Wednesday, November 24, 2004







The list of things I'm thankful for, because I want to participate in this cheesy tradition too, darnit.  These are in no particular order, much like the way my mind works...

- my health:  I can breathe.  Oxygen is good. (Maybe I should be thankful for Albuterol)  I'm almost 50 lbs lighter, and that's awesome, and I still possess the ability to love and forgive and that's wonderful too.

- my wonderful beautiful kind brilliant intelligent talented artistic funny daughters

- my Louie  (pitter patter)

- my little doggies

- my JOB ( I love my boss and my job and my work.  I'm very fortunate)

- my friends, all of them, online and off.  I feel so fortunate to have as many as I do.

- my snake, horse, dogs, cats and all the other members of the Romero Zoo

- my ability to have food on the table, provide shelter, clothing, warmth and love for my children, my pets and myself.

- my fuzzy warm monkey slippers

- my Dr. Pepper lip gloss

- glow in the dark nail polish

- ancient Converse tennies

- Georgio perfume

- my car (kinda goes with the j-o-b)

- my adopted family (Louie's) for allowing me to participate, taking me in, and putting up with my crap regardless of what our marital status has been

 - Dentyne hot gum

- wintery weather

- Diet Cokes with ice (whoever invented Diet Coke is on my short list of heroes)

- being a liberal democrat, realizing dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and trying to hold together some form of hope for the future of our great nation

- my attitude (on most days):  optimism, a sense of humor (yeah it may be twisted, but at least I've got one), having an open mind, love of all things, yada yada yada

- memories and experiences (good and bad)


....feel free to add some!




kuhlhiggins said...

Hi Kris,
Happy Thanksgiving! I love your list. One thing I am thankful for is coconut. I love it in candy, cake, and pies It is my favorite. lol.

andreakingme said...

Gobble, gobble! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Kris. I'm so glad we met, too!

They're playing holiday music on the radio. Yeah. Already. I feel like bawling!

gizmosmom321 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  I am grateful for my hubby, family, friends, and being healthy this year.  I wish you the best holiday season. I love your journal Kris.
Leigh aka coffeeaholic.
P.S. I agree with you about Diet Coke.