Thursday, October 21, 2004

Spittin' Fire & Wisdom

Well, this is kinda cool.  I've been getting an unusually large amount of bombardment (is that even a word?!?) from my ultra conservative republican co-workers, although this is political, its not tasteless. 

My friend sent me a link to a Political Compass.  Its really cool.  You answer some quiz questions based on your beliefs, and it tells you where you fall in the spectrum. 

According to this (surprise surprise anyone who knows me) I'm further down on the spectrum than Gandhi.  There's some cool people in my quadrant though...Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and Gandhi.  Not bad company at all.

Anyway check it out if you have time...the Political Compass Homepage also gives where our candidates fall, which is kinda scary. 


So, in the past 24 hours my boss has called me "snippy" and a "lil spitfire".  I'm trying to take all this as a compliment....but ya know I'm starting to wonder now.  Two snippies and a spitfire = kris you need to smile a little more today.


On that note, I'm headed off to school.  I sure could use some help with my focus lately...I'm burned out on life and need a kick in the butt - maybe a cosmic energy one.

muah happy Thursday almost Friday!!!!!!

(I'm smiling!!!  Honest!!!)


kuhlhiggins said...

Have a good night at school tonight. snippy and lil spitfire lol

duh111222 said...

Well, we wouldn't want you any other way now would we.

Have a good class see you later

=) S.

lamove04 said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hi.  No one has ever called my journal "adorable" before!  I kinda liked that, LOL.  So, thanks... I like your writing too!   have a good day, Albert

emenemz said...

How dare you spell cheak my journal!!! Im deeply hurt with youu now!! Truley an d sincerly hurt!!! J/K Its just embarressing!!
Love you, DAMIT,

kristeenaelise said...

Good grief baby.  Calm down and spell check spell check spell check.

I obviously have someone in mind (jokingly) for my 13 year old daughter to marry....more clues later.

Elimy lern to spall cheak yer sutff ... yew spall like yer mom.  

love you