Friday, October 8, 2004

purging random thoughts

Something unfortunate happened last night.  Booboo the giant puppy hopped the wall to the front yard and knocked over and destroyed the bunny pen.  Louie found Bunnyboo's lifeless body on the front lawn, and he can't find Olive anywhere.  These are Kayla's babies....she's going to be devastated.  The plan is to go buy her two more, and break it to her then.  I hope it softens the blow a bit. 

There's nothing worse in this world than to see your child hurt, either emotionally or physically.  I wish there was anything I could do.  As a mother you always wish you could take the pain for them...what I hate more than anything is that I can't be there to hold her when he tells her. 

I'm mad at myself for not seeing this coming. I can woulda/coulda/shoulda this to death, but I know I should have put Booboo in Toby's (the horse) area.  I've been threatening to do it for a week, now that's where she'll be.  She's got more room back there anyway.  I'm angry at the dog, even though I know I shouldn't be.  She's just doing what comes naturally to her, but still.  This dog as you know has been a challenge from the beginning, from digging up all the bulbs in the whiskey barrels, to eating trees, to digging up and eating rose bushes, to opening gates and letting the horse out.  We have a TON of room (1/2 acre) and she's got a bazillion toys, and the kids are always outside playing with her, and she's got two other dogs to keep her company, so I have no idea why she is always in trouble, but she is.  Hence her name, Booboo.


Guess we'll be holding services for the two deceased bunnies later this evening. 


Before I got THAT wonderful phone call....

I still haven't found the means of taking my photo for AOL J-land.  I've got a cheesy ancient webcam...that may be what I use. 

I'm still so excited about that - how cool, huh?


After our latest storm....which was insane, by the way.  I don't know how many inches of golf-ball sized hail we got, but it was a lot.  Some early estimates of damage from that one are at 9 million.  Skylights shattered, roof damage, cars dented...crazy stuff.  My yard looks like spinach salad, and so does everyone else's.  Seems the hail and wind pounded off all kinds of leaves that hadn't changed color yet and therefore weren't ready to fall.  Strange seeing a combination of green leaves and branches all over the place.  Spinach salad I tell ya.

Thank goodness we have a garage or our cars would have gotten it too. 

Speaking company provided sportscar is in the shop AGAIN.  Seems I've got a leak on the intake gasket and I need a new starter.  $900.  I was going to break it to el jeffe yesterday, but seeing as he's in Las Vegas at a "Conference" and the airline lost not only his luggage but his golf clubs....he was obviously in no mood to hear about the car.  I'll buy him a giant cinnamon roll on Monday and break it to him then.

I can hear it now..."What the **** are you DOING to that CAR, KRIS?!?!?"  Thank goodness the mechanic said it had been there for a while and they were just misdiagnosing the problem.  I'm hoping "for a while" means before he bought that car for me.  (well one can hope, right??)

Meanwhile I'm driving a truck that's bigger than Texas.  Way too much truck for me.  There's something to be said about us women not being too compatible with large vehicles....I'm one of those women.  Louie said "OOOOH you have a TOOL box.  Sexay!"  (PUH-lease)

Look out Albuquerque....Kris is drivin' a BIG shelter immediately, or at least give me a lot of room.  (get the heck outta the way)


Random, I told ya.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!


kristeenaelise said...

post script....

Kayla took the news remarkably well.  Too well.   That's cool??  Uhm....Louie brought her two baby bunnies and she was so psyched that she sortof got over her grief of losing the other two immediately.  She chewed Booboo out, which helped.  

oh-kay.  ?????  still scratching my head  ????

This is good....right???

phlskygirl said...

  Tool boxes ARE sexy... especially if they're being hauled around by a gorgeous man that knows how to use every tool IN the box!  [you GO, girl!]
  I remember when I was a kid, the only difference between a real bunny and a toy one was that a real bunny craps everywhere.  Maybe Kayla was at just the right age for something like this to happen... just young enough for the ramifications of death to not quite sink in.  Consider the timing fortunate.
  By the way... is it too late to dig Bunnyboo and Olive up?  Christmas is around the corner, and I could really use some slippers...