Monday, October 25, 2004

Where the heck have I been.

We had a blast this weekend.  I went bowling with my gorgeous friend Shannon and her family and SUCKED rocks.  I hit two pins my first set, then nothing until her hubby took pity on me and put the baby bumpers up.  I think my final score was a 42.  My daughters, who've also never bowled in their lives, kicked my butt all kinds. 

It was a blast.  Now Kayla wants to join a league and Em's never gonna let me live it down.

You know, you watch people bowl and it looks so easy.  Turns out, there's dots to line up with, a certain number of steps to take, and corresponding arrows with the dots you line up on, not to mention spins on balls and wrist flicks and all kinds of other stuff.  I thought I was doing well to get the ball thrown down the lane without either killing myself or going down the lane with my fingers still stuck inside the ball.  Meanwhile, Shannon and Scott are nailing pins all kinds like nothing.  Who knew?  dots and arrows and steps .... good grief.

I'm proud of myself for being brave and wearing those gawd awful red white and blue bowling shoes and finishing the game, even though I came in dead last, even behind the four year old.  That's humility people.  Trust me.


We also carved our pumpkins. Well two of them anyway.  I'm hoping I'll get a decent camera so I can get a shot of them. If I do I'll take down that recycled graphic you see up there.  Anyway, they rock.  I bought a pumpkin carving kit and traced Emily's pattern so she could use it, then I free handed Kayla's pattern onto her giant gargantuan pumpkin.  By the way, we had to use a hacksaw to carve them, as the walls were over 4" thick.  I gave Toby the Horse some of the pumpkin scraps and he loved them.  I sure hope pumpkin's not bad for horses - guess we'll find out.  The bunnies loved it too.

Kayla's going to be a sorceress this year, and her costume is one of the best yet.  Blue velvet with a big collar, a hugely long black wig, black nails, glitter like crazy, a scepter (sp?)....she's gonna look awesome.  Again, I'll try to find a camera.

I love Halloween.


I'm tryin real hard to find focus and get my butt back in gear.  From what I understand, astrologically its a great time for that.  I'll check it out...if anyone's heard anything about that, please feel free to e-mail.


I watched four episodes back to back of Growing Up Gotti on A & E.  I rarely watch TV - in fact I only use it to try to sleep - and I got  four episodes because I thought it would be boring enough to pass out.  It wasn't.  Victoria Gotti is attractive and intelligent and successful all by herself, amazingly.  Her sons need help.  They're cute as heck, but troublemakers like crazy.  I would have strangled them, but you can tell she loves them tons.  There's my spin...if you have nothing else to do, and I mean nothing, its not painful to watch.  The house is gorgeous.


Thanks for all the nice comments on my art - its always scary to post one of your babies up there, unless you're like Judith and everything you put out is awe inspiring and wonderful. 

Better go....have a wonderful Monday!



kuhlhiggins said...

Bowling sounds like fun. I know I would suck at it because I am uncordinated. Looking forward to see your pumpkins and Kayla's costume. They sound so cute. Have a great Monday night.

donah42 said...

I suck at bowling too, and the shoes are pure horror!!!!