Friday, October 1, 2004

Cleansing versus Cleaning

So I've been talking to a few very nice wise people who have educated me about a ton of things already (thanks to Greyman, Raven and Kim) and I've decided there's something important I really need to do.

Judith talks about her home being a sacred space, and I reflected on this and realized that perhaps my space needed some cleansing.  As many of you know, our home has been rather turmoil-filled lately with my step-daughter's addiction and related problems, followed by her leaving abruptly to live at her mother's house, where she can be closely supervised.  At any rate, I'm convinced my home is filled with negative energy.  I think that's why there's been so much sickness, stress, arguing and bad feelings there lately.

Given that, my friend Kim has graciously donated a buttload (yes, that's an actual quantity) of sage, and this weekend we're burning incense and sage and cleansing my space.  My children and I need a safe haven - a place to go and feel peace and retreat from stress and negativity, so we're getting the house back to where it was originally - a sacred space and a home.

CLEANING is a whole different story.  I've decided to devote my weekend to the complete decluttering of my space, as well as donning the hazmat gear and cleaning my step-daughters room as well as my youngest daughter's area.  I'm scared, but I'm brave.  I'm afraid of what I'll find, but I think I'll wait until well after I've eaten and just take a deep breath and get it done.  I've even restocked the garbage bags, pinesol, lysol and bleach (last resort).  I even found my dust masks so I keep the asthma to a minimum.  The doggies are due for a good bath too, and I'll do the cleansing afterwards.

Then, I'll bake some pies (pumpkin pies baking makes the whole house smell so yummy), maybe I'll even prepare a meal, we'll have a wonderful feast, and my house will feel happy again.

I love this time of year, when its starting to get cool/cold and the squooginess kicks in....

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kuhlhiggins said...

It sounds like you will be busy this weekend. I hope that you will rid your house of the negative enery and everyone will feel better.