Monday, November 22, 2004


I just read a story (I'd heard it on the news too) about a man who took out a few people who were barging in on his hunting territory.  How typical.  These people vote.  Scary.  Heard another one where a dork shot a 10 year old boy riding a four wheel ATV because he thought he was a deer.  OK now lemme get this straight.  The kid had a bright orange safety vest on, the vehicle was lime green and LOUD, but yet you thought it was a deer.  Rrrriiiiggght. I'm driving down a busy road here in beautiful Albuquerque and I've got my girls with me, (Just in case, they're 7 and 13 and granola head bunny lovers like me.) and lo and behold up next to us pulls a dim bulb with a very large DEAD elk roped to the top of his SUV.  No tarp, no nothing, just this poor innocent dead creature bleeding profusely down the side of his vehicle.


Kayla freaked and started screaming hysterically.  She was convinced this **** had killed one of Santa's 8 + 1 tiny reindeer.  My 13 year old burst into tears, so did was quite a scene.  I had to explain to her first off that it was NOT Dasher or Rudolph or anyone else in that group, and then try to explain to her the "sport" of hunting.  How do you explain why people kill innocent creatures to a child when you hate it yourself?  It was tough, trust me, and it was a traumatic situation that could have been avoided.


Now, I was raised around hunters.  My grandfather hunted, my brother hunts.  My grandfather always tarped his kills.  Always.  There is just no need for that, unless you have some issues with self esteem or genital size.  That's what wall mounts are for.  Although I disagree TOTALLY with hunting because I can't comprehend wanting to kill anything, much less an innocent animal, I try to do my best to ignore it.  This was totally out of line.  There was no ignoring this.  Hundreds of children had to have seen this. 

I still say we should let the hunters hunt each other - seems there'd be more sport with something who was armed like you were.  Seems more fair.  Seems kinda chickenpoop to kill something that doesn't have a chance.  Takes a real man to shoot a beautiful innocent animal ....ugh I'm gonna quiet down before I say something I regret.

ANYWAY there's my happy Monday story. 

More later.  More positive, definately.



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kuhlhiggins said...

How awful Kris. That sickens me to think of you and your innocent daughters driving and seeing that dim wit with the deer roped to his SUV. That is awful.
Hope that your day gets better and you don't have to explain some idiots behavior to them again.