Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Just came from my meeting and apparently I'm 1.8 lbs lighter.  Since I haven't been able to go for two weeks, I was genuinely surprised.  I'm trying not to think about how far I need to go, and view it in little chunks.  My next 5 lb goal, 10 lbs, etc.  I met a lady tonight that's lost 79 lbs, and got to see before and afters....that kind of stuff inspires me.  If they can do it,  I can do it, and I'm over halfway there.  Check out Kat's journal (<----link over there) for another success story.


My attitude has been adjusted.  All better now.


Got my dress ordered for the fancy shmancy deal we're going to on Saturday.  I'm even gonna get my hair done all fru fru.  Although I complain, its kinda fun to get all schnazzed up every once in a while.  I'll post pics when we get them.  (if they're good!!)


Emmy's foot is doing well....thank gawd she can change the dressings herself.  I wish I wasn't such a wimp, but alas I am.  I'd  be using her sitz tub to barf in, I'm afraid. 

Related story:  I was in a bad rollover accident where my knee got extremely sliced and diced.  My best friend was with me, wasn't hurt too bad (if I remember correctly) and rode with me to the hospital.  Crazy chick actually stood up and watched the doc sew me up.  Then, after it was all said and done, she goes 'wanna see?' and like a dumb boob I say yeah and sit up.  Bad idea.  Had to lie back down.  QUICK.  Crazy bestfriend goes into the Navy and watches people get sliced and diced for a living for years.  Thank gawd she came to her senses and went to design school.  HAHA just kidding, Le.  (sort of)


Random memory:  Grandma signing her check "Mrs. George Hensley", giving  up her entire identity.  Whoa where the heck did THAT come from?  Grandma was a brilliant artist, and always wanted to be an architect, but gave all that up to raise kids and be a wife.  I guess that's what you did back then.  Grandma pushing me, like no one else did, with kindness and love, to succeed.  I so miss her, overcooked dry turkey, lumpy maltomeal, Estee perfume and all.  I guess she wanted me to do all the stuff she never got to - now I wish that for my children.


Other random memory:  My little brother being a weirdo sticking one end of a straw up his nose while the other end was still in his coke.  Little brother feeling the need to sniff hard, and snorting all kinds of soda up his nose.  Both of us getting kicked out of the hamburger joint for laughing so hard we couldn't breathe.


Crazy random notion:  ever notice how old people talk?  Days of the week are Sun-dee, Tues-dee, Thurs-dee.  Words with an -ive ending are pronounced differently too, is effective is eeffect-eeeve.  Wash is warsh.  Is there some accent there I'm missing?  My grandma's from Sweden originally, then from Kansas, then here.  All the rest of my family's from Tennessee.  (keep snide comments to yourself, thank you)  Is that just being old?


Latest Squee.  Cricket jumped on my head, Emily's leg, then Kayla's butt.  OOOOH squee.

OK well, as usual, I'm calling it a night since I ceased making any sense.

Its almost Thursday!

MUAH nite.


kuhlhiggins said...

Congrats on your weight loss. I am so happy for you. Thank you for mentioning my weight loss in your journal. I am Emmy's foot is doing well.

phlskygirl said...

Hey!  I used to say "crick" instead of creek, young lady.  Took me at least two years to drop the midwestern accent after I left.  Stop hatin' on people's accents.  Hate them for their race or sexual or political orientation, but NOT their accents!

Regarding your grandmother losing her identity, as difficult as it is to admit, some women just like becoming a part of their spouse.  Your grammy could have been one of those.  Don't forget that homo sapien males were intended to be the dominent sex (women's lib aside; those are intellectual arguments - I'm strictly talking biology).  I'll use my mom as an example.  I'm sure she has a few regrets when she daydreams about what could have been, but back then, it was a choice she voluntarily made.  And for that choice, I got a mom that was home after school everyday waiting to hear about my day as she handed me store-bought cookies (she never did get the hang of baked desserts, damnit).  And we both, in turn, would eagerly wait for my dad to come home from a week out in the field or some military exercise or other.  And I even liked it when I got to iron his uniform (probably because I was a kid & it was the occasional treat, and not obligatory).  Sue me for my biology!  At least I'm finally copping to it!!

I never stop letting her know how much I appreciate her, and the beautiful childhood I got as a result.  And [gasp, this is so out of character for me], I've actually tested "my" name if I were to marry my irish-italian... I created a screen name with his last name, just to see what it looked like.  It looked DREAMY.  I LOVED it [and I didn't even change my name when I WAS married].  His reply, "hang on to it; it looks promising" made me PURR for days.  Sue me.  

But then again, maybe your grandma just did it because she got a bit frisky with George at the drive-in one night and realized a couple months

phlskygirl said...

lmfao!!  My comment was too damn long & got cut off... there's a first!  My interrupted last thoughts:

But then again, maybe your grandma just did it because she got a bit frisky with George at the drive-in one night and realized a couple months later that she had to make a quick name-change!

Glad Emmy's foot's doing better!

lcnavygirl said...

Okay, okay, I try to stay out of this as much as possible, but here and I have been attached at the hip for 25 years and in so many ways we are the same. (At times it's almost scary) and here's the harsh, no holds barred truth... when it comes to blood you are a wimp. The human body's anatomy is an amazing thing. Maybe someday you should see it from the inside! Hee Hee I just thought I'd throw that in there to gross you out. But then again, when it comes to bugs we ARE the same.
Regarding your grandma...and so many of us women; the decision to either follow your own dreams or support your children's dreams is difficult to say the least. In so many ways I think that my daughter would be better off if I stayed home instead of building a career. But then again, the personal satisfaction of accomplishing my goals is (although selfish) very rewarding. Would I feel the same sense of pride and self worth if I stayed home? What would happen to my self esteem if all my dreams were then transferred to her? Would I be living vicariously through her, (which could be both bad and good) I think my point is that women are caught in such a catch-22 that it's nearly impossible to decide which road to take. It seems that no matter what decision you make, you're thinking it would be better if you had done it differently. Maybe we just need to start a business from home and be able to do both. 'Sigh'
Have a great day.  

kristeenaelise said...

Two of my favorite women....just as long winded as me.  I love it.

Work from home....hmmmm.....  NAH!  I tried being a stay at home mom, remember?  Besides, I NEVER signed my name Mrs. Louie Romero, Mrs. Keith Werblow ((((shudder)))), and I won't ever for anyone else.  That's like signing my name Mrs Emily's Mom.  I'm still me in here.  Somewhere.


No wait....this is why one of us needs to win the lottery and SHARE.

yeah yeah keep dreamin.
=) k

cneinhorn said...

Congrats on the weightloss!!!! Way to go!

andreakingme said...

Congratz on your 1.8 pound lighter bod, you weirdo! (It's Fri-dee, woo-hoo-ee.)

I'm a blood and gore wimp, too. No doubts about that. In fact, my tummy is lightly roiling just thinking about blood and gore. What a weenie I am!

I hope your photos turn out well because I think it'd be neat to see Fru-Fru you.