Thursday, December 30, 2004

Pet Resolutions

That would be Peanut, which is pronounced "peenit", and he is the hito of the family.  I never had a son, so he's it.  Sorry for the weird eyes - the camera knowledge is coming slowly.

The weekend assignment was a cute one - basically to give your pet a new year's resolution and imagine one to you from them.  Since we have a grand total of 13 pets now (YES, THIRTEEN: one horse, five dogs, two cats, two birds, two rabbits and a snake.  Only two little dogs, the cats, the birds and the snake are indoors, if that helps.) I decided to focus on my babies, and not my kids'.  We live in a rural area, obviously.

Peanut's assigned resolution is to be more cuddly.  I try so hard to squooge with that dog, but he's real funny about personal space.  He hates being picked up and hates being hugged or snuggled.  He gets completely stiff and sticks all four legs out all hard.  He needs to loosen up and enjoy the squooge.  Its like he's afraid we'll mess up his fur or something.

I believe his to me would be for me to lose all of his sweaters.  He looks so dapper, but he gets teased by the bigger outside dogs, and as Omar once put it..."he'd get his butt kicked for wearing that in Brooklyn".  So what - I think he looks adorable, and it keeps him from shivering constantly. 

This is Tinkerbell, the sweetest, snuggliest dog in the whole world.  I often refer to Peanut and Tinkerbell as "Pinky and the Brain".   She's somewhat dim, but makes up for it by being as sweet as ever.  She also causes trouble, so her nicknames are "stinkerbell" and "stink". 

Tinkerbell's assigned resolution is to leave the trash ALONE.  She loves trash.  Any trash.  Paper, plastic, cans, tissue, boxes, cardboard...GROSS STUFF...and no matter how dog-proofed it is, no matter how many chewies or toys she has, she finds it and tries to hide it for secret consumption later.

Her resolution for me would be to stop hiding the yummy trash.  Guess what - it ain't happening.  We'll get through this addiction problem together, stink.  (Notice she has bells on her collar....that's how I know exactly where she is.  She'd like to lose her collar along with Peanut's sweaters, but that's not happening either.  MUAH HA HA HA HAAAA)

This is Phyl.  I named him that because when I first got him he was impossible to sex  (Phyl could be short for Phyllis).  I am almost positive he's male now, so Phyl it is.  Phyl is a ribbon snake whose main diet is whole minnows.  He chases them and swallows them whole.  Its kinda cool to watch.  Ribbon snakes don't bite.  When they get angry or alarmed they emit this stinky stuff - kinda like a skunk, but no where NEAR as bad.

Phyl's resolution from mama is to stop barfing.  Snakes have very finicky stomachs, I've learned.  They'll barf if they get too hot or too cold, and they'll barf if something scares them, and they'll barf if they eat too fast.  I know...TMI, but I really wish he'd stop barfing so much.

His resolution for me would be to figure out his perfect temperature preference and stick to it.  He'd also like larger fish.  Once he quits puking he'll get bigger fish. 


Being a pet owner is so fun.  A beloved DJ on one of our local radio stations claims that pets can talk to their owners for about 15 minutes starting at midnite on Christmas.  I didn't manage to stay awake that long, but I've always imagined Peanut speaking with an English accent....I'm so bizarre.

"Pray tell mumsy....could we forget the sweaters for a spell perhaps?  Yes, quite."


I'll pass the assignment on to Emily (link on my favorites) for the kitties, and maybe Kayla and I will work on one for the horse.  Hee.


What a fun assignment!!

Happy Thursday (again)



kuhlhiggins said...

I love your pictures. They are so cute. The resolutions are good too.

mavarin said...

Great pictures, great resolution (and yeah, I have trouble with the eye thing, too). - Karen

hollyandbb said...

Wow! 13 pets? And to think we're feeling overwhelmed with 2! HA! Just loved the pet assignment! Great photos popping up everywhere for Mr. Scalzi!