Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I tried to be a soccer mom once.....

I painted this once and I can't find the scan for it dernit.

SO this is not meant to tick anyone off....its more of a compliment.

Hats off to all you stay at home moms.  I don't know how you do it.  I've tried twice to do it and failed miserably. 

The first time was just after Emily was born...I was 20 and scared as heck but trying so hard (TOO HARD) to be a good mom.  I actually caused an infection because I was too diligent in cleaning her diaper area.  (Don't kill me Em!!)  My house was so clean it was annoying.  I was baking like crazy, Em got clean clothes like 5 times a day, she was clean....and I went insane.

I stopped working shortly when I went back to school in 1993, but that really doesn't count as being a SAHM since Em was in daycare while I was in school.

Then after my last hospitalization in October 2002, I lost my job.  I was unemployed for six whole months.  It was nice for a while, but then the boredom kicked in.  I went to school functions, tried the PTA but it was too clique-based and ridiculous, hung out with my kids a lot, got to pick them up from school.....and cleaned.  I cleaned like there was no tomorrow.  I looked for stuff to clean.  I reorganized closets, filing systems, drawers, and storage.  I moved furniture, dusted, winterized and reorganized some more.  I baked like crazy, made awesome dinners, and cleaned some more.  Of course I went on interviews and applied everywhere and joined a headhunter agency....but that doesn't take up much time.

So anyway after I'd cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more....I ran out of things to clean, so the search began.  One morning after making toast, I noticed the inside of the toaster was less than perfect, so I sprayed oven cleaner in there.  What a horrific scene that was.  It melted like the bad witch on Wizard of Oz.  Right in front of me.  Smoke, steam, hazardous fumage....all over my kitchen counter.  I swear I heard it cry out "I'm meltinnggggg"

At that point, Louie, Olivia, and Emily all looked at me at the same time and said the same thing.  "You need to find a job."

Thankfully shortly afterward, I did.  No more melted toasters for me.

So....to all you SAHM's out there....more power to ya.  You guys rock.  I just wasn't cut out for it that's all.


kuhlhiggins said...

This is such a nice entry. I am not a mother but I enjoyed it anyway.

cneinhorn said...

I'm so enjoying your journal.  I had my first when I was 19 and went back to work shortly after that.  I had my second 13 years later after being a little more prepared, financially and emotionally.  I freelance and am home much more now.  It really can be stressful.  I always hear both sides of the arguement, and perhaps it's one of those "grass is always greener" kind of things, but both situations present their own unique challanges!  No matter what road you choose, being a mom (working or SAHM) is alot of work!  

You have a wonderful Journal! :-)