Thursday, December 30, 2004

She said I'd be taking dorky pictures...

Is this the dream guy or what??  Not only does he know how to fix cars, build things, repair appliances, ride motorcycles, drive huge pieces of equipment, semis and the like, be a good dad, be an awesome dream guy for me....

                                         ...BUT HE CUTS HAIR.

He gave me an awesome haircut and I just colored it myself.  No, you won't see a pic of that because I'm already in my giant "Would I Lie?" oversized t-shirt/nightie and there are too many pervs out there.   Obviously I cooked for my family tonight (ignore the evidence on the counter).

This would be the "after" shot...she looks a little happier.

The point of this entry (yes there is one, besides the fact that I have the most awesome man in the world and no I didn't cook this evening) is that YES I got that digital camera and YAY I figured out how to plug in and upload my pics this evening.  Go me.

Happy Thursday night!!


kuhlhiggins said...

Can I rent your dream guy for a few days? LOL. I need a good man.

jennienscotty said...

When you get into some duds lets see that hair! :)  Yea, that is one' Handy Man ' :) (reminds me of the james taylor song of the same name :) )