Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Up the down staircase and other random thoughts

This morning there was a spooky looking fog over everything, and the mountains got a bit of snow so there was a fog blanket around them too.  I love this time of year.  Its actually a little bit chilly and its kinda fun waking up in a cool house, although I hate getting out from under the blankies when I'm all snuggy warm.  The trees are changing color and leaves are falling, and my yard looks so cool with all the different colors.  We've got some of those purple plum trees so the colors are just awesome.

I may have to break out the doggy sweaters for Peenit and Tinkerbell.  They get so cold when they go out that they come in shivering.  Besides, Peenit looks so dapper in his orange sweater.  (HA HA HA HA HA)  My friend used to tell me if Peenit were human he'd get his butt kicked for wearing sweaters like Bill Cosby.  I think this particular friend from Brooklyn wears similar sweaters...but I won't cast stones.  Anyway, I don't care, its cute as heck and he needs them doggonit.

This weekend we're headed up to the Pumpkin Patch for hayrides, the corn maze and to pick out our pumpkins.  How fun, huh.  They even have cocoa and warm apple cider.  mmmmm  I've never been on a hayride before so it'll be interesting.  We're gonna cruise through the mountains too because I want to see the aspens changing. 

Last but not least I'm gonna take my kiddos out to dinner and to see Shark Tales.  How fun!!  I'm psyched.


Totally random - my Emily came back from spending the night at her best friends/cousin's house and gave me a big hug and actually snuggled up and told me she missed me.  Is that adorable or what?

My 13 year old loves me still.   My little Emskin.  Emplstilskin.  Embolism. (she's gonna kill me now)


One more random thought....I keep getting all these e-mails from people condemning Halloween for its satanic undertones or whatever paranoid garbage they can think up. 

For the love of pete....what is evil and/or satanic about a 3 year old in a bunny costume?  Help me out here.  And....(gasp!)....they ring doorbells asking for ... CANDY.  EEEK. 

My 87 year old grandfather still dresses up for Halloween - he hands out candy like that - and I think its adorable.  He loves Halloween.  He's also an elder in his church, and the most god-fearing humble man I've ever known. 

Paranoia will destroy ya.  That's all I gotta say.  Lets lighten up and have some fun like we used to before people were all scared of everything.

Kayla can't decide if she wants to be an angel, a princess, a werewolf, or a sorceress.  Wide range there...I'm hoping she narrows it down before we go shopping this weekend or I'll lose all my patience and joy in the store I'm sure.

I've always wanted Louie and I to dress up but he won't.  I was thinkin Sonny and Cher, or he's the hooker and I'm the pimp (he's not into cross dressing unfortunately) or something silly like that but no dice.  Maybe Em will do it with me. 


Is it bad that I'm already aching for the weekend and its only Tuesday???

Bad for me, probably.

At any rate, happy Tuesday people.


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kuhlhiggins said...

Your doggy sweaters sound so cute. The pumpkin patch sounds like a lot of fun with the corn maze and hayrides. I love the fall and Halloween. Ignore the people who condem Halloween. Gee, it is all in fun.