Thursday, October 14, 2004

Still feeling that Halloween Spirit....

I know that's dirty but its also my favorite halloween candy so I had to post it.  EWWWWWWW

My friend just e-mailed that to me and I have no idea how to reference it or give credit for it so if it belongs to someone that gets angry for me posting it I'll take it down.

Still......LOL how nasty is that.


I came in the other day all angry at my boss for a nightmare I had about him selling the company.  I know that's not fair, but you know those residual dreams that were so real that they leave you feeling awful for a while....this was one of those.  So I told him about it - it was actually him selling the company to another company we often work with here in town.  The rep from that company is not very well mannered - he often interrupts people and he calls women 'hun' and 'sweetie' which is so 1954 - anyway in my dream I had to give my car to that man.  It was awful.  So my boss laughed at me for a while and I eventually got over being angry at him for his behavior in my dream.  I know that sounds ridiculous but admit happens sometimes.  I was so worried (in the dream) about how I was going to feed my kids while I was looking for another was awful.

Anyway, the bizarre thing is is that my assistant had a very similar dream the same night - that she was fired.  She woke up with her heart pounding and all upset, and it stayed with her all day.  She came in all grumpy and not liking our poor boss. 

What a co weenk eee deeenk..... (my poor boss - he hired a buncha weirdos)


You know I just realized how random my daily purge is.  That's kinda fun.

Happy Thursday!!  MUAH!


PS Whoever hits the 1000 mark, let me know and I'll like, throw confetti and sing and dance or something scary like that.


kuhlhiggins said...

LOL. Liked the witch picture. That is my favorite halloween candy too. Wish I had some now it just sounds so good.

phlskygirl said...

Ok, I've been looking for that cartoon for YEARS.  I first saw it at least 6 or 7 years ago (back when I had nothing better to do than exchange goofy emails during the workday... can you say "civil servant"?).  I doubt anyone will come after you about it.  I have an equally adorable-slash-icky one for Thanksgiving, but I'm gonna make you wait for it.  Heh.

andreakingme said...

Oh NO! I can't believe that graphic shows candy corn coming from the legs of ... what is it? Frankenstein?! A green witch?! Oh, I'm gaggin' here . . . I love candy corn! And now I'll never be able to eat another piece without remembering this graphic!

(I'm here via Peachy's Journal, by the way. Hi. How're ya?!)