Friday, October 29, 2004

My new dream car



















This will be my next car, I've decided.  All my life I've coveted the '67.  This one is a take off of that model, and its a mighty fine rendition.  When my dad and uncle were teenagers, and the family biz was rockin', my grandpa bought both of them 1967 mustangs.  NEW.  Dad got a cherry red, Uncle Robert got a green one.  Well, the red one went to the other uncle, who's 8 years older than me, and he of course wrecked it.  The green one went to my cousin, who parked it at my great grandma's house, and he still has it.  He's "working on it" and I've always thought he should give it to me but I bet you dollars to donuts its going to my cousin Peter, who so doesn't deserve it.  Then, my ex's best friend SCHcott (he uses the lateral s, sorta like a lisp) bought his wifey a 67 in a powder blue.  She also didn't deserve it, and hated it because it was 'old'.  He had a 70 which was pretty but not like the '67-67 years.  Of course then they changed the way it looked - we call that the dark period - and no one wants one of those.  Someday I'll have a '67... but now I want one of these.  V-8, 300 HP, 4.6 liter....and sexy as heck.  How can anyone NOT love this fine automobile.  I just love hot, fast cars. 

(Yes I'm a girly girl, but I can still appreciate stuff like this.  I even know how to work on them a little.)

I would look so good in that car.  $25,000 fully loaded.  I'll just write a check....hahahahahahaha


Parent teacher conferences for Emily today.  It was SO REFRESHING to go and hear people praise my daughter.  She's such a good student, she's reading at college level, she's always got her work done, she gave an awesome presentation.  She's QUIET?!?!?  (never got that one - certainly not talking about MY Emily)

Thank you so much Emily for working so hard and being such and awesome kid.  You reduce my stress level and bring me joy every day.

You rock.

(Sidenote(s):  Her literature teacher was so cute and nerdy and intelligent and ATTRACTIVE....something about nerdy guys...sigh!  He and I are trading Anne Rice books.....wooohooooo!  Blue eyes to die for.  PITTER PATTER.  Her principal was my gifted teacher in mid-school...that made us BOTH feel old.)


Bill Clinton will be in Albuquerque Sunday for a rally and I am so there.  Something about that man makes me crazy.  He's so sexy!!  Forget Kerry....gimme Bubba.  I've always wanted to see him speak anyway - this is gonna be awesome.  I'm psyched.  10 AM at the National Hispanic Cultural Center if you live nearby.


I had the BIGGEST squee moment today....(Andrea will appreciate this).  I cleaned the office today because it got to be just a little too much.  So I vacuumed, including in the vacuum closet, and noticed a couple of leaves (sucked them up, no prob) and a long object that I thought was plastic or a piece of pipe.  (Construction company - that stuff happens).  So I put the vacuum away and bend down to grab the long plastic object, which (without glasses) was about 7" long and about 1/2" wide... I get about an inch from grabbing it and realize its a BIG FAT HONKIN CENTIPIDE. 


After tripping over myself, hitting the open closet door and almost falling on my butt...Mikey (coworker) finally offers to pick the deceased centipede up and flush it.  I ran, because since he's a lot like my little brother I figured he'd like, flick it at me or something.  He's probably still chuckling.

Anyway, my love of all things great and small does not apply to centipedes.  I was SO glad he had gone to the vacuum closet in the sky.  That love also does not apply to cockroaches.  I just can't bring myself to kill those guys, and the main reason is the sound they make when you squinch 'em.  That crunch-squish sound.  I will trap a roach in a paper cup and throw him outside before I'll squish it.  I have to plug my ears if someone else does.  I'm sorry but that has nothing to do with karma and everything to do with nausea/squee prevention.

Sidenote: The only thing (well one of two things - the diet coke there tastes bleachy) I didn't like about New Orleans is that they have FLYING ROACHES.  They sound like B-52s going over.  That's a big squee.

Additional sidenote:  Spiders don't have this effect on me.  Its the ones with the exoskeletons that do. 

Why am I going on about this??  I'm sure someone out there can give me an amen.

I'm gonna have nightmares about the squee.  I know it.


Another happy Friday moment:  someone (MY KIDS) gave little Tinkerbell WAY too many treats yesterday and didn't tell me.  Little Tink's tummy was very rumbly last night.  You see where I'm going I'm sure.  I share my bed with my little angel puppies and the occasional child.  This morning there was ... stuff ... all over my bed.  5:45 AM.  In my hair, onmy back, everywhere.  After my extremely HOT shower where I lathered and scrubbed three times...I was ready to strangle my daughters, who (good thing for them) were still sound asleep.

ack.  what a friday.  TMI I know.  Thank GAWD for Amy's potpouri (no I can't spell) or my room would be a no fly zone right now.


Anyway I'm off to dream land....sweet dreams everyone. 





kuhlhiggins said...

Bitchin car Kris. Bill Clinton is so sexy. I hope you get to see him up close. I wish I was going to be there.

donah42 said...

I can't take centipedes either...I can tolerate any insects except worms, centipedes, caterpillars, etc. Once I came home from a camping weekend & found two centipedes curled up in my duffle bag. I'm sure it was the SQUEEEEEEEEE heard round the world. I scooped them up in a spoon & relocated them outside. I still cringe (and I threw the spoon away!)

slowmotionlife said...

Purdy car, that's for sure!!  My hubby has a thing for "muscle cars" - whatever the heck that means.  LOL  I just like small, sporty-type cars that don't cost much.  :P  I drive a Cougar.  She's a sexy little thang.  I hope you're able to get a '67!  If it's that important to you, something you've wanted for that long, you should definitely make it happen.  Way to go, Emily!  Way to go, Clinton!  Lurve him.  Wish he'd run again.  And ewwww on the squished cockroach sound.  LOL  Blah, blah, blah.  Any squished bug sound, actually.  GROSS.  LOL

andreakingme said...

Crunchy bugs! Yeesh, I just had to swallow my tummy back down to where it belongs.

I've gone ape shit over spiders here in the office before. I was walking down the hallway once and one was dangling from the ceiling and I almost walked INTO it. I did one of my primal monkey screams and gave everyone a good scare.

A couple of weeks later, someone put a big plastic spider on my keyboard. I confiscated him (the fake spider). Dastardly bastiges.

cneinhorn said...

I had a 76" Mustang! Does that count?  It's 67 backwards, LOL!  I do have a
96GT now, I love Mustangs!  My favorite car! Hope you get yours!!