Monday, November 15, 2004

absolutely nothing.





















Neptune is so blue.

My oldest baby....the 13 year old 6' tall having minor day surgery today (think ingrown toenails, infection, scraping, digging...ACK) and she wants mama with her.  Sooooo off I go to try not to barf or pass out.  Wish me luck.


She'll do just fine and I'll be tough just for her.  (deep cleansing breaths...)

My baby's also got her first sort of boyfriend kinda in a way.  He's adorable and sweet....I'm just biding my time until she marries my future son in law.  I've got him all picked out and everything.  His name is Gabe, AKA St Gabriel, and she's known him since kindergarten.  He's sweet, polite, a good student, family has money....

I can sense her rolling her eyes right now.  Motherrrrr!!!!

She's growing up way too fast and she refuses to put bricks on her head, darn her.

Anyway, more later....

Have a wonderful Monday.



kuhlhiggins said...

Wishing you and your daughter luck while she has surgery. Gabe sounds like a perfect future son in law.

andreakingme said...

Ouch! I did NOT need that image in my mind, young lady!

Anyway, I'm glad it all went okay. Today's technology (the pain meds) are grrrrreat.

And ... we all need a Gabe!