targets".  So, they issued restrictions making these sites "off-limits" sites for all FluorAMEC personnel. "

I'm so glad he's ok.

He said also that an Iraqi citizen who'd been working them was brutally murdered last week.  "She'd been warned after it was known she worked for a US firm.  But she ignored the threats...she could not believe that her life could be in jeapardy just because she worked for a US firm. ... She was killed by three bullets to the head as she got out of her car after arriving to her Baghdad home from work."  Raja was 26 years old.

I think this is kind of history repeating itself, with the start of Ramadan and all.  The Muslims I know celebrate Ramadan in an entirely different way - its a time of fasting, reflection, centering and peaceful thoughts. 

I still say him taking this job was not worth the money he's getting, and DARRELL I hope you're reading this.

Please come home safe and soon.

(more later - we all need some random happy thoughts this Monday morning)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday Randomness

Boy do I ever need a better camera.  Anyway...

We went to the "punkin patch" as my little one calls it and had a blast!!!  There's a 13 acre corn maze.  I have been around different kinds of farms all my life, but I have never walked through corn before.  That was freaky.  We've all seen too many horror flicks where they're running through a corn field to escape favorite is the last scene in Twister....anyway it was fun as heck.  This feed corn grows about 8' high and is so dense you can't see through it or over it.  We walked through 2.5 miles of corn maze (in the shape of a stagecoach with two horses), got as lost and as discombobulated as we could, and finally found our way out.  For those brave can try to do that maze at night as well, which would be freaky and fun as heck, but that's too far a drive for a night maze. 

I also went on my very first hayride (if you want to call it that - I always pictured a hayride as a horse pulled old wagon, but these were two flatbed trailers with haybales for seats being pulled by a backhoe), and visited my very first pumpkin patch.  I have never seen so many pumpkins in my entire life.    We got one each (so four of them)  GIANT friggin pumpkins and they were $4 each.  That monster daddy one up there is about 2.5' high and weighs about 30 lbs.  So Louie and I sat and pondered, since the pumpkins range in price from $ big would a $7 pumpkin have to be?!?   HOLY GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN.

By the way for all you Peanuts fans out there...the pumpkin patch is not a place you'd like to sit down and hang out at.  Lots of vines with tons of little pokey things on them.  They dry out before the pumpkins are ready to harvest, and there were some burr weeds mixed up with them, so its definately not a place you'd wanna hang out at for long.


We also went to go see Shark Tales yesterday.  Its cute.  Not Finding Nemo, but definately not lame either.  I have this scale of animated features...sort of a continuum if you will....with Lion King (the original) at the very tippy top and wretched stuff at the bottom.  I was trying to think of something wretched....The Doug Movie.  So Shark Tales falls just below Finding Nemo but above Rugrats in Paris.  Does that make any sense?

I hate TV but I LOVE cartoons.  I watch them constantly and love animated features.  Thank goodness I have children so I don't look like a dork going to see them. 


My friends (from Albuquerque) just relocated to Denmark and sent me a bunch of pictures that made me go....AWWWW....sigh!  They're so in love....soulmates....sigh!!  Anyway, I got to looking at these pics and ya know what?  I wanna go to Denmark now.  Check it out!

See my life's so jam-packed with ... well, ya know....LIFE that I have to live vicariously through others.


Have a wonderful Sunday people .... its all rainy and cloudy here so I'm gonna squooge up and snuggle in and draw.


Friday, October 15, 2004


Whoever you are, you missed one heck of a confetti throwin', dancin' singin' scene.

Oh wait...I betcha that's why you didn't tell me, huh.

Well, booyah to me and I'm keeping the prize for the thousandth shopper.

Almost  quitting time!!!  Yay for Fridays.

Random Wisdom

One night I had a wondrous dream,

One set of footprints there was seen,

The footprints of the Goddess they were,

But mine were not along the shore.

But then some stranger prints appeared,

and I asked Her, "What have we here?

These prints are large and round and neat

But much too big to be from feet."

"My child," She said in somber tones,

"For miles I carried you alone.

I challenged you to walk in faith,

But you refused and made me wait."

"You would not learn, you would not grow,

The walk of faith, you would not know,

So I got tired, I got fed up,

And there I dropped you on your butt.

"Because in life, there comes a time.

When one must fight, and one must climb,

When one must rise and take a stand,

Or leave their butt prints in the sand."

Author Unknown


The moral of the story....whine complain moan all you want and I'll listen and offer support, but refuse to do anything about it or learn from your mistakes and I'm not feeling sorry for you anymore.  Nyah.


Its FRIDAY!!!  Its also Boss's

Since I have the best boss in the whole wide world, who not only spoils me rotten but puts up with all the weirdos he hired, I'm gonna get him a treat and I got a card for him too.  Just because I love him like that.  Never ever do I take for granted that I have the most wonderful job in the world, and 80% of that is because he's my boss.

He puts up with me firing everyone randomly on a daily basis, and me taking out my bizarre nightmares on him, and me racking up huge repair bills on his vehicle, and my general smart butt behavior.  Not only that, but he puts up with more from the rest of the weirdos he hired.

Coneheads rule.  (that's how we identify ourselves now)

So, if any of you out there have similarly cool bosses or sure and let them know.  I don't think they hear it enough and now you have an excuse to express your gratitude.  I'm thinking of one person in particular who writes cusswords to her boss on the community whiteboard on a daily basis....and gets them in return.  (AILEEN) 


On that happy note, I'm still psyched about fall and I'm still psyched about our action filled weekend plans and I'm still psyched about Halloween so everyone is just forced to deal with it.

I'm also experiencing Friday hyperactivity.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone, and don't forget to hug your boss today!!



Thursday, October 14, 2004

Still feeling that Halloween Spirit....

I know that's dirty but its also my favorite halloween candy so I had to post it.  EWWWWWWW

My friend just e-mailed that to me and I have no idea how to reference it or give credit for it so if it belongs to someone that gets angry for me posting it I'll take it down.

Still......LOL how nasty is that.


I came in the other day all angry at my boss for a nightmare I had about him selling the company.  I know that's not fair, but you know those residual dreams that were so real that they leave you feeling awful for a while....this was one of those.  So I told him about it - it was actually him selling the company to another company we often work with here in town.  The rep from that company is not very well mannered - he often interrupts people and he calls women 'hun' and 'sweetie' which is so 1954 - anyway in my dream I had to give my car to that man.  It was awful.  So my boss laughed at me for a while and I eventually got over being angry at him for his behavior in my dream.  I know that sounds ridiculous but admit happens sometimes.  I was so worried (in the dream) about how I was going to feed my kids while I was looking for another was awful.

Anyway, the bizarre thing is is that my assistant had a very similar dream the same night - that she was fired.  She woke up with her heart pounding and all upset, and it stayed with her all day.  She came in all grumpy and not liking our poor boss. 

What a co weenk eee deeenk..... (my poor boss - he hired a buncha weirdos)


You know I just realized how random my daily purge is.  That's kinda fun.

Happy Thursday!!  MUAH!


PS Whoever hits the 1000 mark, let me know and I'll like, throw confetti and sing and dance or something scary like that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Rare evening randomness.

Bizarre realization....

My teenage daughter and I actually enjoy the same music.  Angry chick, alternative, makes no sense kind of music. 

She just turned me on to this band that's fun as heck.  "Busted" 

My parents cringed at the music I listened to, and still do.  Their parents listened to either easy listening (elevator music) or gospel so I'm sure we've experienced generations of parental hatred of teenage music.  I've broken the mold of music discrimination.  I'm so proud of that.

We actually even listen to the same radio station.  Go figure.

My daughter is so cool.  Not only is she beautiful and intelligent and talented and artistic and funny, but she's a cool person that I enjoy hanging out with.  I guess one of the few benefits of having a child so young is that you end up being friends as well as having that parent/child relationship.  We kind of grew up together.  I mean we still maintain that authority thing, and I kick her butt when she needs it, but we also enjoy each other's company.  She's a truly wonderful soul, and I thank whatever higher power that's out there for her all the time.  Thank you supreme diety for bringing this wonderful little soul into my life.

I consider that a great accomplishment, and something I'm really proud of. I actually not only still like my teenage daughter, but I even look forward to hanging out with her.

That's awesome.  I'm all squoogie now.

Sweet dreams from the Queen of Random thoughts and ideas.

random stuff...

Sigh.....I just LOVE rainy days.  Born and raised in beautiful Albuquerque, NM, we rarely get stormy weather.  I think someone said its sunny here an average of 300 days a year.  I know I should be grateful we don't have severe weather, and trust me I am, but it makes me crave rainy days and stormy weather.  So I'm a weirdo.  Someday I'll live in New Orleans or in Oregon or Washington state where it storms more often.  What's weird about today is that its also really cold for October in Albuquerque.  We've got our first freeze warning, and the mountains already got some snow.  How cool, huh?

Its snowing in Santa Fe and we've shut down two job sites so far today.  I can't wait to get home and squoogie and warm.....


I made a wonderful new friend and I'm so excited about it.  Her name is Shannon and we're so much alike its just scary.  Ever met someone that just clicks with you?  We've chosen the same professional career, we both have stepchildren and kids of our own, both my Louie and her Scott have the same haircut and gotee....its just bizarre.  I feel blessed.  She's awesome. 

I love meeting new people and making new friends.  Good grief I just sounded like a Mister Rogers Neighborhood episode.  I'll stop now.


I just saw an article in the local business weekly (New Mexico Business Weekly, "Editor's Notebook", by Emily Esterson) about an editor who's getting sick of political emails from friends, coworkers, family and people she barely knows.  So sick she says, that her 'delete' key on her keyboard is wearing out.  the "l" and "e" on the key have worn completely off and if she was a proper typist, she might have carpal tunnel in her right pinky.  (I'm a lousy typist myself, but I prefer the "backspace" key, thank you very much.)

Between that and spam, its become more of a chore than a delight to open your inbox most days.  Its almost like trying to watch the morning news and getting slammed with political ads.  The only difference is the e-mail doodoo is just that - 'doodoo'.  Based on nothing, especially not fact, its come to the point that I actually ignore e-mails from a particular co-worker because I can't deal with the volume anymore.  Wait, I guess there's not much of a difference between that and the TV ads.

The last debate is tonight thank goodness.  I am so sick of this political garbage.  I'm actually craving a used car commercial because the political ads have become so negative. They're back to back on each and every commercial break.  I watch very little TV on purpose, but even the news I watch in the mornings is just crammed with he said/she said garbage.  Its just wretched.  Political affiliation is now a taboo subject at work because we're all so divided about it.  Even my normally subdued Wiccan groups are all heated arguments about politics now.  I'm ready for it to be over already.

I read Peach's journal today and it made me wanna hug her real tight.  I have a friend in Iraq, although he's not in the military, and I understand completely when she perks up as they announce more deaths, and then breathes a guilty sigh of relief when its someone else.  My friend works as a private contractor for an engineering firm, and people have been kidnapped from his compound.  The restaurant he frequents was almost bombed last week.  I think I speak for all of us when  I say we do support the troops in Iraq and we hope and pray they not only come home soon, but safe.  I think that's everyone's hope and desire.  Get them home and get them home safe and get them home as soon as possible.

How that got so completely wound in politics is amazing and sad at the same time.  On that note, I want so badly for my children to understand how important it is that we have this right to vote for the individual we think is right to run our country.  In that, we've tried to watch the debates together, and I let my daughters ask questions and make comments so they learn from the process.  These last couple of debates though have been difficult if not excrutiating to watch all the way through, and about 15 minutes before they were over, I turned to my 7 year old and said...."Wanna watch cartoons??"

The cartoons were welcome relief from our candidates' inability to fully respond to questions and directions.  I was getting dizzy watching them go in circles around each other.  Tonite is thankfully the last of them, and once again we'll try to watch it.  Perhaps we'll get through the whole thing...  Or maybe we'll watch Grim and Evil again.  ;)

The point being....I certainly hope we can go back to business as usual after the elections are over.  I hope we don't remain divided and scared for long.  I kind of miss business as usual in Washington D.C. and I can not believe I just typed that.  Lets just have normal watercooler conversations, send stupid brainless e-mails that are actually funny, and smile and laugh and stuff.  Remember that?


Smile everyone, its hump day...AND ITS RAINING!!!  Think sweet, positive thoughts, and laugh really hard at least once.  (It burns a lot of calories)

Happy Wednesday!!!

(The holidays are coming!  The holidays are coming!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Up the down staircase and other random thoughts

This morning there was a spooky looking fog over everything, and the mountains got a bit of snow so there was a fog blanket around them too.  I love this time of year.  Its actually a little bit chilly and its kinda fun waking up in a cool house, although I hate getting out from under the blankies when I'm all snuggy warm.  The trees are changing color and leaves are falling, and my yard looks so cool with all the different colors.  We've got some of those purple plum trees so the colors are just awesome.

I may have to break out the doggy sweaters for Peenit and Tinkerbell.  They get so cold when they go out that they come in shivering.  Besides, Peenit looks so dapper in his orange sweater.  (HA HA HA HA HA)  My friend used to tell me if Peenit were human he'd get his butt kicked for wearing sweaters like Bill Cosby.  I think this particular friend from Brooklyn wears similar sweaters...but I won't cast stones.  Anyway, I don't care, its cute as heck and he needs them doggonit.

This weekend we're headed up to the Pumpkin Patch for hayrides, the corn maze and to pick out our pumpkins.  How fun, huh.  They even have cocoa and warm apple cider.  mmmmm  I've never been on a hayride before so it'll be interesting.  We're gonna cruise through the mountains too because I want to see the aspens changing. 

Last but not least I'm gonna take my kiddos out to dinner and to see Shark Tales.  How fun!!  I'm psyched.


Totally random - my Emily came back from spending the night at her best friends/cousin's house and gave me a big hug and actually snuggled up and told me she missed me.  Is that adorable or what?

My 13 year old loves me still.   My little Emskin.  Emplstilskin.  Embolism. (she's gonna kill me now)


One more random thought....I keep getting all these e-mails from people condemning Halloween for its satanic undertones or whatever paranoid garbage they can think up. 

For the love of pete....what is evil and/or satanic about a 3 year old in a bunny costume?  Help me out here.  And....(gasp!)....they ring doorbells asking for ... CANDY.  EEEK. 

My 87 year old grandfather still dresses up for Halloween - he hands out candy like that - and I think its adorable.  He loves Halloween.  He's also an elder in his church, and the most god-fearing humble man I've ever known. 

Paranoia will destroy ya.  That's all I gotta say.  Lets lighten up and have some fun like we used to before people were all scared of everything.

Kayla can't decide if she wants to be an angel, a princess, a werewolf, or a sorceress.  Wide range there...I'm hoping she narrows it down before we go shopping this weekend or I'll lose all my patience and joy in the store I'm sure.

I've always wanted Louie and I to dress up but he won't.  I was thinkin Sonny and Cher, or he's the hooker and I'm the pimp (he's not into cross dressing unfortunately) or something silly like that but no dice.  Maybe Em will do it with me. 


Is it bad that I'm already aching for the weekend and its only Tuesday???

Bad for me, probably.

At any rate, happy Tuesday people.


Shameless plug:    check me out!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve

Broke my heart to hear about Christopher Reeve's passing yesterday after complications that developed from a pressure wound...he'll be sorely missed.  Seems he was put on this earth to make a difference, and hopefully he did.  His legacy will be his neverending fight for federal funding of stem cell research and the hope for a cure.   For anyone who would like to send messages to Dana and the kids this can be done through the Christopher Reeve Foundation, at  call toll-free 1-800-539-7309

Saturday, October 9, 2004

feeling like a DORK

I HATE taking pictures of myself.  I also hate my webcam.  Nevertheless here I am.  Maybe if I get brave I'll post pics of my progress as I get farther along toward the ultimate goal.

To show my progress, I included a before pic with Louie.  He looks awesome in that was a 1920's style costume party and we had a blast.  I, however, look quite bovine.  That jacket/vest/whatever it is I'm wearing was awesome though.  It was genuine 1920's and it was beaded and gorgeous.  He looked sexy as heck that a gangster.  Rico suave.

For some of us...taking pictures comes so easy.  My daughters are so photogenic.  So's Aileen.  So was my mother.    For me...they always look so contrived and forced.  For Christmas I'm asking for a digital camera.  So there.

Anyways I forced myself to do it for AOL....and there I am.  Its not so bad it.


Have a great saturday night dahlinks.

Friday, October 8, 2004

purging random thoughts

Something unfortunate happened last night.  Booboo the giant puppy hopped the wall to the front yard and knocked over and destroyed the bunny pen.  Louie found Bunnyboo's lifeless body on the front lawn, and he can't find Olive anywhere.  These are Kayla's babies....she's going to be devastated.  The plan is to go buy her two more, and break it to her then.  I hope it softens the blow a bit. 

There's nothing worse in this world than to see your child hurt, either emotionally or physically.  I wish there was anything I could do.  As a mother you always wish you could take the pain for them...what I hate more than anything is that I can't be there to hold her when he tells her. 

I'm mad at myself for not seeing this coming. I can woulda/coulda/shoulda this to death, but I know I should have put Booboo in Toby's (the horse) area.  I've been threatening to do it for a week, now that's where she'll be.  She's got more room back there anyway.  I'm angry at the dog, even though I know I shouldn't be.  She's just doing what comes naturally to her, but still.  This dog as you know has been a challenge from the beginning, from digging up all the bulbs in the whiskey barrels, to eating trees, to digging up and eating rose bushes, to opening gates and letting the horse out.  We have a TON of room (1/2 acre) and she's got a bazillion toys, and the kids are always outside playing with her, and she's got two other dogs to keep her company, so I have no idea why she is always in trouble, but she is.  Hence her name, Booboo.


Guess we'll be holding services for the two deceased bunnies later this evening. 


Before I got THAT wonderful phone call....

I still haven't found the means of taking my photo for AOL J-land.  I've got a cheesy ancient webcam...that may be what I use. 

I'm still so excited about that - how cool, huh?


After our latest storm....which was insane, by the way.  I don't know how many inches of golf-ball sized hail we got, but it was a lot.  Some early estimates of damage from that one are at 9 million.  Skylights shattered, roof damage, cars dented...crazy stuff.  My yard looks like spinach salad, and so does everyone else's.  Seems the hail and wind pounded off all kinds of leaves that hadn't changed color yet and therefore weren't ready to fall.  Strange seeing a combination of green leaves and branches all over the place.  Spinach salad I tell ya.

Thank goodness we have a garage or our cars would have gotten it too. 

Speaking company provided sportscar is in the shop AGAIN.  Seems I've got a leak on the intake gasket and I need a new starter.  $900.  I was going to break it to el jeffe yesterday, but seeing as he's in Las Vegas at a "Conference" and the airline lost not only his luggage but his golf clubs....he was obviously in no mood to hear about the car.  I'll buy him a giant cinnamon roll on Monday and break it to him then.

I can hear it now..."What the **** are you DOING to that CAR, KRIS?!?!?"  Thank goodness the mechanic said it had been there for a while and they were just misdiagnosing the problem.  I'm hoping "for a while" means before he bought that car for me.  (well one can hope, right??)

Meanwhile I'm driving a truck that's bigger than Texas.  Way too much truck for me.  There's something to be said about us women not being too compatible with large vehicles....I'm one of those women.  Louie said "OOOOH you have a TOOL box.  Sexay!"  (PUH-lease)

Look out Albuquerque....Kris is drivin' a BIG shelter immediately, or at least give me a lot of room.  (get the heck outta the way)


Random, I told ya.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Martha's goin to jail

Can you believe it?  Martha Stewart's checking in today.  That still blows my mind.  I can't believe the one and only Martha Stewart's going to jail.  I have mental images of her making doilies and plastering her cell with images of roses like that woman in Fried Green Tomatoes.  Maybe she'll make tea or tincture from the weeds growing in the prison yard or something.

What gripes me is that all these Enron executives and CEO's of major corporations that are engaged in fraudulent activity get to walk and keep their money and their huge houses.  Why is it so necessary to make an example out of this woman?  We all know she did it, and we also know TONS of people do it each day.  We also know she tried to lie about it, as a lot of people probably would.  Call it a mistake in judgement.  Call it what you want - y'all know she should not be going to prison today.  There are so many out there who get inside information and act on it.  You would have sold too if you would have known the value was dropping.  I know doctors who have bought shares in pharmaceutical companies because they had inside information about a patent or some R & D going on.  Those same doctors sold as soon as they got information about recalls.  Its all about access to this information, and using it to your benefit.  Many people do it, its just that poor Martha got caught.

Do you know Martha Stewart offered to set up programs for female ex-convicts at her own expense?  Instead, they decide to spend OUR taxpayer money to convict a woman we all know has no business in prison.  They should make room for a pedophile or a rapist or a murderer or someone committing other violent crimes.  Martha Stuart in prison...what's this world coming to.

Given....I know she's rumored not to be very nice, and she seems sort of 'stiff'....but she's Martha for cryin in the night.

ANYWAY now that gripe is overwith, they've told her she can take 5 items with her when she checks in.  Five personal items.  Now I got to thinking .... what would I take?  What wouldI miss most? 

MY DAUGHTERS!!!  (obviously, although you can't take that with you)

My dogs (the other babies in the house)

My room and bed and comfy pillows.


My giant fuzzy monkey slippers.

My privacy....I'd hate having to go poddy in front of other people.

I'd take Dr. Pepper lip gloss, eyeshadow and mascara.  (That's three already)

Dentyne Ice gum (four)

My super duper wonderful brown hairbrush (five!!)

Do they give you a toothbrush and toothpaste?

What about bras and underwear?  Maybe I should take that back and bring those instead.....

OK so besides your freedom....what would you miss most?  This is another lesson in gratitude, by the way....

Happy Thursday Everybody!!!

(here's to a positive journal entry....c'mon get happy)


PS I hit a minor goal yesterday....I've now lost 30 lbs people.  Go me!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Thanks Aileen!!!

Looking for a pic of myself to submit to AOL J-Land, and my darling friend decided to help me with my quest.

This is not me, but thank you for the submission.  What do you think?  Should I send it in?

I can't stop giggling now.

Things I'd like to do before I die

Since I've been taking care of kids and/or a mom since I was 8, I haven't had the chance to do a lot of things that grownups without kids get to do.  I saw this poll on a website recently and decided I'd answer it here. 


15 things I'd like to do before I die.

1.   Travel to another country (besides Mexico or Canada).

2.  Graduate from college (almost there!!), maybe even my MBA.  BIG MAYBE.

3.  Get back down to pre-baby fighting weight (working on it)

4.  Be an exercise FREAK!  ( and like it, and get Angelina Jolie arms...AR AR AR  )

5.  Go back to New Orleans for an extended period of time.

6.  Get over my fear of heights.

7.  Own a classic car...preferably a 1967 Mustang, cherry red, with a huge engine.  RAWR!!!

8.  Own an RV and drive all over.

9.  Watch my girls go out into the world and KICK BUTT.

10.  See the ocean.  (I live in New Mexico, and no I didn't get to see it when I was in New Orleans.  I saw the Mississippi River though, which was awesome in itself.  I totally understand Mark Twain now)

11.  Learn to knit/sew/crochet/quilt or something like that.

12.  Learn construction management and how to read a set of prints

13.  Resolve all the conflict with my dad and step-mom.

14.  Find my spiritual path and get centered (I'm well on my way).

15.  Learn how to make that pink cherry jello stuff that Louie's mom makes without it getting all liquidy and looking like vomit.  I know she's leaving something out on purpose. 

I swear she just doesn't WANT me to make that stuff.  (I'm kidding)  Maybe she can just teach me how to make that red chile sauce that's to die for.  Or her tortillas....or biscochitos.....or empanadas....SOMETHING.



There are so many more but I didn't want you to be scrolling till next month.  Feel free to add your own!!

Happy Wednesday!!


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We would also like to feature a picture of you
that we can use in case your Journal is selected for the number one slot in our Editor's Weekly Picks.



Oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah, uh huh.....

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Monday, October 4, 2004


Thought I'd share this with you all - I used sage this weekend, along with some other things (like candles and magnetized iron) but you would not believe the difference this makes in your space, in your life, and in yourself.   =)   Clearing A Spiritual Space

Everything that happens within your home leaves a trace. The morning after a party, the tired-but-happy revelry from the end of the evening is still in the air; a morning argument is usually hanging around when you come home from work. Focusing your true intention to purify your space with a time-honored method can return a dwelling to its rightful place as your sanctuary. One such cleansing method is known as smudging. Smudging originated as a Native American custom, and the modern practice can reinvigorate your living space. The vital action of smudging is lighting an aromatic bundle of herbs and allowing it to burn away the negative energy that has been collected. You can celebrate a new phase in life by conducting a smudging ceremony, or improve someone's day by smudging the space around a friend. Offices and work spaces can benefit from smudging as well, allowing clarity of thought and improved productivity.

The essential object for smudging is the herb bundle. It can be purchased or made by hand. Using a match or candle, put the flame to the smudge stick. Then blow or wave it out, allowing the stick to smolder and the aromatic smoke to fill the room. If you don't have a smudge stick, you can also place loose herbs directly onto burning wood in an indoor fireplace or into a fireproof container with some charcoal. As the herbs begin to burn, the honored method is to use a feather to move the smoke around the person or place you are smudging. You may also use your hands. As you feel the space fill with the herbal scent, take time to consider the parts of your life that need cleansing. Imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts and emotions around you.

Tradition teaches that each smudging herb is used for a differentpurpose. So an important aspect of the ritual is finding the right herb for the moment.

* Sage is the most prominent herb and is used to purify and protect one's living area by removing negative energy.

* Sweetgrass is often burnt after smudging sage to welcome in the positive influences.

* Cedar is burnt upon moving into a new home. It works as a purifier and as a way to attract positive energy.

* Lavender restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. It also attracts love.

* Rosemary is effective for gaining clarity about perplexing problems.

* Mugwort is celebrated for stimulating psychic awareness and powerful dreams.

* Bay leaf is used to protect against colds and flu. 

The act of cleansing your space can help you to truly put the past behind you. As the herbal aromas gently enter a room, clearing out accumulated spiritual clutter, you'll be free you to enjoy your abode as the place of respite it was meant to be.

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Thanks to Lily @ Occidental for this article...