Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Communication meltdown.

Ever have one of those days where communication is just non existant?  This is one of those days.  Its like my coworkers (bossman included) and I are speaking nine different languages.  My boss needed help with some asanine tedium and I obliged, but apparently I went about it all wrong.  Then he tells me to copy a whole 6" thick file, and I get about halfway through and he asks me why I'm copying so much.  I was looking for some large heavy object to throw at him.  He ran too fast.

My friend's having a boss behaving badly day too.  I wonder if its some sort of cosmic thing going on.  I kinda wish I could fast forward to about 7 PM so I can be chilling with my kids.


Jane magazine has a column every once in a while called "Who You'd Most Like to Tie Down and Force Feed".  Of course Calista Flockheart made the list, and that other chick from Ally McBeal, and Lara Flynn Boyle, and I'd like to add Mary Kate and Ashley to that list. 

I'd also like to add my coworker's wife Rochelle, and about half the chicks in my auditing class.

Eat something.  For the love of pete, have a cookie.


I have a mouse that thinks its cool to cohabitate with me.  Its not.  Last night he walked right over my bare foot while I was journalling and sorta sat there like it was all good.  It wasn't.  I screamed.  Mouse walked like he was cool down my hallway.  My dogs sat and watched it.  I screamed more, and they all look at me like I'm the one with the problem.  I'm not.  I don't want a mouse to hang out with in my house.  They go pee pee and poop everywhere. 

I'm trying to will him out, because I don't want anything to hurt (except roaches and flies).  So maybe with some collective energy, Mickey will just leave on his own accord. 

Ya think?

My house is not filthy - all he has to eat is dog food.  There's much better things to eat outside, like the oats that stay in the horse's feed bin. 

Think collective go outside mouse thoughts for me.


Anyway my boss is still being needy so I'd better like, work.  or something.

muah happy hump day....tomorrow's another more better day.  right?



kuhlhiggins said...

Hi Kris,
Sorry to hear that you are having one of those days with your boss. I have had many days like that. Hope that 7 PM comes quickly for you. Thinking of mouse thoughts going outside for you. Have a good evening chilling with your kids. You deserve it.

sharkie412 said...

Ummm about that mouse. Where there is one there could be a small nest. Better get rid of it by force or you could see Minnie and Mickey Mouse come walking with their children. Can definitely happen in a clean and spotless house. Never thought it would happen during my mother's reign over our house, but it did. Maybe get a cat? I don't know how the dogs would take it, but with a cat you usually never see the mouse. They take care of it so you don't have the disgusting chore of a mouse trap.