Thursday, December 2, 2004

Hell Hath No Fury Like Finals Week...

The next two weeks of my life are going to be beyond stressful - I'll be so happy when its December 17 and its all overwith.  My auditing final is next Tuesday and its huge, then I've got a final and a 20 page research paper due the following week.

I've noticed some things about student behavior during finals week, based on my conversations with people around campus and personal experience.  During this time, students get into more car accidents, because they're not paying attention or they're preoccupied (I guess those are synonyms kinda).  They step out in front of cars on campus without looking.  They forget things and screw things up.  They sleep a lot less (obviously).  They make little sense to people outside of the academic arena.

They actually have a clinic set up at our student health center to deal with final-week stress, including massage therapy, counseling and group sessions. 

What bugs me no end is to hear traditional students griping about it.  I mean I understand, yes its stressful, but they honestly have no idea.  Hello darlings you don't work full time (or more) or have children to deal with, plus you're like 10 years younger than the average non-traditional student. 

I think what makes it so much worse stress-wise is that its also holiday season.  I'm going to try to escape the house this weekend and come and study at the office where its quiet.  I hate doing that, but I need absolute quiet and with my daughters and dogs and visitors around, there's no way.

At any rate, if I make less sense than usual, its because I have no brain.  Its been sucked right outta my head. 

Hope everyone's having a glorious Thursday.



kuhlhiggins said...

I hope the next two weeks go by smoothly Kris.

phlskygirl said...

I'M YOUR 2000TH READER!!  Where's the damn confetti?  Do I get a prize??  Honorable mention??  ANYTHING???

kristeenaelise said...

I'm trying to think up some door prize or something.
2000 hits - whoda thunk it?