Saturday, November 27, 2004

Post Thanksgiving Coma

Yeah so I'd blame it on the turkey coma if I ever ate turkey....

My turkey looked like it had been in a horrific accident, so we carved it here before taking it there.  (heh I'm not so dumb) I also made cinnamon rolls for the kiddos that tasted like playdoh.  I think it was the I made new ones today and they were better.  I made green bean casserole too, which was a good thing because the stuffing over there was a scary grey color.  People fought over my 'punkin pie' too, which made me feel like less of a failure.  There's tons of turkey left so I think I'm gonna make green chile stew with it.  (YUM)

I have been a lazy bum all day because I CAN.  I didn't shower or change out of my extra large t-shirt pajammies and monkey slippers until about 4PM because I didn't want to.  Nyah.  I did clean stuff that's been grinding on my nerves for a while now, like Kayla's closet (shudder) and that little space behind the trash can, and I went on a hand cheese attack.  (FYI hand cheese is what builds up when you have kids that touch everything.  Like light switches, door handles, drawers, cabinets, phones, etc.  It grosses me out) I gave the dogs a bath too, so they're all soft and smelling good.  Tomorrow's the shower curtain and their tub. 

I swear I'm positive you were just dying to know that.


I got Emmy the most recent Harry Potter installment (Prisoner of Azkaban) on video so we've been watching it non-stop since last night.  Occasionally she pauses to wipe the drool off her chin.  I swear she's looking at schools in England just so she can meet Daniel Ratcliffe.  OK so he is cute, I admit.  I'd like to find someone like Hagrid myself.  I'd love to meet a big guy (taller than me, which is rare) with that big of a heart (even more rare - probably impossible).

I watched Elf with my adopted family on T-day.  I LOVE that movie.  It is so freakin adorable.  I was never a real Will Ferrell fan until now. 

We had a girls' day out yesterday - went to lunch and to see The Incredibles, which was cute....tonight we went to the River of Lights parade, etc at the Bio Park (yes Albuquerque has an aquarium and botanical garden thingy) and it was pretty cool.  I got wished a Merry Christmas by our little hottie mayor (pic below) and we were on the 6PM news.  Go us.  Hopefully I didn't have a booger in my nose or something.  I don't think I did.

  He's too short, but still cute (and single!).


So tomorrow I'm not leaving the house - I'm gonna be a total zombie because its my last day before heading back to (ugh) the routine.  I've got so much homework and reading to catch up on its not funny.  Finals are coming up, along with a 20 page research paper, so expect me to make little sense (pretending I ever do) in the next couple of weeks.


Louie got called for jury duty.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I imagine once he fills out a questionaire that'll be the end of that.  Its still funny as heck though.  (Until I get called, then it won't be funny.)


Every idiot light possible is on in my company provided sports car.  That stuff always makes me cringe because I can hear Dan now...(grouchy voice) KRIS what are you DOING to that CAR??!?!  Okay, so its only a check engine light coupled with a change oil light (which its not due for) ... so maybe its just computer flatulance.  (cringing still)


Tonight when I was unloading the car I heard ducks quacking.  No I hadn't been drinking.  So I look up and lo and behold...ducks.  Flying south.  Isn't it kinda late for that?  And why at night?  The cranes and geese left months ago. 

This was like an hour ago.  Ducks.  Flying south.  At night.

Good grief maybe I have completely lost it and this is just residual.....


Any other randomness??  Uhm....(thinking, hang on) ....... nope I don't think so.

Yeah, thank me later.



kuhlhiggins said...

It is fun not doing anything because you can. I love days like those. Your mayor is a hottie. That is cool you were on the 6PM news. Now we all can say we know a TV star - Kris.

coy1234787 said...

Great journal, I'll be back for more randomness later.
               *** Coy ***