Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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Sigh.....I just LOVE rainy days.  Born and raised in beautiful Albuquerque, NM, we rarely get stormy weather.  I think someone said its sunny here an average of 300 days a year.  I know I should be grateful we don't have severe weather, and trust me I am, but it makes me crave rainy days and stormy weather.  So I'm a weirdo.  Someday I'll live in New Orleans or in Oregon or Washington state where it storms more often.  What's weird about today is that its also really cold for October in Albuquerque.  We've got our first freeze warning, and the mountains already got some snow.  How cool, huh?

Its snowing in Santa Fe and we've shut down two job sites so far today.  I can't wait to get home and squoogie and warm.....


I made a wonderful new friend and I'm so excited about it.  Her name is Shannon and we're so much alike its just scary.  Ever met someone that just clicks with you?  We've chosen the same professional career, we both have stepchildren and kids of our own, both my Louie and her Scott have the same haircut and gotee....its just bizarre.  I feel blessed.  She's awesome. 

I love meeting new people and making new friends.  Good grief I just sounded like a Mister Rogers Neighborhood episode.  I'll stop now.


I just saw an article in the local business weekly (New Mexico Business Weekly, "Editor's Notebook", by Emily Esterson) about an editor who's getting sick of political emails from friends, coworkers, family and people she barely knows.  So sick she says, that her 'delete' key on her keyboard is wearing out.  the "l" and "e" on the key have worn completely off and if she was a proper typist, she might have carpal tunnel in her right pinky.  (I'm a lousy typist myself, but I prefer the "backspace" key, thank you very much.)

Between that and spam, its become more of a chore than a delight to open your inbox most days.  Its almost like trying to watch the morning news and getting slammed with political ads.  The only difference is the e-mail doodoo is just that - 'doodoo'.  Based on nothing, especially not fact, its come to the point that I actually ignore e-mails from a particular co-worker because I can't deal with the volume anymore.  Wait, I guess there's not much of a difference between that and the TV ads.

The last debate is tonight thank goodness.  I am so sick of this political garbage.  I'm actually craving a used car commercial because the political ads have become so negative. They're back to back on each and every commercial break.  I watch very little TV on purpose, but even the news I watch in the mornings is just crammed with he said/she said garbage.  Its just wretched.  Political affiliation is now a taboo subject at work because we're all so divided about it.  Even my normally subdued Wiccan groups are all heated arguments about politics now.  I'm ready for it to be over already.

I read Peach's journal today and it made me wanna hug her real tight.  I have a friend in Iraq, although he's not in the military, and I understand completely when she perks up as they announce more deaths, and then breathes a guilty sigh of relief when its someone else.  My friend works as a private contractor for an engineering firm, and people have been kidnapped from his compound.  The restaurant he frequents was almost bombed last week.  I think I speak for all of us when  I say we do support the troops in Iraq and we hope and pray they not only come home soon, but safe.  I think that's everyone's hope and desire.  Get them home and get them home safe and get them home as soon as possible.

How that got so completely wound in politics is amazing and sad at the same time.  On that note, I want so badly for my children to understand how important it is that we have this right to vote for the individual we think is right to run our country.  In that, we've tried to watch the debates together, and I let my daughters ask questions and make comments so they learn from the process.  These last couple of debates though have been difficult if not excrutiating to watch all the way through, and about 15 minutes before they were over, I turned to my 7 year old and said...."Wanna watch cartoons??"

The cartoons were welcome relief from our candidates' inability to fully respond to questions and directions.  I was getting dizzy watching them go in circles around each other.  Tonite is thankfully the last of them, and once again we'll try to watch it.  Perhaps we'll get through the whole thing...  Or maybe we'll watch Grim and Evil again.  ;)

The point being....I certainly hope we can go back to business as usual after the elections are over.  I hope we don't remain divided and scared for long.  I kind of miss business as usual in Washington D.C. and I can not believe I just typed that.  Lets just have normal watercooler conversations, send stupid brainless e-mails that are actually funny, and smile and laugh and stuff.  Remember that?


Smile everyone, its hump day...AND ITS RAINING!!!  Think sweet, positive thoughts, and laugh really hard at least once.  (It burns a lot of calories)

Happy Wednesday!!!

(The holidays are coming!  The holidays are coming!)


kuhlhiggins said...

I love rainy days too. I am so glad the last debate is on tonight. I am so tired of hearing about this. I already voted so I am ready to have it done and over with.
Have a great Wednesday.

sharkie412 said...

I like sunny days...but you're right after not being able to see rain you really want to see it...and love it. I don't live in a state like NM...reverse the letters to MN and thats where I am. We had a couple of weeks that I remember of not rain...even after that period of time we couldn't wait for it to come and cool down the temps we were getting.