Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Its frigging freezing Mr. Bigglesworth

The high was 36 degrees today.  The high.  This is Albuquerque, remember.  I just love this weather.  Looks like another storm's due to hit this weekend.  Obviously Kris hasn't seen much snow in her lifetime so its a big deal, but it also does wonders to fix our drought situation.  The spring runoff should be a lot better this year.


I have an administrative assistant (part time) who's an older woman and I love her dearly.  Most of the time, anyway.  Right now, however....

My personality is one of great patience when it comes to snippy people.  Not my kids or my Louie because I expect better, but from people I'm not close to, I can kill 'em with kindness and it usually diffuses any grouchiness.  She's been grouchy and mean for two weeks and its really really grinding on me.  I've pulled every trick in the book to get her to lighten up and its not working.

I've found when you ask a higher power for patience, they usually end up testing it.  I don't want that.  I want the ability to let it roll off and not irk me, like it is right now.

I know she's older (71) and she's had a bad headache lately and stuff hurts but jeez louise cut me some slack here.  I love her to death - she's always looking out for me and half the time she's kind and sweet....I just need a patience injection.  Or a stiff drink.

Lots of my friends tell me I'm too nice or too patient with people and that I need to get meaner....I've found that if you're sweet to mean people and give them a chance, usually a nicer personality comes through.  I've found that with this individual too....its just lately....


I get to go to Phoenix with el jeffe (the boss) for a 'day trip' for a leadership conference.  Boyfriend schedules the flight at 6:30 AM.  That reminds me of leaving New Orleans at freaking dark-thirty AM.  I think it was 4:30.  It stunk...I am definately not an early bird.  Well actually it stunk leaving New Orleans.  I think my heart stayed there.  =(

At least I get to see Phoenix, right?  An adventure!!


Have a wonderful Tuesday....I get to bundle up!!  YAY!!  (We Albuquerqueans NEVER get to "bundle up".  Its fun.)

Ok simple minds, simple pleasures...shaddap.




kuhlhiggins said...

I know how you feel about snow. I just love it. We have it in Sacramento once every 5 years or so. Sorry to hear that your administrative assistant is cranky. Your adventure to Phoenix sounds like fun.

coy1234787 said...

Brrrr .... there in New Mexico . It's still 78 and Sunny here in South Florida. I have snow envy .... well sort of.

                                    *** Coy ***


phlskygirl said...

You ever notice how people that love cold weather live in warmer climates?  THAT'S BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY, DAMNIT!!  Those of us that truly LIVE it cant' WAIT for spring!!

Aileen, Official Representative of the Entire NorthEastern Region.