Thursday, December 30, 2004

Pet Resolutions

That would be Peanut, which is pronounced "peenit", and he is the hito of the family.  I never had a son, so he's it.  Sorry for the weird eyes - the camera knowledge is coming slowly.

The weekend assignment was a cute one - basically to give your pet a new year's resolution and imagine one to you from them.  Since we have a grand total of 13 pets now (YES, THIRTEEN: one horse, five dogs, two cats, two birds, two rabbits and a snake.  Only two little dogs, the cats, the birds and the snake are indoors, if that helps.) I decided to focus on my babies, and not my kids'.  We live in a rural area, obviously.

Peanut's assigned resolution is to be more cuddly.  I try so hard to squooge with that dog, but he's real funny about personal space.  He hates being picked up and hates being hugged or snuggled.  He gets completely stiff and sticks all four legs out all hard.  He needs to loosen up and enjoy the squooge.  Its like he's afraid we'll mess up his fur or something.

I believe his to me would be for me to lose all of his sweaters.  He looks so dapper, but he gets teased by the bigger outside dogs, and as Omar once put it..."he'd get his butt kicked for wearing that in Brooklyn".  So what - I think he looks adorable, and it keeps him from shivering constantly. 

This is Tinkerbell, the sweetest, snuggliest dog in the whole world.  I often refer to Peanut and Tinkerbell as "Pinky and the Brain".   She's somewhat dim, but makes up for it by being as sweet as ever.  She also causes trouble, so her nicknames are "stinkerbell" and "stink". 

Tinkerbell's assigned resolution is to leave the trash ALONE.  She loves trash.  Any trash.  Paper, plastic, cans, tissue, boxes, cardboard...GROSS STUFF...and no matter how dog-proofed it is, no matter how many chewies or toys she has, she finds it and tries to hide it for secret consumption later.

Her resolution for me would be to stop hiding the yummy trash.  Guess what - it ain't happening.  We'll get through this addiction problem together, stink.  (Notice she has bells on her collar....that's how I know exactly where she is.  She'd like to lose her collar along with Peanut's sweaters, but that's not happening either.  MUAH HA HA HA HAAAA)

This is Phyl.  I named him that because when I first got him he was impossible to sex  (Phyl could be short for Phyllis).  I am almost positive he's male now, so Phyl it is.  Phyl is a ribbon snake whose main diet is whole minnows.  He chases them and swallows them whole.  Its kinda cool to watch.  Ribbon snakes don't bite.  When they get angry or alarmed they emit this stinky stuff - kinda like a skunk, but no where NEAR as bad.

Phyl's resolution from mama is to stop barfing.  Snakes have very finicky stomachs, I've learned.  They'll barf if they get too hot or too cold, and they'll barf if something scares them, and they'll barf if they eat too fast.  I know...TMI, but I really wish he'd stop barfing so much.

His resolution for me would be to figure out his perfect temperature preference and stick to it.  He'd also like larger fish.  Once he quits puking he'll get bigger fish. 


Being a pet owner is so fun.  A beloved DJ on one of our local radio stations claims that pets can talk to their owners for about 15 minutes starting at midnite on Christmas.  I didn't manage to stay awake that long, but I've always imagined Peanut speaking with an English accent....I'm so bizarre.

"Pray tell mumsy....could we forget the sweaters for a spell perhaps?  Yes, quite."


I'll pass the assignment on to Emily (link on my favorites) for the kitties, and maybe Kayla and I will work on one for the horse.  Hee.


What a fun assignment!!

Happy Thursday (again)


She said I'd be taking dorky pictures...

Is this the dream guy or what??  Not only does he know how to fix cars, build things, repair appliances, ride motorcycles, drive huge pieces of equipment, semis and the like, be a good dad, be an awesome dream guy for me....

                                         ...BUT HE CUTS HAIR.

He gave me an awesome haircut and I just colored it myself.  No, you won't see a pic of that because I'm already in my giant "Would I Lie?" oversized t-shirt/nightie and there are too many pervs out there.   Obviously I cooked for my family tonight (ignore the evidence on the counter).

This would be the "after" shot...she looks a little happier.

The point of this entry (yes there is one, besides the fact that I have the most awesome man in the world and no I didn't cook this evening) is that YES I got that digital camera and YAY I figured out how to plug in and upload my pics this evening.  Go me.

Happy Thursday night!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Tsunami

image credits here

There's a story in this morning's paper, under the headline "Tsunami Death Toll Soars to Near 60,000"...Its a story by Paul Watson of the Los Angeles Times, called "Devastating Waves Ripped Families Apart". 

It tells of a man who wanted desperately to save his son from the impact of the tsunami, and how he hugged the little 3 year old boy as tight as he could to protect him from the huge waves.  The first wave lifted the two of them about as high as a two story building, flinging them against trees, concrete and other debris but he still held on to his terrified, screaming little boy.  Then the wave dropped them and something hit the man's back, forcing his arms open.  "The water pulled Rajaraman away and down into a roiling torrent, and all his father could do was watch the terrified face of his son as the boy disappeared." 

He still hasn't found his little son's body.  He has no idea where he is.  I can't possibly imagine the pain of that horrible image that will forever torment that father.  I can't imagine searching poloroid photos of dead bodies, looking for your babies or loved ones.

World Vision is gathering money for this effort, as well as the Red Cross, and  Unicef.  (Found another one on AOL's Welcome Page:  Network for Good)

Sorry to be so dark and depressing, but I feel I have to do something.  Just thought I'd say my bit.  Trying to grasp something this huge is really difficult, but maybe we can help just a little bit from here if we give what we can.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I know I've been bad...

Hopefully I'll have time to be a better blogger later.  December 25th came and went, its fiscal year end time at the j-o-b as well as the beginning of payroll tax season....

Tomorrow will be better.  Tune in next time for some random brilliant purge.

MUAH happy Tuesday!!

PS Louie got me that digital camera I've been hinting for!!!!  I finally can post actual pics to my journal.  I hope.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Other New Mexico Christmas Traditions

The above pic is from Old Town - the oldest portion of Albuquerque. 

Luminarias are basically paper bags filled with a bit of sand and a lit candle placed in the center.  Y'all have Christmas lights and decorations - New Mexicans have luminarias. pam.orman/JoeColor.html

Some people call these farolitos (little lanterns) and its always a big needless debate about which is more appropriate.  I grew up here, we've always called them luminarias, so that's what they are to me.  Some native New Mexicans (usually the nortenos from Santa Fe and Taos) say that luminarias are little bonfires, and what I'm talking about are farolitos.  Whatever you want to call them - we'll know what they are.

Anyway, the story goes that in the sixteenth century, small bonfires (luminarias) were lit to guide people to midnight mass.  In the early nineteenth century, US settlers brought Chinese paper lanterns and hung them instead of lighting the bonfires.  Always thinking of a cheaper easier route, native New Mexicans used small paper bags for their lanterns, and farolitos were born.  My Louie was raised in northern New Mexico and remembers these traditions from being in that small town (which I think is totally cool).  Disclaimer: I'm not Catholic, so I'm no expert about Christmas Mass.  This is stuff I've learned by just being here.

The night of Las Posadas (means an inn or a place of lodging in Spanish) is a celebration introduced to Mexican Indians by European missionaries.  The idea was to reenact the story of Mary and Joseph's quest to find a place to stay in Bethlehem.  Beginning on December 16, it lasted nine nights.  Each night carolers would go from house to house singing a spanish song asking for food and shelter.  The people in the houses would offer traditional foods like posole, chile stews, tamales, biscochitos and empanadas. 

(key:  posole (poh-so-lee) is hominy with pork and red or green chile. Tamales (tah-mah-lays) are harder to explain - take a corn husk, put maza (dough made with corn meal) in it, roll it up with pork and red or green chile, and steam it.  Biscochitos - recipe on previous entry. Empanadas are little pies that you can stuff with basically anything.  Lots of people deep fry them, but I'm going to try baking them.)

Anyway now Las Posadas is on Christmas Eve.  After everyone is finished eating those traditional foods, the idea is that the luminarias light the way to Christmas Mass.  SAFETY NOTE:  If you choose to put them on your home like this, (see below) its best to stick regular white lights inside - these guys are prone to tip in the wind.

Usually on the days leading up to Christmas Eve (and on Christmas Eve itself) people go strolling and/or driving around to check out the luminarias.  Old Town (first pic) is a great place to walk around because there are usually carollers there, and there are bus tours and other things to take advantage of.

This last weekend, Louie, Kayla, Emily and I went to Traditions (an outlet center) outside of town to see a huge light display.  They even had a real horse-drawn carriage ride.  It was awesome.

Come on over!

Sidenote:  Anyone know how to insert Spanish characters into journal text? 

Anyway, this is a beautiful time of the year here in New Mexico, and hopefully someday everyone can come and check it out themselves.  I've cited the source for the pics to CMA.


Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Monday, December 20, 2004

We're almost there...

It doesn't look like I'm gonna, either.  This is going to be a "Kids only" Christmas.  Bummer.  We've had worse years, honestly, and everything I do around the holidays is for them anyway.

This weekend we baked a ton of cookies, and Kayla's turned out the best.  I'm really impressed with my last minute impressed I'm gonna share.

Biscochitos are a New Mexico Christmas tradition.  They're little cookies with a very unique taste.  Basically the flour is very dry and fatty - one cup of lard, three cups of flour, some baking powder, a dash of salt and one egg.  Then, the recipe called for three tablespoons of sweet wine, which is basically the only liquid to the stuff.  Come to find out, Louie drank the sweet wine.  Sooooo I used Aileen's Kahlua (spelling?) and they turned out better than they ever have.  They're wonderful. 

(hint: if you wanna make them, add a smidge of water to make the batter wet enough to hold together to roll out.  The recipe calls for anise seed but I don't care for the taste so I nixed it.  Use cute cookie cutters and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, or until they're browned on the bottom - they won't get too brown on the top.)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  I might attempt empanadas this Friday, but that's still up in the air.  I'll let you know.

Drew - if you're out there, e-mail me, ya brat.

have a wonderful rest of your monday


Friday, December 17, 2004

Some questions answered....

At what point(s) in your life have or had you felt at your best, or most beautiful, and why?

:::Stunned silence:::

You know my first answer would have been when I in my late teens...but then I thought naw, I was still so very insecure about stuff then.  Starving myself, hair falling out in clumps, bones showing....obviously that wasn't a great time in my life. 

Then, I thought of a better time ... right before my divorce, I was feeling so strong.  All during my marriage I was told I wasn't intelligent, wasn't attractive, I was ignored and blown off, and my self esteem was pretty much in the toilet.  Then I decided I was going back to college, and once I started attending UNM I realized that with my 4.0 the first semester I wasn't stupid (its still a 3.7 thank you very much), and with the attention I was getting from guys on campus (younger and older) I wasn't ugly.  I started exercising again like crazy - power walked about 10 miles a day - and the feeling I had at that time was amazing.  It was scary as heck, but once I was on my own, I realized I could do things by myself, like getting my own place, beating cancer, and bettering my situation.  I was intelligent.  I was attractive.  I was healthy.  I felt wonderful.  I didn't NEED anyone.  Empowerment is such an awesome thing.

I'll admit I got side-tracked a bit with the mean jerk, but now I've rekindled that strength.  Its almost as if I do the best for myself when I've been hurt, or when I'm coming out of a bad situation. I wonder how many other women experience that. 

I still don't NEED anyone.  I'm getting healthier.  I'm still intelligent, now I'm successful in my own right, and almost done with school.  I feel wonderful.

So while I'm still not back to my 1993-94 best, I'm feeling pretty beautiful right now, and its inside as well as out.


--OR--  Do you ever clip your toenails, let the trimmings land where they may, and then not pick up after yourself??

Uhm....ew?  My daughter does that and I HATE it.  That is so sick, nasty and just plain wrong.  That's like leaving a snot-filled kleenex for someone else to throw away.  Break out the hazmat gear.

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Twas the last day of finals...

I'm done.  Semester's over.  I'm calling it.

Thank you so much Aileen for editing everything and getting my butt through it and putting up with my crapola.  I'm so glad I fired my old editor - you're so much better and better qualified.


Five more classes and I'm graduating, but right now I just want to enjoy the general "over ness" of the semester.  I won't get my grade in my other class for weeks....I'm just glad its over.


Starting Phase I of the Christmas shopping this afternoon.  At this point, only the kids are getting gifts.  The holiday is for them anyway, right?  I love seeing them all psyched waiting for Christmas to get here. 

My ex tells me that to avoid the holiday crowd at wally world, he finds a 24 hour one and goes at like 2 or 3 AM.  Now this is typical of him....but I still can't fathom getting my butt out of bed at dark thirty to go to Walmart.  That's where I'm headed this afternoon, so I may have a different opinion come this evening.


Our vendors showed up with three cheesecakes this afternoon, a box of fudge balls (sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it), cheesecake bonbons, and pecan brittle.  I have been SO GOOD.  I need a freakin medal for staying away from all this stuff.


Alright I'm outta here....think happy holiday shopping thoughts...

OH everyone's journal topic this week is basically asking any questions (within reason) you'd like the journal owner to answer.  Of course, you can do this any time, but feel free to post questions (within REASON) and I'll answer them.


have a wonderful Thursday!!


Monday, December 13, 2004

You can't reason with the unreasonable











"Look What You've Done"

Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to prove

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Give me back my point of view
'Cause I just can't think for you
I can hardly hear you say
What should I do, well you choose

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone


I just love that song.  It's by Jet, for all who care.  They also sing that completely awesome song "Are You Gonna Be My Girl".  Anyway I really listened to this one this morning, and its so appropriate for one tiny aspect of my life right now. 

I have this huge personality flaw (well sometimes it is) where I have to make every effort to resolve unsettling things in my life.  If possible, I like to come to a bygones stage with everyone who's ever hurt me.  The bygones stage can have several different levels, from "fuggetaboutit" to "I'll say hi to you but I don't have to like you" to "its resolved and I never want to see you again".  I hate wasting energy on hating someone or being angry at someone.  I can't stand closing doors and walking away from something and leaving it unresolved.

Those of you who know me know that I've been working on resolving this for quite some time, and gotten nowhere.  One step forward, two steps back.

I've decided in this case, for my own personal mental health, I need to pull an Aileen and slam the door and walk away, as difficult as that may be. 

There's no reasoning with the unreasonable.



So the party was a blast, even though the service stunk.  Louie did pick out something short, but it wasn't appropriate for this thing so I wore something a little more appropriate (and a little longer - not everyone wants to see that much leg at an office party - my 71 year old assistant/adopted mom would have freaked). 

This party was at Copeland's, which is supposed to be New Orleans food, but I ordered eggplant parmesian.  I spent some time in New Orleans, and never once on a menu did I see eggplant parmesian, but it was AWESOME nonetheless. 

SIDENOTE: Thank goodness no one ordered crawfish!!  Those things look like something that Jabba the Hut would eat.  I still have nightmares about that wretched slurping sound. I was sitting on the Riverwalk on the phone with a certain Brooklyn someone when that took place - two heaping plates of boiled crawdads for the table next to me.  Think of snapping it and sucking out both sides...UGH!  Now that I think of it, perhaps that was foreshadowing.

New drink:  Red Storm.  Kinda like the bay breeze but with raspberry juice and vodka and something else.  mmmmmm  Louie had a Hurricane, which was unbelievably strong...I took one sip and I coughed for two minutes.  ACK.  Can you tell I rarely drink?  I'm so exploring the land of mixed drinks now.  I'm particularly enchanted by Bailey's in hot cocoa....YUM (THANKS AILEEN!!!)

We had a wonderful time, and took the long way home.  Heh.


I turn in final #2 tomorrow - hope I did it correctly.  The instructions were so vague on this thing....I've got it done and about 12 pages worth of research paper done...I'll be such a happy girl come Thursday night.

No school until January 18 after that. 

My kids only get from the 23rd to the 3rd off, which is extremely short for a holiday break.  Its better for working moms like me, but still....give em two weeks at least.  Jeez.


Sorry for the randomness, but that's all I have today. 

Have a wonderful Monday the 13th!


Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas Party Tonight!!

Our office Christmas party is tonight and boy do we need it.  Mr. Bossman's in a FINE mood, and we've been running around all day.  The stress level's at an all time high.  This year its at Copeland's - I'm hoping they have something besides salad on the vegetarian menu.

Louie's my date (of course) and he says he's already got something picked out for me to wear....this should be interesting.  I'm sure its very short.

I can't wait to taste that glass of wine....


I went to very yucky chickenbowl ( aka Teriyaki Chickenbowl - Emily couldn't say it when she was little, and it sort of stuck.  Kinda like B.B. Aileen...) Anyway, they no longer have a vegetarian plate.  However, you can get a side of steamed vegetables and a side of steamed rice, they just refuse to put them in the same container.



This weekend I'll be spending writing my take home final and my research paper.  Then ... (drumroll)... I'll be done for this semester!!!

I scored an 87% on my auditing exam - brought me back up to the B+, and I'm DONE!  No more subjective classes for me.  I want black and white.  Tax code or numbers.  Nothing more.

SIDENOTE:  I think the reason I love numbers so much is that they never lie or squirm.  Everything is straight up, right in front of you.  You can play with them and get different results, but for the most part, they're completely logical.  That, and I'm one of those sick individuals who likes math.


I'm not sure how much I'll be around for the next few days, so I hope everyone's weekend is a happy, fun and relaxing one.


Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Christmas means...
















Almost every year I do this.  I stress about where money's gonna come from for Christmas gifts.  This is NOT the spirit of the season, but y'all know everyone on a budget does this.  How am I going to pull this off?  Every year I figure out a way - usually involves robbing Peter to pay Paul or some variance of that, but I manage it every year.  I stress up until I've got all the gifts bought and wrapped and everything's baked and ready.

Now, is this the true spirit of the season?  Isn't it supposed to be fun and heart warming and a wonderful time of the year?  Why does everything have to be so based on material things, driven by money and how much you have or how clever you disguise the fact that you don't have any money to spare at all?

I LOVE giving things to people.  I often go crazy wanting to give people their gifts early because I love it so much.  I am also fortunate enough to have a wide circle of friends, peers, professional contacts, etc.

[Side note:  This is the first year since 2001 that I won't be spending a huge amount of money on one certain someone.  I also won't spend weeks watching the mail for a promised present that was never actually sent.  (Must have gotten lost in the mail....)  For some reason that's sort of sad and heartbreaking and liberating all at the same time.  The truth shall set you free.]

Anyway...back to our regularly scheduled purge....

I also love the fuzziness of the Christmas season.  I love all our traditions (the girls and I have quite afew) and seeing the lights and the Christmas trees and hearing the carols and cheesy Christmas music.  I love the tamales and the biscochitos and the empanadas, I love hanging out with my adopted family and friends.  I love the cold weather....

I'm not a Scrooge, I swear.  I'm just a typical middle-class American trying to pull Christmas OUT OF MY BUTT.  Well, not really....its a figure of speech....but you get the point.

Couple the holiday season with LIFE and you get stress.  This also happens to be finals time at school, including horrificly long research papers about something I blew off most of the semester.  Bills don't go on a holiday break and children still need food and shelter and well...stuff.

Anyway, I do love this season, I do.  This is truly my favorite time of year.  I love the general squooginess of our population, regardless of the holiday they celebrate.  I love the spirit of the season.  I'd just really like to do without the stress.

Last year I asked Santa for a wife.  I'm still waiting.  I need a wife to help me with the kids and cook dinner and do laundry and all the stuff moms have to do.  This year I'm asking for a lottery win.  I think the odds of this year's wish coming true are about the same as last year's.   I still want a wife though, if anyone wants to apply....


P.S. AOL really needs a new color of green.  This is what I call 'billious green' - meaning it looks to be the same color as bile.  I've worked in the medical field so unfortunately I know this first hand.

P.P.S.S. I find out the score of the auditing final tomorrow night, and I get the take home final for the org development class....thanks for everyone who's put up with my caca during this stressful time.  You guys rock.



Nite everybody - hope your Wednesday was a happy one.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Nerd Fetish Personified

Something about being intelligent, successful, funny, and gorgeous makes him even better.

That's all for now.  Enjoy.

Saturday, December 4, 2004







The strangest thing...

Our furnace has finally given up the ghost, may it rest in peace.  There's some sort of short in it and it arcs every time you plug it in, lights flash and fuses blow.  Its done, I'm ready to bid it farewell. 

Thank goodness for electric space heaters. 


Last night I lit some candles and burned some incense for Alberto (and for me), had a little Bailey's (thanks Aileen!!!), got into the bed, left the TV off, and I slept like a baby.  That never happens anymore.  I woke up feeling so rested and wonderful.  I never take that for granted.

I snore like a train (from what I've been told) so restful sleep is rare.  Apparently my dogs are used to it.  Asthmatics have extremely small air passages by definition, so we're very prone to apnea.  (No I can't spell, I'm an accountant.)

So, this morning I did my new Winsor Pilates tape for the first time.  That stuff's not easy.  I'm hurting, but I feel better.  (As if THAT made any sense.)  My lower back has been out all week, but the exercises I did today actually helped that.  I learned where my powerhouse or whatever is, and I feel good.  I'm sore as heck, but I feel really good.  My back's not hurting.  I do feel taller.  Go figure. 

Know what I hate?  Exercise really does cure most ills.  I hate that everyone's right about that.  I hate exercise.  Everything that bugs me about life right now (just about) can be cured by exercise.  I can admit that, but its difficult.  I hate that.  I wish we had some sort of pill for that.  An exercise pill.  Or something we could hook up while we sleep.  Eh, I'll get over it.


I'm here at the office in my quiet space and no one has bugged me.  I cranked the heater up so I'm not in my usual freezing state, and its kinda nice.  I soaked in more auditing information today than  I have in a long time, and I have to think its because I have absolute peace. 

My final's Tuesday at 5:15.  I'm more than nervous about this.


I love this time of year - the build up to the holiday season.  I wish so much that I had some extra money or something to shop with, but there really is zilch this year, so I'm going to enjoy the season.  Maybe this spoiled rotten employee will get a huge bonus or something (he usually does that) but I'm not counting on it this year.  It'll be a nice surprise if it happens.  Meanwhile, we're gonna bake and check out christmas lights and watch carolers and enjoy this time of year.  Its one of my favorites.  I never get tired of watching the grinch or that cheesy rudolph or any of the other christmas specials.  I'm a weirdo.


Finally, thank you SO MUCH to all of my friends who really propped me up and helped me get through yesterday.  I am truly blessed to have the wonderful friends that I have.  I even got random kindness from a very rare source who's been sort of a pain in the butt for the last six months.  That was extremely refreshing and valuable to me.  I'll never forget that. 

Thank you.  All of you.  I feel extremely blessed and fortunate today.  I haven't felt this kind of love in a very long time.  Y'all rock.



Thursday, December 2, 2004

In Loving Memory....
























I miss you tons mi corazon.  Every single day.

I found an ancient journal entry that sums it up pretty well.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

One of the most beautiful souls in this drab sorry world is leaving for a better place. After 9 years of suffering with that horrid disease, AIDS, his body is finally too tired to carry on the fight. This man has touched so many lives, in so many positive ways...its such a horrible waste that such a wonderful person has to die at such at terribly young age. AIDS is one that kills slowly, and he's been in pain as long as I've known him. He has been here for me always, when so many turned their backs. He's always the one who's honest and caring and an example of how good people are supposed to be. His salsa is the best I've ever had. He's the best at arranging flowers and decorating rooms and dressing me and my children.

I wish I could take this from him. I wish I could make it better. I wish it wasn't him. He's the only one in my life who hasn't let me down. He's never made a promise he didn't keep.

For the longest time I begged him to hold on, but I realized today I was being selfish in not wanting to let him go. I gave him permission today, as I kissed his forehead and held his hand and stroked his cheek. He is one that will shine forever in our hearts, and will be sorely missed. No more tears, no more pain sweetie. Go.

Alberto I love you, may you rest in peace honey.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Finals Week...

The next two weeks of my life are going to be beyond stressful - I'll be so happy when its December 17 and its all overwith.  My auditing final is next Tuesday and its huge, then I've got a final and a 20 page research paper due the following week.

I've noticed some things about student behavior during finals week, based on my conversations with people around campus and personal experience.  During this time, students get into more car accidents, because they're not paying attention or they're preoccupied (I guess those are synonyms kinda).  They step out in front of cars on campus without looking.  They forget things and screw things up.  They sleep a lot less (obviously).  They make little sense to people outside of the academic arena.

They actually have a clinic set up at our student health center to deal with final-week stress, including massage therapy, counseling and group sessions. 

What bugs me no end is to hear traditional students griping about it.  I mean I understand, yes its stressful, but they honestly have no idea.  Hello darlings you don't work full time (or more) or have children to deal with, plus you're like 10 years younger than the average non-traditional student. 

I think what makes it so much worse stress-wise is that its also holiday season.  I'm going to try to escape the house this weekend and come and study at the office where its quiet.  I hate doing that, but I need absolute quiet and with my daughters and dogs and visitors around, there's no way.

At any rate, if I make less sense than usual, its because I have no brain.  Its been sucked right outta my head. 

Hope everyone's having a glorious Thursday.


If I had a nickel for each time I heard this...

You Are the Girl Next Door! You're caring, warm, and the girl that nice guys want to marry. Uncomplicated and simple, you've got an easy going attitude guys love. But this doesn't mean you're dull - far from it! You're a great conversationalist, and you're an expert at living the good life.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

World AIDS Day











Imagine - John Lennon

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Today's World AIDS day, and coincidentally its also the week Alberto died of that wicked disease two years ago.  (Weird, its hard to believe its been two years already).  Yeah, you guessed it - this'll be a tough week for me.

Anyway the AIDS epidemic is not going away.  HIV is not going away.  Yes, we're more aware, yes there are new medications available, but HIV and AIDS are still here and there are a lot of people who still need our love and resources while they battle this horrible disease.

The following is a snippet from an e-mail I recieved as part of the ONE campaign:


More than 25 million Africans have HIV. Today, 6,300 people in Africa will die of HIV/AIDS and another 8,500 will become infected with the virus. Tomorrow, the cycle will repeat itself. The African continent is losing an entire generation of teachers, nurses, farmers, mothers, and fathers, already leaving behind 12 million orphans.

UNAIDS released a report in advance of World AIDS Day with a special focus on women. According to this report, in sub-Saharan Africa, the worst-affected region, close to 60% of adults living with HIV are women.

What can we, as Americans, do to help?  If you haven’t done so already, please take ONE minute now to add your voice to the ONE hundred thousand others who have signed the ONE campaign declaration.  If you have already signed, please forward this message to your friends and family, and ask them to sign this pledge to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty:

In partnership with hundreds of local community groups, volunteers for DATA will be promoting the ONE campaign at World AIDS Day  events around the country.  These events provide an important opportunity for Americans to get involved and learn what they can do ONE by ONE to fight global AIDS and poverty.  To find out how you can get involved in your community, click here:


My usual schpeel:  Get tested, be safe.  Educate yourself and others, Donate time or money, DO   something.