Saturday, October 9, 2004

feeling like a DORK

I HATE taking pictures of myself.  I also hate my webcam.  Nevertheless here I am.  Maybe if I get brave I'll post pics of my progress as I get farther along toward the ultimate goal.

To show my progress, I included a before pic with Louie.  He looks awesome in that was a 1920's style costume party and we had a blast.  I, however, look quite bovine.  That jacket/vest/whatever it is I'm wearing was awesome though.  It was genuine 1920's and it was beaded and gorgeous.  He looked sexy as heck that a gangster.  Rico suave.

For some of us...taking pictures comes so easy.  My daughters are so photogenic.  So's Aileen.  So was my mother.    For me...they always look so contrived and forced.  For Christmas I'm asking for a digital camera.  So there.

Anyways I forced myself to do it for AOL....and there I am.  Its not so bad it.


Have a great saturday night dahlinks.


phlskygirl said...

I was online when you posted this, so I got the immediate alert.  I thought about addressing this entry in an email so as not to get publicly gushy, but damnit... that's what journals are all about.

My dearest Krispy Kreme.  You are beautiful.  Always have been, but add the waddle-free factor and *BAM!*.  You're a nut, but I can't throw stones... I spent the majority of my 20's avoiding the camera like the plague.  There are very few photos of me in my 20's, my self-image was so low.  Something happened after turning 30 (ok, maybe several somethings), that literally snapped me out of it.  I quit wearing dowdy clothing, quit looking down at my feet when talking to people, and FINALLY started listening to my mother (you know moms... they all think their daughters are beautiful, so how do you know whether to believe them or not?).

You had BETTER keep posting pics... just don't lose too much weight... scrawny white chicks are no more attractive than 'bovine' ones.  Balance, sistah, balance (that's my excuse for cheesecake, anyway!).  

X's and O's where your waddle USED to be!   :o*

donah42 said...

Love the pic!

kuhlhiggins said...

Cool pictures.

derasta said...

I think you look very nice in the have a very nice journal

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Yep, it's a good picture!  :)  ~Peachy