Thursday, October 7, 2004

Martha's goin to jail

Can you believe it?  Martha Stewart's checking in today.  That still blows my mind.  I can't believe the one and only Martha Stewart's going to jail.  I have mental images of her making doilies and plastering her cell with images of roses like that woman in Fried Green Tomatoes.  Maybe she'll make tea or tincture from the weeds growing in the prison yard or something.

What gripes me is that all these Enron executives and CEO's of major corporations that are engaged in fraudulent activity get to walk and keep their money and their huge houses.  Why is it so necessary to make an example out of this woman?  We all know she did it, and we also know TONS of people do it each day.  We also know she tried to lie about it, as a lot of people probably would.  Call it a mistake in judgement.  Call it what you want - y'all know she should not be going to prison today.  There are so many out there who get inside information and act on it.  You would have sold too if you would have known the value was dropping.  I know doctors who have bought shares in pharmaceutical companies because they had inside information about a patent or some R & D going on.  Those same doctors sold as soon as they got information about recalls.  Its all about access to this information, and using it to your benefit.  Many people do it, its just that poor Martha got caught.

Do you know Martha Stewart offered to set up programs for female ex-convicts at her own expense?  Instead, they decide to spend OUR taxpayer money to convict a woman we all know has no business in prison.  They should make room for a pedophile or a rapist or a murderer or someone committing other violent crimes.  Martha Stuart in prison...what's this world coming to.

Given....I know she's rumored not to be very nice, and she seems sort of 'stiff'....but she's Martha for cryin in the night.

ANYWAY now that gripe is overwith, they've told her she can take 5 items with her when she checks in.  Five personal items.  Now I got to thinking .... what would I take?  What wouldI miss most? 

MY DAUGHTERS!!!  (obviously, although you can't take that with you)

My dogs (the other babies in the house)

My room and bed and comfy pillows.


My giant fuzzy monkey slippers.

My privacy....I'd hate having to go poddy in front of other people.

I'd take Dr. Pepper lip gloss, eyeshadow and mascara.  (That's three already)

Dentyne Ice gum (four)

My super duper wonderful brown hairbrush (five!!)

Do they give you a toothbrush and toothpaste?

What about bras and underwear?  Maybe I should take that back and bring those instead.....

OK so besides your freedom....what would you miss most?  This is another lesson in gratitude, by the way....

Happy Thursday Everybody!!!

(here's to a positive journal entry....c'mon get happy)


PS I hit a minor goal yesterday....I've now lost 30 lbs people.  Go me!!!


kuhlhiggins said...

I would miss my phone and talking to Scotty and my computer.

phlskygirl said...

  1.  Sure, Martha did what alot of us would do in her situation, but I would think that as incredibly high-profile as she is, she'd have known better than to brag to her socialite friends at practically every social gathering she went to about her illegal activities, which was what got her into major trouble in the first place.
  2.  If I were as stupidly loose-lipped as Martha and got myself sentenced to jail time (big IF), I would take my Braun electric epilator (hair yanker).  I hate razors, and I'm sure women's penitentiaries buy their razors bulk from Acme Dull Razors, Inc.  Oh, and my puerto rican coffee.  And southern butter pecan creamer.  And my Smashbox and MAC makeup.  And my GNC women's ultra mega multivitamins, to cancel out all the puerto rican coffee consumption...
  3.  Lost 30 lbs, huh?  TAKE A FREAKING PICTURE and share your happiness, for chrissakes!!  And whaddaya know... AOL's still waiting for it's photo submission, so get a move-on!  Er, I meant, congratulations.   :o)~