Friday, October 22, 2004

Drama drama drama

That's one of mine.  Ancient, colored pencils, bored...sketching with kids.  Be kind - I think its kinda sweet myself. 

So DRAMA.   Soooo much drama.  I don't care for it particularly, but I still believe that everything (and I do mean everything) happens for a reason we don't particularly understand at first, but usually grasp later.  One of my favorite teachers in high school...Ms. Taylor...used to call these "AH HA! moments".

Well here's a little minor AH HA! moment.  Last night a dear sweet woman found it unfortunately necessary to yank her journal from AOL land because she felt threatened personally.  Another individual decided to parody her journal as well as another very respected member of AOL J-land and the harassment apparently got way too personal and close to home.  We're always mothers first, I imagine, and much like me, you can do almost anything to Amy except threaten her child. 

At any rate, the upside of that that most of it is over (come back Amy come back!  I miss my favorite hippy!) ....I found a couple of new journals, met some really wonderful people, and it seems as though AOL J-land can now (hopefully) return to the land of positive fun things.

I'll put the journals on my favorites list as soon as I get permission (you know I always ask first, darn me.)  I love Albert's and can't hardly wait to add it to my wall of fame.


I got the most ridiculous e-mail from an ultra conservative republican individual that actually associated the flu vaccination shortage with John Edwards.  Guffaw.  So if any of you people out there wanna blow the lid off this please do.  The bust link is HERE.  I do declare....the level some people will sink to.  John Edwards is just the cutest sweetest down homiest kinda guy....puh-lease.  Besides that, isn't it normal for republicans to blame Clinton for everything?  I mean, I thought that was the trend....I figured everything was his fault since he's been the only democrat for a while. 

Pick a new angle y'all it IS NOT working.  (rant finished) 



We just saw on Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President 2004 that KERRY WON.  57%.  As my seven year old would say....have you knowed ?? (instead of did you know)

Have you knowed that kids have successfully predicted the winning candidate for the past four elections?????  (Yes even dubya - even though I still say he didn't technically win).

There's a USA Today article about it.   I'm just a little excited, because I'm just sorta a liberal democrat.

No more politics today.  I am so sick of politics lately...can I get a "amen"?




Kayla has to do a Dia de los Muertos project for school (Day of the Dead - kind of a Memorial day for people in Mexico), and she needs a picture and some items for the dearly departed.  We're doing Alberto (of course) and she's taking the little valentine's bear she gave him the year he passed away.  Always brings up tons of tears....I'm hoping I'll stop missing him so much it hurts.  Its been two years already. 

Anyway we're also sending some of "Alberto's Roses" from my yard. Yes we've still got buds, believe it or not.  His roses start out yellow, then get red tips (or dark pink) then change to a deeper yellow then orange as they open.  They're gorgeous.  I'll send a pic if we find some. 

Wasn't he handsome?  I swear all the drop dead gorgeous ones are gay or taken.


Well I really hope all of us have a glorious weekend.  I'm soooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

HEY only 8 more days till Daylight Savings Time ends!!!  WOOO HOOOOOO one more hour of sleep oh yeah.


boy was that ever random.  I love it.

MUAH hugs everyone!



kuhlhiggins said...

Hi Kris,
I too am a fellow democrat. Big hugs to you. Yes, the republicans do blame Clinton for everything. I hate that .I love this entry. I am sorry to hear about Amy. I don't understand why people feel like they have to be mean to others. Where does it get them??   The picture is beautiful.

slowmotionlife said...

Love the artwork!  It's beautiful.  You should definitely do more and get into other mediums, especially if it's something you love to do.  :)

The thing with negative journals is that they're going to crop up. There's almost NOTHING we can do about them, except report real harrassement when we see it, and ignore the behavior, not leave comments, etc.  What they want, more than anything, is to get us all riled up and writing about them.  Attention, even if it's negative attention, is all they want.  Plus, they just want to create chaos for someone, probably because their own lives are full of chaos and hatred.  Hopefully Amy will see that this community loves her and she'll find the strength to come back.  

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Hi Kris...Love the artwork!  

Can't say much about the parody thing since I'm the "other" journaler and I didn't announce it.  Amy will be back soon.  :)

I'm a ConsRep and I've never heard of Edwards being responsible for the flu.  That's a lot of blame for one man to shoulder, don't you think?  Sounds like someone is speaking out of turn for the other ConsReps out there.  (Which is offensive, by the way. I don't like people speaking for me, especially when it's idiotic rhetoric like that guy was spouting.)

emenemz said...

Why would someone threatin Amy or any one for that matter.
Thats really messed up!!
******************************************************************** "I'm just a little excited, because I'm just sorta a liberal democrat." Oh just alittle huh?!?
he he he
Oh I feel so sad now !!! I didn't know that kayla was bringing the Valentine bear. Oh now Im all depressed. And Im so tired but the part about Albert almost made me cry!!!

ok small version of Emilys weird and randomness

love you big weird one,

cneinhorn said...

Wonderful artwork!
Supposedly the kids have it right.......but we'll know for sure soon enough!
I hope to see more of your art, you have such talent!