Monday, October 4, 2004

Merry Monday Morning & A Fresh Start

I bought my guys (at work) a cauldron full of kisses and other chocolate treats and they're full of love, joy and sugar this morning.  So easy to please...I just love my job.

Its National Smile Week (I read this somewhere) and so in honor of that, SMILE.  It takes less muscles to smile than frown anyway.

The cleaning/cleansing is done and you would not believe the difference.  The stank in Olivia's room is gone, and our house feels and smells wonderful.  I baked pumpkin pies this weeekend, which are now gone.  They came out of the oven yesterday around 3PM and between Louie and the kids (ok and maybe I had two slices) ...they're GONE.  Next time I'll make more.  I made a veggie stew that was delicious as well, but of course that didn't go over as well as the pies did.  Go figure.

EVERYTHING got cleaned or dusted this weekend, including the dogs, all the slip covers, the curtains and the bed linens.  Even the air and the energy got cleaned.  So my house is my space again.  I'll do that everytime it starts to feel heavy.  I slept better than I have in months, Kayla actually slept in her own room (first time in months), and I feel better.  I feel more centered, and at peace.  My home is my sacred place again.  What an awesome process.

Should I do the office???  (yah right!)


The balloons didn't go up this morning - something about a wet field, which made me jealous because we didn't get a drop of rain all weekend, but hey, I digress....they went up yesterday and its really cool to see a couple hundred balloons in the sky all at once.  Its supposed to rain all week...surprise surprise. 

A little lesson in meteorology...Albuquerque's so wonderful for balloons this time of year because of the "Albuquerque Box", which is an effect caused by our terrain (basically the mountains).  It makes for a safer environment for balloons, even though we usually have a couple of crash landings a year.  The kicker is that for some reason it always seems to rain or blow during the first week of October.  Its kind of comical, but I guess the box wouldn't be as optimal during the second week of October, and besides if they moved it, it'd probably rain then too.

The kids and I hung out Saturday - we went for a drive through the bosque and its tourist land over here.  I saw a bus from Mexico that said "Autobus Globos" (balloons bus??) and we thought that was adorable.  I don't remember ever seeing so many RV's in one place in all my life.  There's a really cool arts fair - The Rio Grande Arts Festival - that's going on in a tent just north of the Fiesta Park, so we'll hit that next weekend.

The smell of green chile roasting is everywhere, and the leaves are changing in the bosque - the cottonwoods look gorgeous.  Did I mention that I love this time of year??

Happy Monday....hope all is well out there....


kuhlhiggins said...

That is so sweet that you bought your guys kisses and other chocolate treats. I am sure that they loved it. It feels so good to have the cleaning and cleansing done. The pumpkin pies sounded so yummy.

donah42 said...

There must be a cleaning vibe in the air! I just spent a few hours vacuuming everything that didn't move:)