Tuesday, November 16, 2004

All better









Image Copyright Camilla Eriksson, http://www.millan.net

Big giant Diet Cokes on the rocks from Sonic cure EVERYTHING.

***tra la laaaaaaaa!***


kuhlhiggins said...

Yes they do.

gizmosmom321 said...

I have to try that.  Except we don't have Sonic here. Darn.  I will go to 7-11.

phlskygirl said...

    Ok, I'm sure this is a bit weird, but I don't freaking care.  I'm pasting part of an email you sent me last night.  Because I re-read it and still gets me all squoogee.  So I'm gonna share with your fans and royal subjects.  Here goes.
    "Weird....I couldn't sleep last night either, so I did this totally sappy mom thing.  Kayla slept with me and I just watched her for a long time - she looks so perfectly angelic when she's sleeping.  Those cupid bow lips, perfect olive skin with little angel kissed freckles on her cheeks....I smoothed her hair and just marveled at this little child, while she snored like a train!"   Awww, damnit!

kdwsunshine said...

You got that right! I love the route 44 from Sonic!
I am new to your journal, but I love it, I am adding it to my alerts and will be back to visit!