Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Circle of Life, Radar Ears, and Pheremones

Happy anniversary to Scott & Shannon, my new found friends who've been married a whopping 3 years now.  They met online...right here on AOL in a little New Mexico chatroom.  Apparently it really happens and people benefit and stay happy.  Go figure.  Given its a local chatroom and you actually MEET the people you chat with and it develops into a REAL LIFE situation....maybe that's the difference.

At any rate, happy anniversary you dorks.  May you be happy and blissful and whatever else (we won't go there) for ever and ever.  MUAH! 


I have a western ribbon snake named Phyl.  He's named that because at first he was a shim - I figured it could go either way until I got him sexed.  He's no longer ambiguous.  At any rate, Phyl eats fish.  Rosy minnows.  Swallows them whole.  This week he left four, and its plexing me.  There they are, poor little buggers, swimming in this little man made baby pond/pool, all scared, waiting to die.  So I'm feeding them and oxygenating their little pool until Phyl develops an appetite again.  I still feel really really sorry for them.

So I'm telling my beautiful friend Shannon this at lunch and she reminds me its a whole circle of life thing, then goes wax philophical on me.  According to the delightful Miss S, we have a lot in common with the poor widdle rosy minnows.  We also are cramped, in a confined space, with our destinies chosen, waiting to die.

. . . wow . . .

So I asked her politely to just shoot me and put me out of my misery.  Jeez.


The mouse has been caught and is in the place where little mice souls go to rest.  Bless his little furry heart...his only mistake was coming in the house.  Anyway, since Mickey decided to crawl over my bare foot one night, and since my little dogs chased it around for a week, we've all developed a bad case of radar ears.  Every little noise and we're perked up.  Maybe a better term for it is heebie jeebies...since my ears can't do that.

Poor little mouse.  I'm so sorry.


How is it that people who are even remotely attracted to each other pick up on it?  I'm wondering if its brain waves, or pheremones, or some suppressed psychic ability.  Even erotic dreams feel like they've somehow drifted into the atmosphere...for all to know or detect on some other plane.  Its been a long strange week obviously. 

Have you ever had an erotic dream about someone you shouldn't?  I have.  I wake up all freaked and plexed and even embarassed, as though the person knows about it and I have something to be ashamed of.  I checked my dream book though and sex may be a power thing in dreams.  Actual sexual desire is expressed in terms of food, like chocolate donuts.  That makes ZERO sense, but ok.

That uncomfortable situation has been in the atmosphere all week.  Uncomfortable as heck, even though it is on another cosmic plane.  (No, not food.  Sex.  With someone I shouldn't be thinking about that way.)  I can't shake it either.  I hate dreams like that.


TELL me everyone caught the eclipse.  How cool was that?!?!  The moon was red.  I have never ever seen that before.  What a trip.

WHOA maybe that explains everything.  All the bizarre behavior, strange dreams, and guilt.  The blood moon.  That's it.

Thanks to everyone for the parenting/sibling offers.  I'm taking you ALL up on it.  What a bizarre family....we could start a new reality TV show, like the Osbournes.


Well usually when I stop making sense it means its time to quit typing, so I'm gonna.

Have a wonderful Wednesday night people.  Happy Shiny.  Remember that.  (ANDREA.)




childebrand1968 said...

Missed the eclipse, darn clouds! :(


kuhlhiggins said...

That is cool that your friends met online and got married. Poor little mouse. I tried to take some pictures of the moon tonight. It didn't work just looked like white dots. Gee, what do I expect with a cheap digital

phlskygirl said...

Krispy, really.  It's ok that you have these feelings for me.  I promise it won't affect our friendship.  As long as you promise me that you're well-groomed in your fantasies [...brazilian wax...crossing fingers...brazilian wax...], everything will be ok.

sharkie412 said...

Had to come back to your journal again today for some more laughs. :)
I did not get to see the eclipse but there are some talented people here in J-land that have a good eye for taking pictures so thats the next best thing and I'll settle with that. Thank the cloudy nasty weather here. Thanks cloudy nasty weather.
Oh well. Next time maybe.

duh111222 said...

Thanks for the anniversary  thoughts... it has been a strange trip but worth it in the end... SO FAR anyway....

I didn't get too crazy with the cheese whiz on you as far as the whole waiting to die thing...   but if you really put it into perspective you know I have a POINT! as mute as it may be it is my point damn it and I sticking to it.  

Have a great day today and be good or bad... whichever you choose!!!!

andreakingme said...

Hey, I met the man I'm married to online. In an e-mail (I get bored with chat rooms). Yup!

Speaking of Phyl ... and of a life as a rosy minnow ... I wouldn't want to be swallowed whole while still alive. You know? Just the thought of that makes me squirm.

I also think it's funny (and totally understandable) how you're divided against yourself about the fishies and the mouse. Oh, if only we all could just get along! And not dine on one another. Or kill each other.

Ohmigod! I just remembered I had the weirdest dream this morning. Well, kind of. Right now all I'm getting are snap shots--nothing I can put into words. Damn! And I tried to REMEMBER it, too, so I could explain it. But I FORGOT it until just now.

What is UP with that?