Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Rare evening randomness.

Bizarre realization....

My teenage daughter and I actually enjoy the same music.  Angry chick, alternative, makes no sense kind of music. 

She just turned me on to this band that's fun as heck.  "Busted" 

My parents cringed at the music I listened to, and still do.  Their parents listened to either easy listening (elevator music) or gospel so I'm sure we've experienced generations of parental hatred of teenage music.  I've broken the mold of music discrimination.  I'm so proud of that.

We actually even listen to the same radio station.  Go figure.

My daughter is so cool.  Not only is she beautiful and intelligent and talented and artistic and funny, but she's a cool person that I enjoy hanging out with.  I guess one of the few benefits of having a child so young is that you end up being friends as well as having that parent/child relationship.  We kind of grew up together.  I mean we still maintain that authority thing, and I kick her butt when she needs it, but we also enjoy each other's company.  She's a truly wonderful soul, and I thank whatever higher power that's out there for her all the time.  Thank you supreme diety for bringing this wonderful little soul into my life.

I consider that a great accomplishment, and something I'm really proud of. I actually not only still like my teenage daughter, but I even look forward to hanging out with her.

That's awesome.  I'm all squoogie now.

Sweet dreams from the Queen of Random thoughts and ideas.

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kuhlhiggins said...

Hi Kris,
My Mom and I have that kind of relationship. It seems like we are friends rather than Mother and Daughter. It is so cool that you too are having that with your daughter.