Monday, October 18, 2004

Ramadan, definition of (from a non-Muslim white girl) and other random happy things

Based on Darrell's little e-mail - he's not so PC and definately kinda ignorant but I love him anyway - I figured I could do just a little blip about Ramadan.  Keep in mind I am not Muslim and I know very little about Islam except for what I've studied on my own.  There's the disclaimer.  The following is compiled from my own personal knowledge and from Fact Monster.

This year, Ramadan officially begins on October 15.  Now, contrary to popular belief, this is not a time of violence or mean spiritedness for Muslim folks everywhere.  In fact, Ramadan is a "month of blessing".  Believers spend their time praying, fasting, giving to charities, meditating and reflecting.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar calendar.  They believe that during this month, Allah first revealed the beginning verses of the Qur'an, the Islam holy book.  During this month the Qur'an is recited each night in prayer.  This is known as tarawih.  I used to work with three Muslim men who, if we were working late, would spread out their rugs at sundown and recite a portion of the Qur'an.  During the month, believers also fast from sunup to sundown.  This means no food, water, gum, nothing.  The morning meals (suhoor) and evening meals (iftar) are eaten with the family.  The purpose behind fasting is to force reflection, practice self control, and to cleanse the body and spirit.  My friends will try their hardest not to think impure thoughts (sex, drugs or rock n' roll), control their anger, refuse wordly things (like TV) and stay away from violent things, both in their attitude and those of others.  (HUGE point there.)

At the end of the Ramadan, there is a big party.  This is called Eid al-Fitr, and this year the festival is on November 14.  This is a very important Islamic occasion.  Muslims will dress up, give candy and sweets to children (mine loved it), and eat and eat wonderful food with friends and family.  This is a time of giving to charity, helping people out (ie feeding homeless or contributing to shelters, helping friends out if need be, etc) and being generous.

Kind of goes against what the media would like us to believe, huh.  This is a time of closeness and devotion to Allah, but it is NOT a time of murderous, violent behavior. 

CYA:  (Dates are based on - image used with permission.  Nyah.)

To Fact Monster 


I just found out that my boss is considering hiring the biggest chauvinistic (no I can't spell, that's why my daughter can't and also why I'm an accounting nerd.  I just looked it up now, ha.) jerkiest, low down rudest varmit this side of the Pecos.  Shoot, anywhere for that matter.  Dude just got fired for his lack of management skill and he wants to hire him here.  Why??  He's a "friend".  The last "friend" got us in the less-than-perfect position we're in today.  BUT I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, nod and smile a lot and be a good girl.  No really, I am.

Hopefully boyfriend can keep his hands to himself and his mouth shut, which hasn't been the pattern thus far.  hrmph!  Construction is still one of those industries stuck in 1954 as far as women in the workplace is concerned.  I'm pretty tolerant until my butt gets slapped.  Then I go all Matrix on people.  

WaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!  HiiiiiyyyyyAAAAA!!!


My arms are still aching from lugging those "punkins" all over on Saturday.  Just call me Xena... the punkin luggin weirdo.  Speaking of arms - have you scoped out Madonna's lately?  She's so buff!!  From yoga, even.  I want buff Madonna (or the artist formerly known as Madonna) arms.


Ya know I was really hungry till I read Andrea's journal today.  Boy was that great for diet control.  Zitty cats, boogery husbands and seedy colons, oh my! 

I have not been good at all this week.  Its called lotsa yummy food and zero self control.  Major scarfage.  I'm gonna blame it on hormones because that's so conveeeeenient.


We went to Sam's and blew close to 600 smackaroos on groceries.  That'll last two weeks.  I'm tellin ya its getting harder and harder to breathe....ever notice how your bills and expenses will expand proportionally to the amount of your new raise?  It just happened, and it made a cool 'whoosh' sound.


Enough randomness this Monday morning.  You know its bad when I can't even follow it.

Have a wonderful beautiful safe happy peaceful Monday people.




kuhlhiggins said...

Thank you for posting about Ramadan. I had not a clue what on earth it was. It sounds very nice. Hopefully your boss will not hire his friend afterall. I haven't been good on my diet either. I am going to weigh in on Friday anyway. I know it is going to catch up with me but I haven't weighed in since Sept 14th. I am not going to beat myself up about it if I have gained. I will be better next weigh in.

andreakingme said...

Heh, I guess I shouldn't tell you about my hubby's dill pickle scented burps then, should I?

Oh. Whoops.

kristeenaelise said...

Oh YUM Andrea, thank you.  I think Weight Watchers should put you on the payroll.  LOL!!!

phlskygirl said...

My first thought was, "Ok, I really need to find some less tolerant friends; this is just getting annoying."  And then I realized that if you actually were less tolerant, you wouldn't put up with any of my crap, either!  So you GO, Sister Krispy!

cneinhorn said...

I've lived in the Middle East for several years: Iran and Saudi Arabia, you are right, this is not a time of violent behaviour.  Although, it's probably not a good idea to be a white foreigner in either country at the moment.....sad.