Monday, October 25, 2004

rare bedtime randomness

Another one of mine, drawn especially for my ... uhm....friend?  He'd better appreciate them dernit.  He'd better STILL be appreciating them.

I've been eating way too many candy corns, gummy worms and suckers lately.  Bad girl.  Bad!  I need a drill sargeant.  Someone to kick me right in the butt and get me remotivated.  Someone to drag my butt to the gym, scream at me to get my homework done and/or study, make me have that garage sale and get organized, etc etc.  I even got sort of stared at for being late to work.  That never happens.

I need to kick my own self in the butt.




I don't have a mom, so I don't have anyone to kinda gently yet firmly remind me to get my butt in gear.  Maybe that's what I need.  Will someone adopt me?  LOL

That'll be my next personal

FREE TO A GOOD MOM.  Whiter than white female, 33, strong sense of responsibility, intelligent and funny with quick wit, seeks MOM.  Betty Crocker figure to bake cookies with, take the kids to visit, go Christmas shopping with, and to call and bug me at will.  Someone to knit me stupid-looking hats, someone to call to ask how to zest a lemon, someone who can laugh with me when my kids do something stupid, and cry with me when I realize they're growing up.  Someone who'll scold me for going outside with wet hair, forgetting my jacket, wearing unmatching socks or spacing my seat belt.  Someone who will like whatever I do and love my art and writing just because she loves me like that. 

No need to send pics. 

How's that?  yee haw!!


Have a great nite guys...I'm off to beddie bye land.



kuhlhiggins said...

Beautiful picture. Oh Kris, I can't be your mother but I can be your friend. Anytime you would like to talk I am here for you.

phlskygirl said...

I'd volunteer, but I'd make a horrible mom... "But you just went to the gym last week!  Let's go to the movies instead."  
-Or-  "Ooooh, garage sale?  I won't be able to help this weekend, but I've got a giant box of shit I'd love for you to add to yours.  I'll bring it right over."  
-Or-  "Screw candy corn, here's some chocolate.  Put some in your gym bag."  
-Or-  "Sure, I'll call work and cover for your oversleeping ass by telling them you were witness to a 12-car pile-up on the way in [while wearing criminally hideous gym clothing], and are currently being debriefed by a police officer.  As he averts his eyes from your chocolate-encrusted sweats.  Will you grab some Krispy Kremes for me and drop them off on your way to the office?  I'll be hungry after sorting my shit and bringing it over for your garage sale."  

So... would you be willing to settle for an evil step-sister?   ;o)~

kristeenaelise said...

Evil step sisters ROCK.  Never had one of those, either.  LOL  woohoo!!!!

=) k

lamove04 said...

That's a lovely drawing, Kris.  What medium?  Maybe I can be your Daddy...

andreakingme said...

That's a gorgeous drawing, Kris!

I've been eating a lot of candy lately, too. I have no willpower. None. And I'm also lazy! Therefore, I would make a sucky Mother/Cheerleader/Whatever. It's all I can do just to talk myself into going to the grocery store today after work.

I might make it to the fitness club this week. Then again, maybe not. There's a bag of M-n-Ms with my name on it ....