Tuesday, November 16, 2004

PMS-Induced Rant.

I'm just annoyed today.  Its freakin Tuesday, the most worthless day of the week (thanks Andrea for that realization) and some people are just dorks. 

First off, only one of the five classes I need to graduate is being offered in the spring.  Let the grumps begin, while I postpone my graduation date AGAIN.  Its like all the UNM ASM accounting department got together and said..."Let's not teach anything but lower level classes in the spring, so Kris can't graduate on time." 

Then, there's this idiot I used to like that totally bugs me now, basically for his past sociopathic behavior, and today he bugs me more than ever.  He's totally into one person - HIMSELF - and doesn't care about what he does or what happens to anyone else but HIMSELF.  There's a light bulb joke about this guy.  How does Oedepus (name purposely changed to protect the dork, why I don't know, but its appropriate, trust me) change a light bulb?  He simply holds it in place and waits for the world to revolve around him.

What's totally sad is that no one's revolving around him anymore.  Not that he cares about me, but the one he does show passive interest in doesn't either.  So stand there, Nerdboy, and wait.  Nothing's gonna happen.  (Whoa that just made me think of a Real American Heroes beer commercial....I could do one about him)  Type in all the stupid lyrics you want, call it whatever you want, make up nicknames for whoever you want, keep lying, talking to yourself and pretending....its all good. 

Karma's a beautiful thing. 

Know what else bugs?  People (conservatives) still dogging liberals, post election.  Get a hobby people.  Knit or something.  Medicate.  SOMETHING.  I'm starting to feel embarassed for you.  Know what else?  (same topic) STOP dogging gay people.  Please.  These people think they're all high and mighty.  No one is.  Get a clue.

Know what else???  Being hormonal also isn't fun, but its such a convenient excuse for outright grumpiness.  I'm blaming that. 

Final rant....

grumpy people stink.

I know I know....I'm gonna go get me a diet coke and proceed with the attitude adjustment.

shuffling off....grumble grumble


kuhlhiggins said...

Sorry to hear that you have to postpone your graduation date again. I hate that when people that I used to like bug me too. Sounds like we know the same people.I hope that things get better.

phlskygirl said...

Whoever could you be talking about?  Elvis?  Lenny Kravitz?  Ooooh, I know!  Santy Claus's gay brother, Olaf!