Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Tsunami

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There's a story in this morning's paper, under the headline "Tsunami Death Toll Soars to Near 60,000"...Its a story by Paul Watson of the Los Angeles Times, called "Devastating Waves Ripped Families Apart". 

It tells of a man who wanted desperately to save his son from the impact of the tsunami, and how he hugged the little 3 year old boy as tight as he could to protect him from the huge waves.  The first wave lifted the two of them about as high as a two story building, flinging them against trees, concrete and other debris but he still held on to his terrified, screaming little boy.  Then the wave dropped them and something hit the man's back, forcing his arms open.  "The water pulled Rajaraman away and down into a roiling torrent, and all his father could do was watch the terrified face of his son as the boy disappeared." 

He still hasn't found his little son's body.  He has no idea where he is.  I can't possibly imagine the pain of that horrible image that will forever torment that father.  I can't imagine searching poloroid photos of dead bodies, looking for your babies or loved ones.

World Vision is gathering money for this effort, as well as the Red Cross, and  Unicef.  (Found another one on AOL's Welcome Page:  Network for Good)

Sorry to be so dark and depressing, but I feel I have to do something.  Just thought I'd say my bit.  Trying to grasp something this huge is really difficult, but maybe we can help just a little bit from here if we give what we can.

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