Sunday, November 21, 2004

The event

We won't have our pics back for about a week (they were professionally taken) but we had a ball.  I drank a little too much...but that's ok.  I had a drink called a Bay Breeze which is cranberry juice, pineapple juice and vodka.  OK I had three of those, and a few glasses of wine... so I've got a baby hangover this morning.  (I NEVER drink.  Very it was a new experience.  I found a drink I like.)

They had two horrible standups.  Really horrible.  So we talked through those....

Then they had a hypnotist...that was incredible.  He did a little test at first to see who his victims would interlace your fingers, hold them like that in front of your face with your two index fingers about an inch apart and he starts talking.  You relax your mind and before you know it your two fingers are touching and you can't move them.  It was a trip!  Before the night was over, four of the poor victims were thinking their knees were arguing, their feet were telling jokes, they were aliens who had to smell people's was hilarious.

There were these obnoxious people at the table next to ours who got so incredibly drunk it was embarassing.  The hypnotist told us that once these people were out, we shouldn't wake them up or they could have rip roaring headaches.  Well, drunk idiots at table #4 decided to throw ice cubes at this one girl, woke her up and her head hurt so bad she was in tears.  Duh?  There was a chick in a bodice so tight her chichis were popping out and all she kept saying (real loud) was "I'm bored.  This sucks. I'm bored." and the other drunk chick kept talking REALLY loud.  If I were married to these bimbos I would have promptly gagged them and/or dragged them out by their hair to keep from embarassing themselves or me, but apparently hubbies thought it best to just leave them and sit at another table.

Keep in mind this is a professional organization gathering.  We ended up leaving after the hypnotist because they were ruining it for everyone.  Loud, obnoxious, stupid...

I hope their heads hurt more than mine this morning.

Anyway aside from that we had a wonderful time.  I was swimming in the dress but it was low cut so I didn't look like I was wearing a mumu and Louie looked absolutely gorgeous.  He's so suave when he's dressed like that....pitter patter.

It was wonderful.  SIGH!

Ok pretend like you wanted to hear about my evening....I'm off to pick up the little one.


Have a great sunday!!!



phlskygirl said...

Stupid people shouldn't be served alcohol.  That aside, I'm sure your headache was worth it -- that Bay Breeze sounded absolutely divine!  I'm sure I'll love it; I'm happy with plain ol' cranberry & vodka... throw pineapple into the mix, and it can only get better... I'm soooo gonna try it!

Just so you know, even if you feel the photos came out crappy, I'm still expecting you to post them.  Especially with Louie.  I want ogleage.

If your dress isn't dry-clean only, try washing it in warm water/gentle cycle, and then throwing it in the dryer on low for about 30 minutes.  This should get it to shrink a bit without making your tatas pour out like last night's drunk bimbo.  Pretend you asked.

kuhlhiggins said...

Hi Kris,
It sounds like so much fun except for the stupid people. I bet you both looked so good. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.